2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo’s}

It’s March already and that means a couple of things for me.  For one, it is the month in which I had my son, and so with that comes all the party planning but that is another post all on it’s own.  Another thing that creeps up on me like nobodies business is easter.  I have never done an easter post on this blog before, and so I thought it would be really fun to do my very own easter goods & gift guide, to help you make the most out of the Easter celebrations. If you would like to see some really lovely gift ideas for the whole family and also some useful free stock photo’s to download that you can use to make your Easter loads of fun then keep reading.

For a while now I have avoided going all out to the max, with chocolate eggs and sweet treats for the children.  I find it causes more headaches than fun, and so I have found it far more fun to look for fun and interesting easter themed gifts instead.  Yes, the Easter bunny does make it to our house, and there are always some hidden treats in the garden on easter morning, but between those are a few special things to balance things out nicely.  I’ve been shopping with my eyes in the last while and have come across some really lovely things that I wanted to share with you.  I thought that I would break it down into segments to make it easy for you.

Easter Fun for all.

So, lets start with the chocolate easter treats first and get that out-of-the-way.

I get lost in the treats aisle at Woolworths.  I could spend hours there, browsing the gorgeously packaged chocolate bunnies and sweets.  I have found a really handy solution to the problem of not knowing what selection of easter eggs to buy for the kids though. The clever team at Woolworths have introduced an easter treats box and it is a fun little box containing a selection of easter eggs for the fabulous price of R39.95. I will also be getting a few of the cute hollow milk chocolate bunnies too.  There is a wonderful promotion on some of the products at the moment for W Rewards members, so if you buy any three you can save 35% on the purchase. That is excellent news for me because I have three children. I also found really lovely Easter hunt bags for R69.95 at Woolworths and they are also on the W Rewards promotion. Your kids will have tons of fun taking these bags out and searching for their loot.  If I know my children they will pack and unpack these bags many times. Of course for the adults there are plenty of higher quality chocolate treats that make my mouth just water looking at them. You can find those right over here on the Online store treats for adults section.

2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}


2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}

Now that the sweets are out-of-the-way, I can’t wait to show you some of the cute gift ideas that I have found for the whole family

First up is the Acornkids egg-shaped Soap Putty.

This fun egg-shaped container with putty type soap will provide hours of fun and help to enhance creativity. Soap Putty is a wonderfully different bath soap, which provides a tactile experience and stimulates the imagination. It is soap-free and gently cleanses the skin. Soap Putty is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize and nourish, and China Clay to cleanse.  This fun soap comes in a container with a shape cutter inside. Mould into any shape, like play dough, or cut out a shape – then use your creation to wash. The best of all is it is really affordable so you could buy one in each colour.  They sell for R41.00/100gr tub with a cutter and you can get that o the AcornKids Website . I think that is a really fantastic addition to an easter gift haul.  My children love this soap.  They can spend hours in the bath playing with it. It is just so much fun.

Easter Bunny Wall Art Stickers from StickArt

I am a sucker for wall art, I really love that it is a fun easy way to decorate walls without having to worry about damaging them or having to repaint.  I recently came across a fantastic website called StickArt and they have these really cute Rabbit Love bunny vinyl decals.  They come in a variety of colours and will brighten up your easter decor in a jiffy.  The beauty of these is that they can be used anytime of year, not just for easter.  They are super cute. You can get your bunnies for R150 each from the online store 

Pylones Bunny Egg Cutter

Another awesome easter themed item I found, is a really handy kitchen item from Pylones. All you do is  boil your egg and then instead of struggling with a knife to cut the top off, you just slice it right off with this fantastic little tool.  It’s cute too and will be right at home in my kitchen any day.  It comes in some lovely colours and I think that the little Pink Cutty will be the one I would choose.  You can buy Pylones items directly from their fantastic online store. Besides the egg cutter of course, Pylones have a wide variety of products and the most interesting things. From Kids, to home, to health and beauty items, even great funky items for the office.  I can’t stop looking.

Cotton On Kids launches its new Sleepwear range just in time for Easter

I was also really excited to find out that Cotton On Kids is launching a fantastic new range of sleepwear and accessories, just in time for easter. Bedtime has never been so much fun with the launch of Cotton On KIDS latest sleepwear range. Just in time for Easter, the collection is sure to capture the imagination with fun print designs featuring some of our favourite characters from Batman to the all-important Easter Bunny. The magic of Easter comes to life in Cotton On KIDS PJ sets with bursts of bright colours and glittering gold featured on a soft winter pallet. The whimsical tones, unique designs and quirky patterns are sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike.

 2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}

All girls that love to sparkle can, with the amazing selection of Easter and Miffy PJ sets, and boys can be little superheros in the retro Superman and Batman PJ sets (two forR400 or R299 each).

Going from playwear to sleepwear Free by Cotton On will have your Tween looking the part at their next slumber party with the polka dot nightie (R299) and colourful PJ sets (R399).

Bedtime outfits wouldn’t be complete without a character themed novelty gown R269, the hoods with floppy bunny ears or critter monster ears are sure to make for plenty of bedtime fun. Our Home Boots R199 are perfect to keep those little toes snug for top to toe fun.

Cotton On KIDS is your sleep destination, so awaken the imagination of your little dreamer this Easter morning with the quirky cushions, fun accessories and comfy kids bedding from the Room range. The designs and colour pallet matches back with the new sleepwear collection and prices start at R149 for the pillowcases to R599 for the double quilt covers making the perfect gift this Easter.

The sleepwear range is launching globally and will be available in-store. Prices start at R199 for the KIDS Home Boots through to R399 for the Free by Cotton PJ sets.

2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}


Hamleys Plush Toys

What would easter be without a cute soft bunny rabbit to cuddle?  Well, I found the cutest plush bunnies at Hamleys toy store. Hamleys have been producing high quality soft toys for over 255 years! Why not treat your child, loved one or even yourself to one of the cuddliest bunny soft toys this Easter!

2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}

Fun for the Kids

That’s it for the gift ideas but now I get to tell you about some fun things you can get up to out of the house With school holidays fast approaching, I thought I would tell you about some fun happening at the Hamleys Toy stores this easter.

2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}

Hop on over to Hamleys, the Finest Toy Shop in the World, to take part in some egg-citing Easter activities! From the 11th of March to the 28th March 2016, Hamleys will be hosting a range of fun-filled Easter activities and competitions.

Join in the Hamleys Bouncing Bunny Competition, Win Spot Prizes every weekend or try your hand at Hamleys Lucky Dip!

Hamleys Lucky Easter Dip!

Take part in the Lucky Dip at Hamleys and WIN every time!

Children will have the opportunity to draw a colourful egg from the ‘Lucky Dip’ Box with every purchase made! The different colour eggs WIN different prize, ranging from Hamleys balloons, stickers and yummy Easter eggs.

Those lucky enough to pick the Hamleys Golden Egg will be entered into a draw to win a Hamleys Easter Hamper filed with yummy chocolates and toys!

Win Spot Prizes At The Bouncing Bunny Competition Every Weekend!

To add to the Easter fun, every weekend Hamleys will have bouncing bunny competitions with amazing spot prizes. Children will be able to show off their best bunny hops for a chance to win fun prizes.

Meet the Hamleys Bunny Bear

Hop on over for a cuddle and feel free to take a selfie with The Hamleys Bunny Bear. Children will be able to meet The Hamleys Bunny Bear at all Hamleys Toy Shops in Johannesburg, every weekend at Scheduled time.

Go on,  take part and see how lucky you are this Easter! You can find out more about these fun activities by visiting www.Hamleys.co.za

Who loves free stuff?

Now I have something really special for you.  I spent some time taking some lovely easter inspired stock photo’s that I wanted to give as a thank you to my readers.  These are very high quality photo’s that you can use any way you would like to this easter.  You could make cards or use them in blog posts.  Feel free to add in text and make them your own.  They are my gift to you. If you click on the link here it will take you directly to the store when you can download them. I have used one of these photo’s to create the Featured image on this blog post.  All I ask if you use them is that you credit me for their use, where you use them digitally.

2016 Easter Goods & Gift Guide Edit {+Free Easter Stock Photo's}





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    1. Ah, so great that you found this post useful. I can’t wait to take my kids to do some fun things at Hamleys either. Enjoy the photo’s.

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