5 for Friday from Revlon #ChooseloveSA

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Friday’s are chill days around the blog world and so it’s always nice to post-chill topics instead of super thought provoking ones. I aim to cover a bit of both in this one though, so hang tight.

As far back as I can remember, Revlon has been in my life. Besides my own mother owning a few items, it was the very first brand of makeup I owned, my first mascara ever was Revlon and I wore the ever-popular and still going strong, nail polish shade Vixen on my toes for my matric farewell.  My very first set of makeup brushes ever were Revlon that I bought at Truworths many moons ago and would you believe me if i told you I have kept them and have passed them on to my pre-teen daughter who is starting to experiment with make-up?  They have been used dearly but are some of the best brushes I have ever owned. Even my hair straightener is a Revlon model. So after that introduction, you can well imagine my delight when a few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Revlon #ChooseLoveSA media event, and besides it being any makeup mavens dream day out, there was a pretty cool message to be heard.

The #ChooseLove campaign is the next leg of the #LoveIsOn campaign you may have seen being covered over social media last year. The next chapter in this Revlon story, encourages women to believe in love, take chances to make love happen and also to let go of doubts and fears holding you back in finding love. I think that’s a pretty cool message because love makes the world go round and all that. Internationally the campaign see’s celebrity brand ambassadors Oliva Wilde, Halle Berry and Alejandra Espinoza asking Revlon fans to #ChooseLove in stunning a gorgeous television campaign which you may have seen.


While I was at this event listening to the various brand representatives telling us about wonderful new products to come and new packaging on current favorites, we also got the opportunity to hear from the divine Bonang Matheba who is the South African global brand ambassador for Revlon and that was a real treat. She is definitely something to behold.

5 for Friday from Revlon #ChooseloveSA

I was able to also spend some time selecting a few products from the Revlon lines that I would like to review and I thought I would spend today giving you my 5 for Friday fav’s as a start and will follow up with a few more reviews down the line of some of the other products I tried.

So let me get stuck straight in. yes I am trying to keep in line with the whole #ChooseLove theme with all this red.

5 for Friday from Revlon #ChooseloveSA

Revlon Love is on Eau de Toilette

Most of those that know me, know I love fragrances . I also love pretty fragrance bottles and if Revlon got one thing right here, and they got much more is to have designed the most beautiful bottle for this scent that I have ever seen. it is a weighty heart shaped scarlet red glass bottle and it already eludes to the fragrance inside just by the bottle itself.  The fragrance is sensual, fragrant and aromatic. With top notes of lemon, magnolia, raspberry & rose, a heart of ginger, spicy plum blossom, cardamom & Sandalwood and a base made up of notes of musk, vanilla, and amber. I really love the aromatic yet fruity scent of this fragrance and my husband also commented on how he liked it.  He doesn’t often do that at all. It is an eau de toilette so it’s wear time is a little disappointing, but it is a very affordable fragrance at R399 for 50ml. I can see this being one of those fragrances I always have around.

Revlon Age defying CC Cream

This is my new favorite thing of just about everything new I have tried recently in the makeup department. I have spoken before about my love of CC creams and have not used one since I went back to a full foundation routine just recently because my skin wasn’t behaving. I chose this CC cream because I had not seen it before and I tested it at the event and it reminded me somewhat of a foundation I had used previously, it wasn’t runny or thin, it really had a stunning texture and I also noticed that due to it being a product for the mature skin it contained pretty good sunscreen of SPF 30 which impressed me. Revlon’s CC cream contains an impressive mix of anti-aging ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, and skin-repairing ingredients as well and comes in quite a few shades.  I took the lightest of course and it is just perfect for me. The coverage is actually amazingly good, and it really does hide some nasty imperfections and give me a very smooth complexion.  It is supposed to be fragrance-free but I am aware of the scent of the sunscreen, but that isn’t a huge problem for me.  It is ideal for normal to dry skin and possibly if you are sensitive to sunscreen you may not like this. It also blends like a total dream.  I used my flat kabuki brush for it but it would apply perfectly well with a sponge or your fingers.  This product truly does what it says and brightens, smoothes, hydrates and covers imperfections beautifully.  I just love it! It retails for R239 for 30ml’s which is a great price for such a fantastic product.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick – Pointsettia (#840)

I am new to HD lipsticks so I have nothing to compare this to.  What I can say though is it really is a beautifully rich, long lasting and hydrating lipstick. It applies like a dream in a single sweet and doesn’t bleed out into fine lines, of which I have many. It’s texture is silky and smooth and it is nonwaxy and lightweight. The main reason for this is the Revlon patent-pending wax-free gel technology delivers true colour clarity without the heavy feel. I chose a few lipsticks and two of them were these Ultra HD.  The colour I have here is Pointsettia which is a gorgeous bold and bright read just like the flower itself. The bullet is housed in a stylish silver tube and the lid is see through so you can easily select the shade you need.  About the only thing I don’t like is that the lipstick doesn’t roll all the way down and so for a while until I have used it enough, I am going to keep knocking it as I try to close the lid and it doesn’t look great because the lid gets full of product. won’tt wont be a problem once isn’t worn down a bit though. This lipstick is highly pigmented and although you can build it up if you would like, it really is not necessary.  I found it suitably long wearing and easy to remove with regular make-up remover wipes. The price on this lovely is only R145 which is awesome if you’d like a few shades or which there are 20 to choose from, isn’t that awesome?

Revlon ColourStay liquid liner

I have never been a fan of liquid liners, they always end up in a hot mess. I liked the look of the applicator tip of this one because it is kind of hard and not a brush that doesn’t control well, and so I thought I would give it a bash. Although I have permanent eyeliner already I still like to use a liner to deepen and thicken up the line for a more dramatic look every now and then. Now let me tell you, this little bottle of product has converted every single negative thought I have even had about liquid liner into the opposite. It is so easy to apply, it literally can be done in one smooth line and it dries immediately and it completely budge proof. So if you are in the market for a new eyeliner then I can highly recommend giving this little guy a shot. No more skew lines in the morning getting ready for work. one two three and it’s done and dusted and there till you remove it. This product retails for R179.00.

Revlon Ultimate All in One Mascara

Recently Revlon took all their mascara’s, did some research and developed a smaller range of five great new mascara’s for us and there is one for everybody. I have got three of these mascara’s from the range to review, but I am going to get stuck into the flagship product the Ultimate All in one. I have to give you warning, this is not the mascara I had hoped for. Not so much the formulation because that is actually rather awesome, but the applicator wand is just not for me.  Now let me just put you in the picture here, I am probably the fussiest mascara buyer on planet earth.  I hate plastic mascara brushes with a passion. When I opened this mascara I couldn’t quite believe what the wand looked like. It was this teeny weeny little knob of plastic on the bottom of the wand and they wanted me to apply mascara to my virtually no existent lashes with it. Well needless to say I couldn’t get to like it, although I have tried and have found that the best way for me to use it, is to coat my lashes with it once to separate them and get product on close to the lashline and then to apply a different mascara over it to give it length and volume. Now, honestly, don’t go by my review here, I have read countless other amazing reviews for this product and if you have really great lashes, to begin with, and like a clumpy look then this mascara is probably for you. When I used it with a disposable wand (yes I keep those) it applied beautifully, so all is not lost.  I just don’t like the applicator. Before you buy this, check out some youtube reviews from beauty bloggers and then make up your mind. I’ll touch base soon with a review on all three that I have.  Let me just say that the other two I have, did not disappoint. This mascara retails for R159 and I have Blackest black which is a gorgeously dark and deep black.

And there you have it, my first five for Friday of Revlon products. I will try my best to bring you a five for Friday insert every week.  Hopefully, I can get my act together and make it a regular feature in the beauty section.

All Revlon products are available through leading retailers and most pharmacies. You can also find them online at www.revlon.co.za

Well that’s it from me, I hope you all have an awesome chilled out weekend and stay warm and of course, don’t forget to #ChooseLove

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Take care




I was not paid to write this article and although I did receive the products to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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