5 Sanity Saving Tips For Dealing With The Demands Of Motherhood

5 Sanity Saving Tips For Dealing With The Demands Of Motherhood

Being a Mom in the 21st century is challenging at best. I thought I’d share my 5 sanity-saving tips for dealing with the demands of Motherhood with you on the blog today. *Disclaimer – I am sleep deprived and overstressed, therefore, this post may not make the best sense, but I’d love for you to read it anyway.

Right now as I am writing this post It’s 21:15 pm, and I am sitting for the first time properly since I got home at 4 pm. This is not unusual for me except for the fact that it’s an hour or so earlier than I usually get this luxury of sitting down. The only reason is that I have been leaving work an hour early because my husband is traveling all week and I’ve needed to deal with logistics at home and with the kids where we usually split what needs to be done. I work a full day and most nights too, so let’s just say this week has been exhausting. Now I know that this sounds a little trivial when there are plenty of single parents out there having to do this every day, but indulge me. 

As a busy working mom of 3, I have really had to fathom a lot of courage this week to keep my shit together and not lose the plot entirely. I’m not going to lie, it’s not been easy.  So the only way I can actually get through it in one piece is to see the humor in it and blog a little about how I manage it at the end of the day. I think this post is probably more of a reminder for me than it is for you.

So I thought that I’d share my 5 sanity-saving tips for dealing with the demands of Motherhood with you. Hopefully, it helps.

#1 Don’t take anything personally.

The minute you start taking the things that go wrong or slightly awry personally, is when you start to drop the ball. So just know that even if your kid says he is mad at you forever then just swallow the bitter pill and see the bigger picture. It will all be better tomorrow.

#2 Be open to the potential change of plans.

I have come to realize since being a Mother (12 years and counting) that if you are going to be too rigid then you will probably end up being screwed. The demands of Motherhood in the 21st Century are somewhat challenging for most and so being able to roll with the punches and keep moving forward is essential to keeping your sanity intact.

#3 Never put off until tomorrow that which can be done today

And by that I mean, sign all school return slips today when you get them, pack school lunches the night before and try as best as is humanly possible to meal plan and grocery shop in advance.  And if you really want to go all out, then plan your work outfit for the next day. These are things that can make a world of difference.

#4 The Mom Squad – Surround yourself with Mom friends who understand.

Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that finding Mom friends to spend time with is kind of tricky because of all of our 21st Century commitments so even if your Mom friends are all virtual or part of a WhatsApp group then so be it.  It takes a village or so they say and virtual friends are real, aren’t they?  I have a group of blogger Mom friends who I have the honor of being able to open my heart to on a bad day which often really can mean the difference between me losing my shit or seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and keeping it all together. So really in the troops and get yourself a Mom Squad.

#5 Be kind to yourself.

Ok, admittedly this point should be number one, but it is the one thing we all neglect the most. Why is it that we can give so much of ourselves to all the people around us yet we struggle to take out any time to fill our own cups? Never mind that when we do we end up riddled with Mom Guilt. Then if that isn’t bad enough we sometimes get shamed for our choices by other Mothers for putting our needs first. As it happens I read an awesome post by Belinda Mountain from Making Mountains today on exactly this.  Why don’t you go on over and give it a read and send her some love? Putting yourself first is essential to how you are able to function wholly and be the best for your family. Don’t forget that you may think you need to be Superwoman, but you don’t really.  You just need to be there and be real.

So maybe these tips aren’t all new to you, but maybe you just needed a little reminding. I’d love to hear your thoughts. What tips do you have for keeping sane through all the demands of Motherhood?  Let me know in the comments or let’s continue the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

P.S I have recently discovered Insta stories so if you want to see some real life day to day stuff happening then let’s connect over there.






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