A case for Ouma Hanna’s Boerseep – My first independent review.

Working in the industry I do….. That being the online one  I mean, I have come across many interesting natural products and often a few really stand out to me as well worth it.  Some cost quite a penny while others cost very little and certainly pack a punch regardless of their seemingly “cheap” nature.  Such is the fantastic little all natural stain removal/ bodycare soap I came accross about a year ago.  In my neverending battle to find a natural stain removal product that actually worked to take the poop stains out of my kids diapers, I came across this soap and I and many of my customers have not looked back.

So what is Boerseep? The word Boerseep is an Afrikaans word translated into English as Farmer’s Soap. there are many variations of this type of soap but mainly the standard ingredients would be Tallow and Lye. This recipe is an age old hand stirred family recipe handed down generations by a family in a town in the Northern Cape Town called Calvinia. This soap has found itself around our beautiful country and is starting to make a name for itself all over because it is quite simply a little Cream colored block of miracle.

The makers claim it to do the following: remove stains from :Grass, Oil, sweat, blood, wine, rust, fruit, ink, fat, curry from clothes, carpets, walls, tiles, baths, showers, curtains and windows. It is also a fabulous all natural moisturizing  hair and body soap, perfect for sensitive and newborn skins.

I decided to put the product to the test to prove to you it’s worth after my youngest daughter had a moment with a very greasy car tyre that left grease marks on a new TShirt and cream coloured Diaper cover.  Here are the results, see for yourself.




After a quick brisk scrub and 5 minute soak:Image



so as you can clearly see it really is pretty awesome stuff and works like a dream with little cost and effort to you. This soap can also be grated and dissolved in water to use as a simple yet effective laundry detergent as well as being very Cloth Diaper friendly. As mentioned above it is also ideal for using on you and your little one’s skins and hair and perfect for those suffering with skin co ditions. You can safely wash your Cats and Dogs with it and Hubby can use it to shave with. It is a veritable block of goodness and a must have in all areas of your home. I keep one in each bathroom, at the kitchen sink and in the laundry and Garage.

At just around R25 per block weighing roughly 250 g this is a truly affordable all natural product that must be experienced to believe.

Effectiveness 10/10
Cost 8/10
Availability 7/10
Naturally speaking 10/10

For more information or to find a stockist near you you cam email boerseepinfo@gmail.com

I was not paid to write this review and I bought the soaps that I have spoken about.

The claims made by the makers of this soap are their own and I am merely sharing my own experience.

*Note: Not suitable for use by Vegans as it contains animal fat (Tallow)

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