A little cupcake wisdom….

So its 10:00pm and I am not resting, no I am baking cupcakes for the Grade 1 bake sale tomorrow. Seeing as though I am never usually able to help out at these weekday events myself, I always usually try and overcompensate by going overboard with what I provide, hoping it will make me feel less guilty.  Well, it doesn’t.  It only makes me wildly stressed and exhausted.

let me explain. I put my name down for 12 cupcakes. Now, normal people would buy cupcake mix and ice with tinned caramel and top with sprinkles…… Not me, I always have to think “out of the box” on things like these.  So what am I making? Firstly, I decided on scratch made cupcake batter, ok, thats normal except the one I chose requires 10 minutes, yes you heard me, 10 minutes of mixing excluding the creaming of the butter before it is ready to pour. Next I thought, wouldn’t it be yummy for the lucky reciepients of these cupcakes if I injected them with caramel?  Yes it probably would BUT injecting them with caramel is not only a tedious task, it also requires much patience and co-ordination of which I have very little right now.  Lastly I decided on a piped Vanilla butter cream icing with a fresh strawberry and chocolate shavings ontop but that hasnt happened because I am far too tired and frustrated to hull strawberries, cant find the piping bag attachment and I ate the chocolate!! So we are settling for chocolate sprinkles instead. I might try my hand at using a ziplock bag to pipe the icing but feel like I am just making more work for myself.

Cupcakes done, I most certainly must benefit from my hard work and test one.  I peel back the paper and take a bite and the following occurs to me:

“We are a lot like overdressed cupcakes. We often portray outwardly the things we are not i.e strong, happy, secure, wealthy, in control, domesticated and brave, but if you take off the strawberry, peel back the paper, lick off a little icing and take a bite, the soft squishy mess of caramel oozes out and reveals itself, usually when you least expect it, often times completely freaking those that thought they knew the real you and offering you nothing more than the wish that a rather large black hole would appear to swallow you up”.

So what is the moral of this little “sweet” analogy? Merely just to do your best and be yourself, it’s far less trouble than you would think. You may just find you like her/ him more than you thought you would, just like the cupcake.  After all the fuss one bite was enough to make all resistance crumble and make you feel ok!

A little cupcake wisdom....
Caramel Filled, Strawberry topped Cupcakes.
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