A rich heritage, a braai and a blog round-up.

Tomorrow is the working parents dream, a day off from work no strings attached. It’s Heritage day, a public holiday and for some it’s also National Braai Day. For others it means stressing about unfinished work though, and I get that, but for most it’s a breather away from the office and time spent with family.

I should probably be posting about why Heritage Day is so important to us, because that is essentially why we are being given the day away from work and school isn’t it?  We really are meant to be using it to remember our rich heritage as South Africans but most people don’t give it a second thought.  Most of the population are too busy arranging big braai get-together’s for time around the coals or the Rugby for that matter.  We will be having a braai too, but are not having a big affair. But just so you know, I have explained the history to my children and they know that it’s not all just about a free day from school and a braai.

I plan on spending the day at home just taking in my children and my husband.  It has been a very rushed and busy couple of weeks and there has been little time to just connect and find each other and touch base. Connecting with your children especially as a working parent is super important.  So often we are just so busy and active that we sail past each other like ships in the night just doing the absolute necessary to get by. So because Family is heritage I will be making sure that my family and I spend the time together listening, talking and connecting again.

I thought I would use this post to catch up on some of the posts from my blog these past few weeks as well as a few other things that caught my eye in the last while.

September sees us enter Spring and with spring comes the feeling of all things new. I am very honored to be a guest writer and blogger for the Mamahood community and September saw them officially launch their website.  I wrote about it here.  I will be contributing more articles there soon.  You wont find these here on my blog though so you will have to join this wonderful community and enjoy everything it has to offer yourself.

Happy first day of Spring and have you seen the new Mamahood Website?

Spring also sees us starting to get outside more and spend time with family and friends around the pool and in the garden.  I put together a post of some things I really do what to get my  hands on for outdoor entertaining.  You can read about it over here in my post about all the goodies I have my eye on at Mr Price Home.

My outdoor entertaining "lust-haves" for Summer 2015

Being a working mom can be pretty overwhelming.  So many things to do and remember with so little time to juggle everything.  I put together a post to help get everything together.  It is a resource post about 10 things that can really help any working mother keep things together and stay sane in the process.  You can read about it here. I really hope it will help  you as much as these things help me.

10 things that working moms really need to know or do to stay sane.

On a lighter note I wrote a post about my struggle with my eyebrows, yet it’s real.  I reviewed some great brow products as the start of a two-part post.  I will be sharing the next half during next week but you can read all about it here so long.

My “Brow-Sperience” – {Part one with review}


And to top it all off I wrote a really important post, I wrote it for myself as a reminder.  I spent an evening watching my eldest daughter come to life on the stage at her school review. It gave me all sorts of feels.  I saw something in her I had never seen before and it reminded me how important it is to live in the now and take each moment in.  I wrote this post about seeing her shine and how I really just long to be like her in that moment.  You can read all about it here, I really hope you see the beauty in the simplicity of it all and that it inspires you to try to live in the now too.

Last night I watched my daughter shine {and had my own big revelation}


Now being a blog aimed at mostly working mothers, but mothers in general, I have full comprehension for the lack of ME time that goes into this giant box we call motherhood.  There are so many things we have to do that stealing 5 minutes to ourselves is really not all that easy.  One of the things I really love doing is reading wonderful blogs by inspiring and beautiful woman.  I just really struggle to find the time to read them all let alone engage with these lovely ladies who write such beautiful things as well as keep my own blog going.  So what better, than to find a place on Facebook that makes doing this so much easier, for those five minutes spare we get with a cup of tea.  It’s called Mommy’s ME Time and it’s a fabulous place created by the South African Mom Blogs team where bloggers and blog readers come together and spend time indulging in some much deserved time reading and catching up on the best the blogging community has to offer, all in one central place.  I really love this and I know you will too.


Well that’s it from me.I hope you have enjoyed playing catch-up with me as much as I have.  Have a wonderful heritage day tomorrow and enjoy your braai and also the time with your family, if that is what you will be doing with your day off.

Take Care

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