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I am Celeste, owner, blogger and creative mind behind Being Me- The Blog. That’s me to the right with the sandwich. Standing behind me is my Superhero husband. The other three are my kids, my life my joy.  We have my eldest at the back Zoë and in front are my Son Reece and my baby Girl (Well she is five) Mila.  Don’t be fooled by the picture, we don’t always look this perfect.

I started blogging about my parenting journey in 2012 and over the course of the next number of years, many things changed, steering my blog first into a nosedive and then into a completely different direction. I am still on the same parenting journey, but now more on a road to self-discovery, which is being propelled, along, through a creativity I had forgotten I had.

Sometimes you may find me blogging daily, other times you will find me not blogging for what seems like forever, well to me it does.  This is because I not only have three kids but I also work full time and am currently studying.

I write about life and parenting and on occasion an opinion piece. It’s a kind of lucky packet.  If you are looking for a blog that is the same and predictable then you are not in the right place. This blog is for me but I am super happy to share it with you if you’d like to stick around.

I enjoy my social platforms as much as I do this space, and would really love to welcome you to join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Welcome, I am thrilled to have you here.

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