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This post has been a long time coming.  From late December in fact.  I must apologize for taking so long to get it out there but better late than never and as you may have noticed, I have been a little absent from the blog for a while.  As you know schools began again on 11 January 2017, and if it weren’t for the amazing people at Reivilo Stationers I would have been totally lost getting everything together for my kids before the new term started.  We were going off on holiday and I just didn’t have the time to go stationary shopping and knew I would get ripped off somewhere along the line if I tried to do it last minute.

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Enter Reivilo Stationers.  This one-stop online stationary store is just the absolute best. They not only have an online stationary store that you can shop on to your heart’s content, they also do a newly launched “Back to school box”.  All I had to do was send them a copy of our school stationary requirements by email and the rest was up to them.  They sourced the best product at very competitive prices and with a snap of the finger… ok credit card,  our stationary was delivered straight to our front door.  This included everything from the dictionary straight down to the required box of tissues. Pure bliss!  What a load off.  We were able to go on holiday and not have to worry about what we still needed to get before school started.  The only thing we had to do was mark all of it. It is also very good to remember that you will be refilling your child’s stationary very soon, so it may be a great idea to have a little shop soon and be pro-active about it. If your kids are anything like mine, they have already been through two glue sticks by the second term and need new Waxi’s and pacer lead.

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I can really say that this was the easiest and least time consuming back to school stationary shopping ever!  You can find out more about Reivilo by popping on over to their website and store here. You can also join them on their Facebook page to keep up to date with any promotions, good deals, and competitions. Reivilo is not only just about school stationary but they also have all your office/business stationary covered too.  Nothing could be easier.  Get in touch with Judy and the sales team to go over your requirements. They have been serving members of the business community and hospitality industry for many years and are certain to be able to supply all your needs.

Note: I bought and paid for this stationary myself.  I will continue to support Reivilo because of their fantastic service and product offering. I really just wanted to share my find with you and that is why I have decided to review the service on the blog and highly recommend it.  Happy shopping.

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