Be Still {Guest post by Caley Jade Rosenberg}

 Be Still.

By Caley Jade Rosenberg.

When last did you sit and do nothing? If you had asked me that question a month ago, my answer would have been – not in forever! I am not very good at being still, at doing nothing, at having quiet and alone time. I am an A-type personality with OCD and a very giving nature – which all keep me very, very busy. And I tend to make myself busy, even when I don’t need to be. I try and do it all.

A typical day for me used to be: wake up before sunrise, make breakfast, make lunches, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack school bags, send kids off to school or do drop off, go to gym, shower and dress, emails, admin, design work, supplier visits, grocery shopping, running errands, class mom duties, updating blogs, social media, visiting friends (for fun and in need), fetching youngest daughter, offering lift clubs, dropping at home for her nap, fetching oldest daughter, making lunch, after school activities, educational activities with kids, organising play dates, collecting supplies, delivering orders, design work, collecting printing, assembling of orders, more social media, visiting friends, making dinner, eating dinner, preparing for bedtime, bath time, putting kids to bed, shower, preparing diary for next day, drafting emails, design work, bed.

Are you tired yet? Because I am, just from typing that!

As a wife, mum, daughter, friend, housewife and small business owner, there is a lot I have to get done in a day – and I am beyond blessed to be able to be a work-from-home-mum and spend every afternoon with our girls and close my business when it is holidays because it is more of a passion than a necessity for me to bring in money. There are many women who work a 12 hour corporate job and still have to get all of the above done. But is it all necessary for me?

A month ago, we were faced with a personal heartache that was a big wake up call for myself and our family. With the support of my husband and a true calling and signs from Jesus, I was forced to make the decision to “Be Still”. This is not something that has ever come naturally to me so I have had to work really hard at it. But just over a month in, and I think I am doing quite well.

I spend my time planning ahead, scheduling quiet time and trying my very best not to rush. I am a very punctual person but being a few minutes late really never hurt anyone, and if you plan well, then there really isn’t reason to be late at all. I have found many precious moments in lying in bed, taking in our beautiful view of the sunrise over the ocean. I sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea. I sit on our balcony just listening to the birds letting the world and nature consume my heart and mind. I sit and page through my Bible and spiritual books – filling my heart and soul with Jesus. I sit on the outside of my girls play areas and just watch and admire their beauty, their bubbly personalities and I am in awe that they are ours and we made them. And I even spent a few moments watching my gorgeous husband sleep.

I am a new person because of the above – I am a better follower of Christ, a more loving and attentive wife, a more present Mum, a more intentional business owner and a calmer, more peaceful version of my old self. I am more “still”.

Do you take moments each day to ‘be still’? And if not, would you be able to make the time? Do it, it will change your life.

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Caley is the face behind the amazing LuluPop party design & planning business. She is a follower of Jesus, wife to the man she fell in love with at first sight, mom to two precious girls, and a lover of the beach, champagne, cake and being organised. Caley lives in KwaZulu-Natal and offers everything you will ever need to plan the best party ever and has the most beautiful blog and Instagram feed. You can find her on any of the links below.

That concludes this week’s wonderful guest contribution. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did. Being Still and appreciating everything around you is something I really need to be much more focussed on. Often we left life get totally haywire and take over.  It’s time to sit and just be.

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*All image credits go to Caley Jade Rosenberg.
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