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Win with Domestly and Being Me.

With both my husband and I working full time and having three children it is essential that we have help around the house.  I am fortunate enough to have a full-time Housekeeper who we all love to pieces and she is a saint and savior in my household.  That being said she also needs rest and […]

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You want what for Christmas?

You want a what for Christmas?

10-year olds now vs 10-year olds then

When I was 10 years old I was a very happy go lucky, barefooted, outside in the mud and sun kid.  I played with Barbie and My Little Ponies and I made up silly concerts with my friends, cousins, and sister. We made up silly games and ran around the block for exercise and rode our bikes to the shops or to any friend we wanted.  As long as we were home at dinner time.  To earn spending money we knocked on neighborhood doors and offered to collect snails in the gardens for 50c or something like that.  I don’t remember the amount, it was 30 years ago. We formed a “Gang” yes it was an acceptable thing in those days and didn’t involve drugs and violence.  Our gang was called “The Golden Eagles”  We did good deeds around the neighborhood and played for hours in a big overgrown field right next to our house.  We even had red T-Shirts my Aunt bought for us at PEP and, we fabric painted Eagles and the name onto them. There was a massive hole in the field and it felt like the size of the Big hole in Kimberly.  We played there and there was never a thought of being abducted or accosted in this field, or even being buried alive by the sides of the hole where we had burrowed tunnels into it.  We were just carefree and our parents let us do our own thing.  They were secure in our safety and this is a childhood memory I will treasure forever.  (more…)

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2016 sucked balls and this is why

2016 sucked balls and this is why!

Want to know why 2016 sucked balls for me?

Every New year I say to myself the next is going to be just amazing.  I have had bad years before, like the year my Dad got cancer died 2 months later or the year I was retrenched shortly before I was to get married and it took 8 months to find another job. Or the year we wanted to buy a house, gave up and sacrificed a lot only to have our dreams and financial future pretty much shattered by someone else’s selfishness which set us on a downward spiral, that still seems to be going downward. It has taken us years to get to where we are now yet there are still many more to go before we will ever be able to get that dream back off the ground. There are also the  numerous years we hoped to fall pregnant and didn’t, 6 in total (Those were sad hurtful years) There have been other examples but this post is all about why 2016 just sucked balls and nothing else. (more…)

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I Made Egg-Free Meringues and you can too. {Vegan Recipe}

Now by now you know I am using the month of November (#WorldVeganMonth2016) to showcase just how easy it is to eat a near too or 100% Plant based diet.  One of the biggest questions I get asked about that is what kind of limitations there are where especially baking is concerned.  Well, a few years ago I would have agreed and said that the prospects weren’t that great, but the opposite is true now and the sky really is the limit. (more…)

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#WeArePissedOff about the sanitation crisis in South African Schools

Learn the truth about the sanitation crisis in South African schools

#WeArePissedOff and we are doing something about it.

Let’s be real, poor sanitation in SA schools is something that very few of us ever really give a minute’s thought to, but the struggle is very real and worse than it has ever been.  As parents, some of our biggest goals are to provide a healthy and safe environment for our children and also a good education, but what happens when the education you are entitled to and deserve comes with the price of heavily unsanitary conditions of the toilet facilities you must use during your school day?  (more…)

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