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My Little Pony party

We had a My Little Pony Party. {This is how we did it}

Wow, this has been such a whirlwind of a few weeks.  I don’t truly know if I am coming or going.  Besides getting my new online store up and running which you may have already seen, I have also had a 5th birthday party to arrange.  This is rather hectic considering the last post I actually made on this blog was the Minecraft party one I did in March.  Hello!  What’s up with that? (more…)

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Party fun how to: Let’s have a Minecraft party!

Ok, yes I’m sorry, I was totally meant to post this yesterday but I just couldn’t make it happen.  I promise this is not going to be a long post and I apologize in advance for the image heavy blog but this is only something that can really be done effectively in pictures. All images are my own and I will supply links at the bottom of the post on where to get the things I used, because I got all my ideas and printables from Pinterest. I also want to thank my very willing and helpful cousin-in-law M for helping with the Backdrop and Tablecloth which I will chat about down below.

So, my son turned 8 and has been a Minecraft fan/addict, whatever you want to call it for the last 2 years.  He decided at least a year ago already that at his birthday this year he will have a Minecraft party. Now if you know anything about the game of Minecraft other than it is ridiculously addictive, is that it has so many intricacies and cool factors that it was a total dream to think up a fun party for him.  There really is so much you can do.  We decided that we would be having our party at home this year so we could do just about anything we wanted and not be restricted to a venue. (more…)

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Back to School Bliss with Reivilo stationers

Back to school bliss with Reivilo Stationery

Review post: This post has been a long time coming.  From late December in fact.  I must apologize for taking so long to get it out there but better late than never and as you may have noticed, I have been a little absent from the blog for a while.  As you know schools began […]

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You want what for Christmas?

You want a what for Christmas?

10-year olds now vs 10-year olds then

When I was 10 years old I was a very happy go lucky, barefooted, outside in the mud and sun kid.  I played with Barbie and My Little Ponies and I made up silly concerts with my friends, cousins, and sister. We made up silly games and ran around the block for exercise and rode our bikes to the shops or to any friend we wanted.  As long as we were home at dinner time.  To earn spending money we knocked on neighborhood doors and offered to collect snails in the gardens for 50c or something like that.  I don’t remember the amount, it was 30 years ago. We formed a “Gang” yes it was an acceptable thing in those days and didn’t involve drugs and violence.  Our gang was called “The Golden Eagles”  We did good deeds around the neighborhood and played for hours in a big overgrown field right next to our house.  We even had red T-Shirts my Aunt bought for us at PEP and, we fabric painted Eagles and the name onto them. There was a massive hole in the field and it felt like the size of the Big hole in Kimberly.  We played there and there was never a thought of being abducted or accosted in this field, or even being buried alive by the sides of the hole where we had burrowed tunnels into it.  We were just carefree and our parents let us do our own thing.  They were secure in our safety and this is a childhood memory I will treasure forever.  (more…)

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That time we were #makingmemories with Kids Emporium and Wendy Swart Photography.


A little while back I was approached by the gorgeous Mandy-Lee Miller from the amazing firm with the same name, to be the lucky recipient of the opportunity to have a family photoshoot with a local photographer who was participating in the awesome #makingmemories campaign with Kids Emporium Paarl, as part of a greater campaign by the well known baby and kids designer brands experience that is Kids Emporium(more…)

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