Christmas DIY day {Gingerbread Men and a table wreath}

It’s only a few days before Christmas and things are hotting up in our home, as we prepare to have Christmas here this year. I am writing this post on my phone so I really hope the editing doesn’t let me down.

For the better part of the last 10 years we have shared Christmas with our family alternating between Cape Town and the Northern Cape. Up until now it has not been practical spacewise for us to host it, but this year it’s our turn and we are very excited.

I am even more excited by the fact that we actually have a real tree this year, which is something I last experienced in my childhood, and it is something I desperately wanted my own kids to experience at least once before they are teenagers. We got our tree from a team who had cleared alien vegetation on one of the local wine farms, and it is really a nice big one, just like the picture I have carried around in my head of the beautifully adorned tree we always had when I was growing up.


One of the nicest Christmas trees we had growing up, was the one we decorated with cookies tied with ribbon to the branches. The minute I saw our new tree I got all sentimental and decided that this tree would be dressed to the nines with homemade Gingerbread Men, and today was the day we made them. I thought about giving you the recipe but there are so many great ones online already and I used one by Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker, but I forget which. I also used Blackstrap Mollasses and honey in a 50/50 ratio instead of just Mollasses alone which could be bitter.

Making the cookie dough was easy but don’t be tempted to roll it out immediately as it does need to sit for atleast an hour if not overnight.  I had a Gingerbread figure cutter but found it too small and so I dew my own template and just cut around that. It worked perfectly.  Once baked and then cooled down, the kids and I had much fun decorating in a not so pinterest friendly manner ,but we love them anyway. Once the icing had hardened I bagged them and tied them with ribbon so we can hang them on the tree.



This really was a whole lot of fun and the kids completely enjoyed it. We will be hanging them on the tree tomorrow as soon as we have gotten a new set of lights, as the set we bought last year seems to have retired.

Seeing as though today seemed as perfect as any to extend my creativity a bit, I decided to try my hand at creating a table centrepiece for the Christmas dinner. I have seen some lovely Ideas but none attracted my attention quite as much as one I had recently seen in a magazine that used an airplant of all things, as a base. I happen to have quite a lot of these in my garden and so I don’t need much encouraging to get going. I really like the way it turned out and nothing on it is permanent and can damage the airplant.  It will be returning back the my garden once the festivities are over.

All the project took was some Ribbon, a few Dried pinecones and some baubles. I decorated the cones with paint and glitter. I stuck in two candles I had but will replace them with two nice Silver ones before we have our dinner.

This was a really easy project and you can really do what your heart desires and be inspired by things you have in and around your home.


We had a lot of fun today and we are all super excited for Christmas. We have been playing Christmas songs and eating Fruit cake all day to get into the swing of things. Besides a great tree and table decorations we also have an immense menu planned which I will share in another post. I have a sensational and non traditional Chocolate mouse and Black Cherry trifle that I am sure is going deserve a post all of its own.

What are your Christmas preparations? I would love to hear all about it. Leave a comment and tell me what you will be doing to bring the feeling of Christmas into your home?

Take Care

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  1. Love the cookie idea! My eldest bro does it with his kids every year and have been wanting to follow suit all this time,but never get around to it. Yours turned out great. As did your wreath

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