Current Hair-care lineup {Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator review}

Last month I was merrily making my way around my local Clicks at the hair care aisle and my eye fell upon a dreamy sight. I have been wanting to change my current drug store shampoo products for some time now, but have tried just about everything that I liked the look of or had heard good things about. I’d seen the Garnier Ultimate Blends range spoken of internationally but was delighted to see it had finally made it’s way over to our shores. Now, I am quite the Garnier girl really, I love their WIpes, Micellar Water, Hair colour & BB Cream to name but a few so finding this range of Hair Care really made me happy. Another thing that made me incredibly happy was when I saw that it is a Sulphate free range with naturally derived ingredients.

Before you stop me there and say, “Why don’t you rather use salon quality products?” Well I do, I just use them in between, because they are pretty pricey and I like to make them stretch further by using them intermittently.  That is probably strange logic, but it works for me. Another thing, I want to just add in here before I go any further, is that I bought this range of products on my own, without any prompting or sponsored product review requests.  I was not one of the bloggers who recently received this range of products to review, and so my post is completely unbiased and I do have some mixed feelings.

When I posted the picture of my purchase on social media, a few of you asked me to do a review, so let’s get straight into it shall we?  I think it is important to have good unbiased reviews of drug store brands that are affordable for mostly everybody.  They are all much of a muchness price wise, but believe me when I say, some are just way better than others.  Even the ones in the higher price range are often not that great, or that has been my experience anyway.

First a little about the Garnier Ultimate Blends range though and a little about the ingredients.

There are five products in the range and each is blended specifically to your own hair type. Although I took the one for colour treated hair, I will also be purchasing another one in the range to use in between because it sounds ideal to my dry damaged hair. In the range you will find a Shampoo, conditioner and treatment to suit you.  I personally don’t see any reason why you should not be able to mix and match either. Find the selection that works for you. The descriptions below are as per the product descriptions on the Garnier website. There are a few other variants in the range but they don’t seem to be available here yet.  Five is a good start though, and there is something for everybody.

The Sleek Restorer

Tired of frizz and flyaways? Discover Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer, an ultimate blend enriched with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter.
The deliciously scented formula transforms dry, frizzy hair into hair that looks super sleek and smooth for up to 72 hours.

The Colour Illuminator (This is what I tested)

Transform the look of coloured hair with our ultimate blend. Enriched with Argan oil and Cranberry extracts, it helps to lock in colour radiance wash after wash.

The Strenght Restorer

Fragile, damaged hair needs more than just a shampoo. Garnier has created Ultimate Blends The Strength Restorer Honey Treasures: A strengthening blend with 3 treasures from the beehive; Propolis, Royal Jelly & Honey. Hair feels intensely nourished, restored and stronger to the ends.

The Fresh Revitaliser

Our naturally sourced blend, with a light texture & invigorating fragrance, combines 5 essential ingredients to intensely cleanse and revitalise hair.

  • Eucalyptus.
  • Nettle.
  • Green Tea.
  • Lemon.
  • Verbena.

Hair is left feeling intensely cleansed, refreshed and full of life.

So what exactly did I think about the range I tried?

Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator Shampoo & Conditioner:

A dazzling blend with Moroccan Argan Oil, and North American Cranberry extracts.

Ultimate BlendsThe Colour Illuminator Shampoo

Current Hair-care lineup {Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator review}

Firstly,  I want to touch on the packaging.  I love a flip top on hair care products.  I use them in the shower and it just makes my life so much easier. The shape of the bottles are also really great. They are easy to hold and not awkward to manouver with wet hands. Secondly is the fragrance of the product itself. It’s a subtle frutiness which comes from the Cranberry, and I am a sucker for fruity scents, so that was a big plus for me. The feeling of the product is creamy and silky and it just feels really luxe. I paid R26.95 for the 400ml on a promotion but that is the usual cost of the 200ml and in my opinion, worth it over and over. The shampoo is creamy and lathers beautifully. It rinses well and doesn’t easily leave soap residue.  I have found I only need to wash once.  A repeat wash is not necessary. Once dried, this product leaves my hair really soft, but without any static or flyaway hairs. It is not a product meant to give a sleek effect, but I have not felt the need to use a straightening iron once since using it or needed to use my paddle brush much with drying to smooth. I have a tendency to oiliness at the crown and often feel a need to wash my hair within a day of a previous wash, (I try and stall, becuase I know it’s not good though and use a dry shampoo) but I have found that using this product I am able to go up to four days without a shampoo.  It’s been really great in that regard.  I wouldn’t normally go four days, but it was something I did test, and it does keep my hair nice and clean. I have to add though that other than washing and conditioning my hair and using a treatment once a week, I use absolutely no other product in my hair.  I doubt I could have gotten to four days without washing, if I’d used other product to style too. This is a heavy lathering Shampoo blended with Moroccan Argan Oil and North American Cranberry extracts is a winner and a little goes a long way. It left my hair clean, my colour vibrant and feeling full of vitality. I give the Shampoo a rocking 8/10

Ultimate BlendsThe Colour Illuminator Conditioner

Current Hair-care lineup {Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator review}

This nurturing yet lightweight Conditioner, blended with Moroccan Argan Oil and North American Cranberry extracts, is crafted to give nourishment to coloured hair.  The conditioner is rich, and smells equally as good as the shampoo.  The bottle can stand on its head in the shower so it makes for easy dispensing of the product, and is also a quick indicator to me that I am grabbing the correct bottle. Nothing I hate more than thinking I am putting on Shampoo only to realize I have squeezed out conditioner. It’s not a good way for me to start the day. I like a rich conditioner but I have to point out that this product should only go on the ends of your hair. It will make your head oily if you comb it through. It is a very nourishing conditioner and just a little too much for my fine hair.  I think I may try the Fresh revitaliser and see if it gives me a less weighed down/ greasy result if I had to comb it through.  The Argan oil is really nourishing though and I almost feel like I don’t need to use the treatment too often as the conditioner is quite restorative too. So if you are looking for a really nice, nourishing conditioner for colour treated hair, then you should definately give this one a try. My hair is not prone to tangling so for me it’s perfect.  I am not sure though if it really has any detangling effect, so I can’t say how it would work for a different type of hair to mine. This is still a great buy though and absolutely worth the glorious price.  I give the conditioner 6/10

Ultimate BlendsThe Colour Illuminator Balm 300ml

Current Hair-care lineup {Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator review}

Ok, I totally hate this packaging.  I really hate a tub.  I almost didn’t buy this product because of the packaging, but I thought I should at-least try it in conjunction with the other two products and see how they worked together. The tub is awkward to use in the shower, it’s bulky and doesn’t fit on my shower shelf. It has fallen once with my slippery fingers, and it’s not easy to scoop out the right amount, so I end up putting some back and then water gets into the tub.  As the name suggests though, this is a balm and it is really rich and nourishing. It Instantly nourishes hair and help protect colour luminosity. I have to say that I am willing to look past the packaging, because it really is a lovely treatment.  It is a lot thicker than the conditioner and you really only need a very little.  It says to leave it on for only a minute on towel-dried hair once or twice a week .It doesn’t mention conditioning afterwards, but I wouldn’t suggest that at all. Whenever I have used it, I have really seen a new vibrance in my colour.  I am very impressed with the result the treatment have given where my colour is concerned.  It does however make my hair really limp for some reason, it may just be too heavy for my thin, fine hair. I do like it though, and it really is a treat on my damaged hair as a result of a little too much stripping when I went from Brunette to Blonde a year or so back.  It does seem to have made my hair less brittle though which is a huge plus. A pump bottle would have been a winner for me, but it’s an all round good buy for a weekly treatment of this quality for just around R50.00.  You really couldn’t go wrong and I will probably buy it again. I give it a 7/10


Current Hair-care lineup {Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator review}


So there you have my thoughts on this lovely range of budget hair care product. You will be able to find them yourself at Clicks and Dischem stores.  I was lucky and scored majorly when I bought them on a promotion for R26.95 each at Clicks.  Keep your eye out for any other specials that may come up.  It really is a value for money product regardless and I am far more impressed with this range than I have been even with some of the other brand name imports to be sent over. I personally would buy this product range over John Frieda when at Clicks.  I used that range quite a bit and honestly felt I received a better result from the Garnier product.

Take care and have a happy Easter weekend if you celebrate

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P.S My review scale works like this.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 Being best.  When you see a 10, you should leave everything and run out and get it and not ask any questions.

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4 thoughts on “Current Hair-care lineup {Garnier Ultimate Blends Colour Illuminator review}

  1. Such a great review, Celeste – I’ve also been using this range and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t tried the balm yet, but I agree with you re. packaging – jar packaging for hair masks REALLY annoys me. I wish hair care brands would work on that!

    PS: Really love your images and graphics for this post! Really cool! x

    1. You are too kind Chereen. Thanks for taking the time to read my review. And yes, whats with all the hair mask tubs out there?

  2. I absolutely love this range! The colour Illuminator in particular. I find that it leaves my hair so soft and smells yummy too. Haven’t tried the balm yet but think I’d give that one a miss.

    1. It really is a lovely range. I’m glad I’ve tried the Balm. It’s a good inexpensive treatment to have for when the premium treatment is running low. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your thoughts.

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