Easy week day breakfast ideas {+Make your own Granola}

Being a working mom, easy fast and healthy breakfast ideas are the order of the day.  My kids are just weird.  Where the first thing on my mind when I open my eyes is coffee, the first words out of their mouths is “Is the pappies ready” {“Pappies” is porridge in Afrikaans} In the past I would just be boring and stick to pretty much the same thing each day but that really does get boring.

Quite a few years ago we moved away from instant breakfast cereals, and my children got accustomed to cooked breakfast cereals like Oats or Maize meal and on the odd occasion Weetbix or Futurelife cereal.  I don’t know about you but in our house a box of Futurelife only lasts about 3 days max and it’s a little pricey to keep it up.  I know a lot of parents and kids may turn their nose up at the sound of cooked porridge, because of the labor factor but never fear, I have some really great quick and healthy alternatives for you.

Never fail the good old egg

In our house we love Loaded scrambled egg and yes, I make them in the Microwave and no, our brains aren’t fried.

You will need

1 x egg per person and I make for five

a good dash of milk

a knob of butter

salt & Pepper

Chopped pieces of Ham (Skip the ham if you don’t want meat)

A handful of grated Cheddar Cheese

A handful of halved Cherry tomatoes

Sliced Toaster Bread

Method: Add all your ingredients together in a big glass microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high taking it out to mix with a fork at 1 minute intervals.  It shouldn’t really take more than a minute per egg you used. For our family the actual cooking time is no more than 5 minutes.  If you are clever you can even chop everything up the night before and have it ready for the morning. The eggs are ready when their consistency is as you desire.  There is no set rule. My kids like them kinda overcooked while I like them softer so I dish mine out before theirs. Dish the nice hot loaded eggs onto slices of toast and top with Tomato sauce if you like. I don’t have a decent picture to post but I found one that looks similar to show you.

Image Cred: Sang An
Image Cred: Sang An

Fruit Salad in a Flash

My children love fruit and they love it even more topped with plain yoghurt.  I like to make my own yoghurt but you can really use any one you like or any flavor. I try to keep the fruits to the seasonal ones that are easy to peel and section or take handfuls of.  A typical fruit bowl will have sliced banana, Chopped apple, Fresh berries (Blue or raspberries) and or halved Strawberries.  When Citrus is available it is super easy to just peel and section an Orange or Clementine and add tha in.  There is also nothing easier than a bunch of grapes.  No chopping and or peeling required. Put a Tablespoon or two of yoghurt over and bobs your uncle as my Mom would say.   Because fruit is not heavy I like to serve the fruit salad with a slice of toast with honey on.

Breakfast Smoothie yumness

This is our go to smoothie for a really filling on the go breakfast.  When we are pushed for time I do this. Per person I use the following and mix it up in my blender.  You could also use a stick blender or actual smoothie maker.

1 Banana

1 cup of Plain Yoghurt or a cup of almond milk

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

5 Strawberries

1/2 tsp vanilla

(These quantities make one serving)

Serve in cups or travelling mugs depending on how rushed you are.  I usually have my strawberries pre-hulled and rinsed in a container so that I don’t have to do that first either.  You can find all sorts of ways of doing your prep in advance. The Chia Seeds really provide a lot of energy and they are packed with many wonderful nutrients. I also didn’t have a nice picture on hand to add here so I found one that looks pretty similar on the Sunny Side of Life blog and thought I would add it here too.

A Breakfast smoothie. Image Cred: Sunny side Life Blog.com
A Breakfast smoothie. Image Cred: Sunny side Life Blog.com

The Peanut Butter Banana surprise

This is my personal favorite, trust me, it’s stellar and in our house it is not reserved solely for breakfast food.  I can eat this anytime of day really as could my kids.  I just find it really filling and tasty as well as being incredibly simple to make.

You need:

Wholegrain Toast or White Toast

Peanut Butter (We like crunchy and layer it on really thick)

Sliced Banana


Assemble your masterpiece by putting down a thick layer of PB and arranging the sliced banana on-top (You can use as much or as little as you like) Then drizzle with honey and enjoy.

PB and Banana

So these are a few of our easy breakfast choices that take less than 10 minutes to make, but I have left the crowning glory for last.  My Homemade Granola recipe.  In the summer cooked porridge is not everybody’s favorite thing and we are rather fond of muesli and granola but shop bought is pretty pricey and nothing beats the real thing made from scratch at home.  So if you have a little bit of spare time on a Saturday and I only mean about 45 minutes including prep, bake and bottle. Because we eat a fair amount of Oats in general ( I bake with it too) I like to buy good quality rolled oats in bulk.  Natures Choice has a 5Kg bag for about R140 and you can usually find it at Dischem.  Out of this I usually make about 3 batches of Granola and then use the rest as needed for other things.  I don’t make granola with instant oats or Jungle oats because it doesn’t work, and Rolled oats are just the better option from a whole food perspective.  If you haven’t eaten rolled oats before then you have been missing out.

Homemade Granola Recipe

I make enough in one batch to fill a large glass jar and you can really increase or decrease it easily according to your requirements.  A batch doesn’t last long in my house because it’s so yummy we often just dip into the jar for a handful to snack on.  This is what you will need according to how I make it. This past weekend I made something a little different using Chia Seeds and my own Banana Chips along with Cinnamon and Honey. You really can add whatever you like.  The choices are endless.  I will put my standard recipe down here for you though.

To make one batch you need the following:

4-6 Cups of Plain Rolled Oats (Uncooked)

125ml Raw Honey or more to taste if you like it sweeter

15ml Cinnamon

15-20ml of Raw Cocoa (You can skip this if you don’t like chocolate milk)

2-3 Mini packets of breakfast mix.  I like the Woolworths one but any nice trail mix will do.

1/4 cup of Pine nuts

I like to add a half cup of Cranberries or Raisins to it but that’s a personal choice.


Mix it all together in a big bowl and then spread it out on a large baking sheet.  Spray the tray with a non stick spray beforehand.

Bake it in a Pre-heated oven at 150 degrees until it’s starts to toast up. Be careful not to let it burn.  The honey must melt and the oats and nuts must become crunchy and toasted, not burnt and roasted.

Remove the toasted granola from the oven and leave it to cool down completely.  You can then store it in any airtight container of your choice.  I like a nice glass bottle. You can eat it with Milk or with yoghurt and fruit or even as dry snack.  The choice is yours.  I sometimes put a handful into a smoothie too.  It will keep in the container for a very long time as long as it doesn’t get too much air.

Today is #DomesticGoddess Saturday. Homemade cinnamon, Cocoa, honey, chia and Banana #Granola. Even dehydrated my own banana chips.

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I always like trying new things and would love to hear what your favorite fast and easy go to breakfast ideas are.  Let me know in the comments and please also share this post with other’s you may think will enjoy it.

take care

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2 thoughts on “Easy week day breakfast ideas {+Make your own Granola}

  1. I have always wanted to try make my own granola as my kids love muesli but there is always so much sugar in all of them unless I buy from the health shops which I don’t always do. So, thanks for the inspiration and maybe I’ll actually do it! Our kids also enjoy smoothies. Something we make which isn’t quite breakfast but can be, especially in summer, is banana ice cream. It’s the best! All it is is frozen bananas and then you put them in a food processor and blitz them until they go creamy. To make it more substantial you can add peanut butter and nuts as well. It’s healthy and delicious!

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