Featured Blogger Interview- December {Leigh Geary from The Mom Diaries}

Featured Blogger Interview with Leigh Geary from The Mom Diaries

Wow, it’s taken a little longer than expected to get out, but due to life and everything in between, both my featured blogger and I have been struggling to get this interview together for you.  Not to worry though, it’s still December and there is still time. You may have already noticed her blog link up on my side bar and gone to check it out and so I present to you the gorgeous parenting & Lifestyle blogger Leigh Geary from The Mom Diaries.

So besides the fact that after two kids she looks totally amazing and gorgeous, Leigh is just the sweetest, most vibrant person you will meet.  I was priveledged enough to meet her in person at an event recently and and she is exactly the same as the person you see on her blog pages, sweet, funny, vibrant, caring and totally in love with her family.  I really enjoy Leigh’s blog, she writes about navigating through her journey as a mother and shares often candidly about her experiences.  She also focus on lifestyle aspects and devotes some of her posts to the benefit of local “Momtrepreneurs”  She also has a really great recipe section with some fantastic recipes and ideas.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I had doing it.

When I was researching this blogger I came across her Twitter Bio and liked it so much I thought I would introduce her here with it too.

Meet Leigh:

Wife to a crazy DJ, mother to two of the cutest creatures alive, writer, lover of all things cute and pretty and a mommy blogger.

On Blogging:

Q. The Mom Diaries is your blog about navigating through motherhood. How did it all start? Why a blog?

A. To be honest when I started writing I didn’t even know how blogging worked. I purely wanted to share my story and express the way I was feeling around all the issues I was facing as a mother. I can remember being compelled to write and record everything I was experiencing as a way of making sense of a very hard time. I had a 9 month healing process after my first son Noah was born and things did not come easy!  It was only two years after I began writing that I realized there was a whole world of opportunity that blogging presented.

Q. You recently wrote a post I related to quite a bit which is about writer’s block you were experiencing. “When words don’t come easy” Have you always enjoyed writing?  When did you first know you loved writing?

A. I think it was when I became a mom for the first time that I really found my voice. Like I said I was drawn to my laptop in a rather obsessive way, words going round and round in my head desperately looking for a way to escape. This post is about losing sight of why I started writing, something that can so easily happen when there are too many voices telling you who, where, when and what. I needed to come back to basics and remind myself that my journey is unique and special. Its not like anyone else’s, it’s my own.

Q. What is your favorite blog post to write? Why?

A. Generally my posts revolve around my kids and all the things they inspire in me to think and learn. Children have a beautiful way of bringing you back down to earth. I always come back to the saying “There are 3 honest things in this world; “drunk people, children and leggings!” Kids give it to you straight and I love that about them. My kids are my greatest achievements, so writing about them is pretty easy.

Q. With two little boys, a husband and family life, how do you balance that with blogging successfully?

A. I try to remember to always put my kids and family first. I’m super blessed to able to be at home with my boys but I do hope more will come of my blog in the future. I never want to be too busy writing about my kids that I’m not present with them in the together moments.

Q. What do you hope your readers take away from your blog with each post you make?

A. I guess I hope they walk away feeling as thought something resonated with them, that they would be inspired, encouraged and reminded that they are not alone. I also hope I make them laugh as we commiserate over all the things that motherhood throws at us.

Q. Lastly, what is your vision for your Blog? Where would you like to see it going in the next few years?

A. This is a question I ask myself daily and I find the answers are always changing. I really feel inspired to find my own unique direction and do something that stands out from the rest. I love the blogging community but I think it becomes a problem when we are not differentiating ourselves from each other. I’m making a little bit of money which I’m super proud about, it means all the hard work is starting to pay off. In saying that I don’t want to lose sight of what my blog is about and lose focus of where it all started. I never want to risk the integrity of my blog or make earning money the focus. If Iv’e learnt anything, it’s that when you start making that the main goal, good opportunities don’t always come your way. The minute you relax, the universe shifts in your favor.


pic 7 interview

On Parenting and Motherhood:

      Q. Describe Motherhood using only 3 words

A. Relentless/Beautiful/Precious

Q. What has becoming a mother taught you about yourself?

A. On one hand it stripped me of everything I thought I knew and made me questions my capabilities but in the same breath it has taught me that I can do anything. It has given me a confidence to be who I am and not be ashamed of how I think. It has also taught me about what truly matters and about the true meaning of self-sacrifice.

Q. Describe what it is like being a mother of 2 boys?

A. It is the best thing in the world. This coming from a girl who thought she wanted girls. I look at these toe blokes now and I cant tell you what it does to me. They are such incredible little human beings with so much energy, love and cuteness bursting out of them. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky.

Q. What is the best advice you were given when you were expecting your first child that has stuck with you?

A. I was the first out of most of my friends to have a baby and don’t remember too much advice when I was pregnant with Noah. I really went in quite blindly which was part of my problem. But I think the best advice I’ve heard on my mothering journey is to listen to your gut and trust your instincts. Also, to not make sure you remember who you are, besides being a mother.

Q. How do you feel about Mommy Guilt? What piece of advice would you give all Mother’s on how to manage “Mommy Guilt” effectively?

A. I think that its inevitable that we all feel a degree of guilt at certain points of our motherhood journey. What really matters is how we deal with it and whether we choose to believe the lies or shake them off. Sometimes that guilt is there for a good reason. Maybe that inkling feeling is something that we know deep down we are not doing so great at, something we know needs addressing. In my own situations like this, I talk to my husband/friends/mom and share my heart, knowing I will be encouraged to make changes and apply myself in those areas. See Leigh’s recent Blog post on mom Guilt here

Q. How do you feel about the “Mommy Wars”?

A. I think it’s a pretty cheesy name for a movement that only separates us as moms, as women! I’m sure it’s been around for as long as women have been having babies but somehow with social media at our disposal it has become something that has taken over the internet. Too many moms hiding behind laptops with too many insecurities of their own who lash out because its easy to. It’s something that can’t be ignored but also something that we can’t control. I think if you advocate healthy opinions and relationships where you can, that is all you can do. See Leigh’s blog about Online mom groups here

Q. If there is one thing you can teach your boys before they are adults that would carry them in good stead through the rest their lives, what would it be?

A. I wrote this post on the subject recently. I guess the biggest thing is to love people and themselves.

Q. Do you have a “go to Pregnancy & Childcare book? What was/is it?

A. Baby Sense, Sleep sense and Toddler sense all the way.

Q. Describe your parenting style? (I.e. Helicopter or No Rescue style)

A.  I don’t have a style really. I think I have different ways of being a mother for different situations. I’m always learning and always trying to do things better.

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On Self:

      Q. What or who do you draw inspiration from for daily life?

A. My friends and family for sure. I have such a wonderful set of parents who inspire me daily. My dad is a pastor so the things he teaches me inspire me to grow and better myself while still admitting I’m far from perfect. I have friends who I ride the adventure of life with and whom I draw inspiration from in all areas of life. Creatively, spiritually and even from a health/physical perspective.

Q. Who inspires and motivates you personally through your life as a Woman, Wife & Mother?

A. Definitely my own mother. She admits to getting some things wrong with me when I was young, but is doing a fine job of making up for it with me now. Through her lessons she is able to guide me through my own journey as a mother and this saves me a lot of tears I can assure you .

Q. What do you think if anything defines Success and would you describe yourself as Successful?

A. I think everyone’s version of success is vastly different. With that being said I think we should all aim to measure our success against things that are of significance. We can all have a lot of good things happen and come our way in the business/career world but with nobody to share these things with would be rather unsuccessful on a personal scale. I think reaching personal goals of any nature are things that need to be celebrated and people should feel proud of things they have achieved through hard and honest work.

Q. What is your favorite “Mommy Me Time” pampers?

A. I love going out for sushi with my friends or having my nails done.

Q. What kind of style describes you best?:


      Skirt or Jeans? Both


      Heels or Flats? Both again


      Ponytail or GHD? Mainly GHD or hair curler these days.


    Lipstick or Lip-Balm? Depends where I’m going!

Q. As a Child what was your favorite book? Is it one you would like your boys to read one day?

A. The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

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On Family life:

      Q. What does Family, as whole mean to you?

A. It means being together and existing as a little unit. Its about experiencing things together and looking out for one another. Its about loving each other unconditionally even when we may on each others last nerve. Its about growing together and learning about life. Its about having fun and laughing our asses off.

Q. What is your favorite Family activity?

A. We have so many!! We love to all cook together and make pancakes most Saturday mornings. We LOVE the beach and picnics in parks.

Q. What is your favorite easy week-day meal to make?

A. We are all about healthy clean food during the week and then we eat what we feel like over the weekends. I do a killer roast chicken with fresh rosemary and a mox of other herbs.

Lately we have a started making this huge salad in our massive serving bowl:

Pesto chicken salad with cashews and avocado

Lettuce/ rocket of your choice
cherry/plum tomatoes
fresh corn off the cob
chicken breasts cooked in pesto
avocado & toasted cashew nuts
crumbed feta
spring onions
optional : Crispy bacon (Although lets be honest is crispy bacon ever optional???)

I toss it all together with some extra pesto, lemon juice and olive oil.

pic 6 interview


Q. Any tips and advice you can give other blogging Mom’s about keeping it alive and real and exciting for their readers?

A. Be honest, always be honest and don’t be scared to try new things. It’s the only way you are going to see what works and find out what your readers enjoy. Have fun!

So that was a lot of fun to do.  I really hope you enjoyed reading it.  If you haven’t been over to Leigh’s blog yet then you can find that here You will also find Leigh on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  Go follow her and show here some love.  If you found this interview great to read then don’t forget to share it.  Go on, share it now.  Someone might need to read it.

Take Care

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