For the love of…..

In the last 7 years I have, or have at least attempted to breastfeed my 3 children.  I no longer do which saddens me but still have a heart and passion for the purpose of that which is successful breast-feeding. Lately on every second social network platform, forum or blogging site I come across, huge debate exists regarding the issue of weather to be happy and comfortable to just “whip it out” in public spaces as and when needed as nature intended to nourish your baby, or cover up and or atleast be banished to the public loo to feed your baby amongst god knows what filth. This puzzles me in a country like ours where a vast majority of our countrywomen hail from a culture where bearing the breasts is pretty darn run of the mill normal nevermind even feeding your baby from them. But again today I read the most ridiculous thing, a website article particularly pushing the “cover up/banishment method. in the article amongst other things it set the scene as needing to breast feed on a bus and stated quite seriously that for fear of spraying vast amounts of breastmilk into fellow bus riders eyes one should most definately cover up your babies head in a blanket while they eat their lunch because yes, if I try and eat my lunch under a blanket I rather enjoy it…… NOT!  I mean, have you ever?  Some people argue that out of respect for our own bodies woman should cover up to breast feed, really? That has got to be the lamest thing I have heard all day. Some argue that for respect towards others we should smother our babies heads in blankets to hide the tiny bit of cleavage that may show because its offensive to the food court security……. if you don’t like  it, dont look….there! Now was that so hard?? Some argue that boobs are sexual and X-Rated…. Darlin, if thats what you think they were created for then you got a whole lot of Waking up to do!  And the very best one I heard today was that we cannot equate breastfeeding a baby to feeding him his lunch…. Afterall it’s not eating is it?…..for the love of…. Wait, I think maybe I just vomited a little in my mouth.

In a society where a 100% naked… Sorry 99% naked woman can sing a song while girating on a wrecking ball for the world to see is considered perfectly acceptable but feeding your baby in the most natural way is considered an offensive act I have to ask the question….. Where the feck did it all go wrong?

A little while back I came across this powerful spoken word by a woman named Hollie Macnish on the subject I touched on above… Well worth the listen, its a mothers honest plea.

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