Friday Favourite’s: Parenting Blog Post Roundup

It’s Friday so cheers to that! I don’t get a lot of time to do much blog reading, but I do have my favourites and I thought I would share a round up of a few of the parenting blog posts I have managed to read in the last while that I have enjoyed or learned from. 

Of course one of my favourite post’s this week actually comes from my own blog so I won’t include it in the roundup below, but if you want to read the most inspiring weight Loss story then you need to read the Q&A post I put together about my friend Pippa’s dramatic weight loss and her journey to where she is now.

  1. First up is one of my absolute favorites and that is Megan’s, Author of By Megan Kelly’s post on her perception of what it means to live a minimalist lifestyle and how she is applying that to her life to gain some order.  I have been feeling a lot like Megan lately and will be trying to approach something similar starting this weekend when I start with a purge of all the things that are not serving me. Read the Post here.

Quick Friday Favourite Parenting Blog Post Roundup

2. Second is Maz from Caffeine & Fairydust’s post on experiencing the trauma of feeling unsafe in her home and surroundings and battling with a crippling fear becoming the next statistic. Read the Post here.

Quick Friday Favourite Parenting Blog Post Roundup

3. I have 3 children, two of them girls and the words ‘Best Friend” or BFF is often thrown around willy-nilly.  I loved this post by Luchae of My Spreadsheet Brain on lessons she wants to teach her daughter about friendship.  I am definitely going to be talking to my daughter’s about this.  I battle with finding friends and keeping them because I feel so strongly about these values and more often than not my feelings are not reciprocated and so that is why this post has really spoken to me. Read the post here.

Quick Friday Favourite Parenting Blog Post Roundup

4. Cindy’s blog 3 Kids 2 Dogs & One Old House is one of the first parenting blogs I ever followed.  I love her frank way of talking about life and their family experiences. Lately, they have been busy getting ready for a year-long trip on the road in their 70’s Campervan that they are revamping and her feelings that she is experiencing regarding the impending trip and lifestyle change. So if you are like me and love a little bit of a “Come along with me” kind of vibe, then you have to go and follow the Alfino family on this new adventure. Read the post here.

Quick Friday Favourite Parenting Blog Post Roundup

Who are some of your favourite parenting bloggers?  Let me know in the comments, maybe I haven’t read their blogs yet and am missing out. If you haven’t come to join me over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter yet, why not? I’d love to continue the conversation with you over there.


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