Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs Roundup

Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs Roundup

Hello and happy Friday

I have decided that I will use Friday’s to round up all my favorite Parenting Blog post reads from the week. So unless there is something huge that I just must write about, that is what you can expect from me at the end of each week.

I like Blog Round-Up Posts because we don’t all get to see every post out there and very often miss out on some amazing stories that we could really benefit from. So I’ll keep it short as I did last week with my first Friday round-up.

I think I will mostly focus on amazing parenting blogs, but you may find the occasional Lifestyle or perhaps even Beauty Blog find it’s way in here. So here goes.

Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs Roundup

First up and probably my favorite post of the whole week is this one by Leigh Geary from The Mom Diaries.  OMW, I know my kids are older and I have been doing this longer, so you think you would get used to it, but you just don’t. Leigh writes about remembering what weekends were like before kids.  I have read this post 3 times now and may just read it again because it gives me all the feels and makes me remember some good times. Parenting aside because that is filled with all sorts of good things, but how I miss those carefree days. You can read the full post here.

Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs Roundup

I have to tell you that when you are a parent you really need to maintain a sense of humor.  That is why I loved this post from Carly of Mom of two little girls blog. As mother’s, we can all relate the plaster phenomenon. Carly has fictitiously designed her own range of band-aids and I need some of them. You can read the full post here.

Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs Roundup

This post by Judy aka Funmammasa resonated with me so much. Cooking food for fussy eaters is a major challenge and this post had me in stitched because I have done this myself. Being able to resurrect humble Pasta into a remarkable new meal each evening is a handy skill to have if you are a mom. You can read the full post here.

Friday Favourites Parenting Blogs Roundup

So if you are new here you may not have read my post some time back on my Microblading experience.  I have loved my brows every day since getting them done and am actually due to get a touch up because parts of them are starting to fade.  That is why I thought I would share this great giveaway up on Megan’s Mommalikeme blog today. It’s amazing, you could win a brow makeover worth R1850! Don’t Megan’s brows look magnificent though?  And so just in case you are asking, yes, Microblading is totally worth the cost. Read Megan’s post where she busts a few myths regarding having them done. Read the full post here.

I hope that you enjoy these posts as much as I have. Let me know of any other great new blogs that you have read so that I can increase radar.  I love that there are so many great new local parenting blogs starting up would love to follow more.

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