Go on, start your dream today {Guest post by Radhia Sattar}

Go on, start your dream today

By Radhia Sattar

It is 11pm on a Friday night. My almost 2 year old toddler is sleeping in her cot, my husband is on the couch watching his favourite TV program (and has possibly fallen asleep already) and I am in bed with my laptop writing this article.

The voices in my head are screaming at me, ‘Why on earth did you accept to do this guest article post when you have not published an article on your own blog in over 2 months!?’

I am exhausted (as I always am)! I am thinking about my never ever ending to-do-list and about how I am going find a way to fit everything into a space of 2 very short days called ‘a weekend’. I sometimes wonder why it was decided to call it a ‘weekend’, because a Friday evening actually signifies the start of the second part of the week for me!

We have swimming lessons in the morning, followed by a trip to the traffic department to renew my drivers’ licence (and who knows how long that may take), followed by a trip to the shops to find a mask for the ball tomorrow evening, followed by a meeting with a potential Treatmesweetlie supplier, followed by completing some work I did not get to complete this week, followed by spending some time with my little girl before dropping her off at her grandma so that I can get dressed for an evening of networking at the masquerade ball.

And then I hear that voice again, ‘Why oh why did you accept the invitation to attend the masquerade ball, when a quiet night in would have probably been more ideal?!’

Sunday will be filled with completing some more work that I did not get to complete this past week, as well creating and fulfilling orders for Treatmesweetlie and getting them ready for despatch on Monday morning. Sunday also needs to include getting the website ready for the launch of our new range of handmade baby goods and spending some time with my family before the work week begins again. And not forgetting the normal parts of daily life – breakfast time; lunch time; supper time; play time; bath time; me time and prayer time.

This so-called weekend is yet to begin, and I am ready to fast forward to Sunday evening so that I may prepare myself for the week ahead!

It is at times like this where I wonder to myself why I keep making the same choices, resulting in me feeling this way quite often. And it is at times like this where I feel like giving up on everything I have achieved so far, just so that I can free up some time for myself, so that I don’t have to rush or feel stretched and often overwhelmed.

It is during these moments where I remind myself as to what it is I wish to attain out of this life – and that is to live every moment to its fullest. And how do I do that? By making sure that I push myself to my limits, so that I may proudly share my accomplishments with my children one day and by proving to them, daily, that you do have enough time to add just one more item onto your to-do-list, in order to work towards fulfilling your dreams.

And then I hear myself screaming back at those voices in my head, shouting things like:

  • If I did not write this guest article post, I would have regret it when I read someone else’s guest post that could have been mine’, and
  • If I did not accept the invitation to attend the masquerade ball, I would have missed the opportunity to meet several potential customers or business partners for Treatmesweetlie’, and
  • If I did not accept the invitation to attend the ball, I would not have asked my mother to baby sit, which is going to allow my husband and I to have a little bit of date night ’, and
  • if I did not work so hard on all the weekends prior to this, I would never have found the motivation and courage I needed to start Treatmesweetlie’ and
  • if I did not push myself to add this item on my to-do-list for today, I would have resided for the evening at the same time, except this time after spending several hours watching TV or checking my social media pages’.

I, therefore find myself having to constantly remind myself that I am my biggest motivator. It is up to me whether I fulfil my goals and it is up to me to ensure that I have unlocked my potential in being the best that I can be at everything I commit to doing.

Being a chartered accountant working in a very demanding environment, running my own business on the side, blogging about my passion, being a mother, wife and everything else a female has to be, is far more difficult than what it is easy! I may not be able to do everything I enjoy simultaneously. I may find myself deprioritising something like my blog, in order to prioritise something else like working on creating the new range of handmade baby goods for my business, but I make sure that I am always doing something that is fulfilling to me. And what makes it easier is knowing that I am living my dream.

So go on, start living your dream today. Take that first step into following your dream by adding just one more item onto that to do list, because before you know it, you would have started your workshop from your living room floor, followed by becoming the owner of the of an internationally recognised and respected brand.

I may not know what my day is going to be like tomorrow, but I will always make sure that I make the most of every single moment, being sure to add just one more item onto my to-do-list.

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Radhia is a Chartered Accountant by day, working at a large Corporate company in the FMCG industry, and a mommy blogger by night. She is the Founder and Director of Treatmesweetlie, home of beautiful handmade baby goods. Somewhere in between the madness, she finds the time to create handmade baby goods, which are sold in her online shop.

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2 thoughts on “Go on, start your dream today {Guest post by Radhia Sattar}

  1. Wow! I so needed this. Its so easy for us Moms to just put everyone else’s needs before ours and make time for it, putting our dreams on the back burner. Im definitely gonna start foklowing my dreams!!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading Radhia’s post. I also get stuck deeply into that trap of never putting my wants and needs first.

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