Good food for little eaters with Umatie. {Product Review}

As pretty much all of you know, I am a full-time working mom.  In our home, time to spend cooking interesting and healthy meals is sometimes just not available.  Yes I try to plan my weekly meals, and I also do cook a little in advance to freeze, but there are those times when good old Murphy shows his face, and all the best laid plans go out the window.  The problem remains this. You could choose to cook up a pot of super unhealthy 2 minute noodles, and drizzle over some tomato sauce or fling a Vienna into a roll and serve up hot dogs. I am no saint here, my kids do get these foods occasionally ,but neither of these are really great regular meal choices for growing children.

So this post as you can tell from the title is about good food for little eaters, which also happens to be the slogan for the Umatie range of healthy homemade baby and kids meals. I first heard about Umatie online, when they just started out, but at that stage my youngest had just gone from eating weaning type foods, to eating what we served up at dinner time for ourselves, so I didn’t really pay too much attention to the new brand. I heard the name again a few times, but still I didn’t make the effort to go check them out. I just thought that I was past needing frozen baby meals, and that there was nothing new that I could find over there.  Boy was I wrong.  This is my new favorite “Make my life easier” service.

A month or so back I was asked if I would like to try out some of these meals for my youngest, and at first wondered why they were even asking me. I agreed to go look at the website, and see what was on offer. I was so surprised to see that their little bowls of goodness go right from weaning stage 1 which is around 6 months all the way up to stage 4 meals which are for all kiddies, not even just toddlers. I immediately put in an order. So if you are in Cape Town and looking for a really great, healthy and convenient alternative for meals for your children, then read on.

Good food for little eaters with Umatie. {Product Review}

Because the lovely people at Umatie make this food with such care, they do not batch cook anything. Everything is made to order, and so it may take just a little bit of waiting for your order to arrive, but trust me, the wait is short and well worth it. Umatie was started in 2012 by two sisters Anna and Judi. Although they both had completely different career backgrounds, they both had a passion for one thing… good food. You can read a little bit more about them here. The story of how Umatie got its name is also really sweet. When Judi was a baby she loved tomatoes but couldn’t pronounce “tamatie” (Afrikaans for “tomato”) properly and instead asked her mommy to please give her “Umatie”. Isn’t that just the cutest name to choose. Somehow, It just makes me feel more inclined to buy meals there. Umatie deliver their meals on different days all over Cape Town.You can rad more about that here. They even stock a few retail outlets.  Perhaps there is one near you.

So I am sure you would like to know how it all works? Well the ordering process is very simple. You can hop on over to their website and read up a little first.  Then you can browse the stages of food you are interested in ordering from. The different flavour combinations and meal options are so delicious. It’s quite hard to choose.  Luckily the prices are very reasonable and you know you will be getting quality. Once you have registered an account, and selected items to your cart, you can check out.  An invoice will be sent to you on which you can make payment.   There are different meal stages to choose from, and you can select to order from as many as you like.  There is also not a minimum order amount which is great. You even have the option of using the handy meal planner’s that they have designed for each age group. Simply click the quantity you’d like and that is really it.  I promise you, that will be the easiest and most convenient way to feed your children healthy and exciting foods.

Good food for little eaters with Umatie. {Product Review}
Example of the meal planner taken from the Umatie website.

Your order will be delivered to your door.  I just love the way that they deliver the meals in a neat brown paper bag.  I have actually just put this bag as is in my freezer. All of the packaging used for the meals is eco-friendly, freezer and microwave friendly, not to mention kiddy friendly. The Umatie team have really gone out of their way to create a very user-friendly, interesting and useful website to distribute their lovely meals.

Good food for little eaters with Umatie. {Product Review}

The ingredients used are only the freshest.  There are no preservatives or colourants with the exception of a little bit of pink Himalayan salt and a small amount of brown sugar these meals are free from any unhealthy flavourings. Fresh herbs are used to flavour the food, and trust me when I say you can really taste the difference.

Good food for little eaters with Umatie. {Product Review}

My daughter is nearly 4 and so we ordered some of the stage 4 meals. She really loved them.  These stage 4 meals, are the kiddie meals, and are not just for babies and toddlers. My eldest daughter who is ten enjoyed helping her sibling with the left overs, and asked me when she could have her own. I will make sure to order a few extra next time. The pots are 300ml size and so for a smaller child they would work well split over 2 meal times. One of the meals she ate was a Chicken dish that was a huge hit. I think it was called Sweet Heart. I took a video of her enjoying her meal and thought I would share it here. I need to apologize for the bad lighting in the video.  The food looks all yellow but it isn’t.  It is a chicken dish with some vegetables and pineapple in it. I just have a crazy bright kitchen down-light right where my daughter was sitting.

Tonight for dinner Mila had the yummy @Umatie toddler meal called "Sweet Heart" it's got a little tropical appeal to it. The main ingredients are Chicken, Pineapple, orange & Baby Marrow all served on a bed of fluffy rice. You can try the awesome Umatie range yourself by visiting This is what she had to say about her dinner. @chereenstrydom

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And there you  have it.  We absolutely love the super convenient and healthy meals made by Umatie and would urge anybody to keep a few of them in the freezer for those days when life just gets in the way.

You will find Umatie on their website, Facebook or you can email or call them and Speak to Anna (072 999 2618) or Judi (084 412 3443)

Have you tried Umatie yet? I would love to know what you thought?  Leave a comment and don’t forget to share this post with other’s that may find it interesting.

Take care

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*This was not a sponsored post.  I reviewed the meals with my daughter who gave them the thumbs up. All images are mine, with the exception of my featured image and the meal planner, which I obtained on the Umatie website and remains the property thereof.

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