Guilt and other things.

So yes a month or two has passed since I last graced the pages of this blog. Well really no excuse, just the usual suspect life getting in the way of time!

In the last few months I have learnt a whole lot of new things about myself. I have also recently actually accepted that there is a whole lot that still needs to change. The kicker was when my skin broke out into a severe type of Dermatitis as a result of months and months of harboured emotions and stress due to my inability to deal with them. But the turnaround came when at an almost debilitating point in the skin issue I realised it must be something more than just an allergy. I chose to seek the help of an alternative health professional in the form of a Homeopath. In the first consultation which took almost 2 hours she questioned me to such a personal degree that I myself was shocked with all the stuff that I had been bottling up and not dealing with. A lot came to the fore mostly about this incredible mountain of guilt that I feel for many things stemming from my childhood and up until today. I shall rather not bore you with the details though. After almost a month of being treated with specific remedies I am glad to say my skin is clearing nicely and today I returned for a session with her to talk about some of the deep seated emotional issues that I seem to struggle with. It was like a revelation almost as if all the things I actually knew about myself were just highlighted to such a degree that I have no choice but to deal with them. I have much to deal with but for the first time in my life I can truly say I have a starting point. It took a severe skin disease and much shame and hate for myself and my appearance to finally figure that I need to go back to my earliest memory and start from there.

At another opportunity I will post about the benefits of homeopathy as it truly is simply the most sense I have encountered in a long time and I have much respect for it. I doubt I will ever seek conventional healthcare again unless it truly is necessary.

I feel confident that by the next time I post something here I will have effectively at least have dealt with one of my emotional hinderances that are peventing me from being the best Wife, Mother and Friend I can be.

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