Healthy Dairy-Free/ Sugar-Free Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge {Recipe}

Hello again, I have to apologize for being so scarce but I haven’t had a single chance to sit and write a post this week.  With my last post, I let you all know about #WorldVeganMonth2016 and the 30-day challenge that I am trying my best to take part in.  As I mentioned I am not vegan but am really trying my best to concentrate on eating as close to 100% vegan food for the month of November where possible.  It’s not been too difficult because as it is we are pretty much 95% plant-based anyway but it has meant a few substitutions nonetheless.  One of these is with regards to sweet treats.

A few days ago I wanted to make something nice to have on hand for a sweet treat every few days for my kids after dinner (We don’t normally do dessert at all but a little block of chocolate or a small piece of fudge is always very exciting to them and they are happy with that) That put me in a bit of a spot because both of those contain dairy. I started looking into something I could make that was dairy free but would still have the desired outcome of squeals and giggles of delight.  I came across various recipes and settled on one that only had 3 ingredients.  Cocoa, Coconut Oil, and Peanut butter.  I tried it but wasn’t happy with the result (thankfully only made a small batch)  I decided to tweak it a little and came up with my own version which if I must say turned out really well and my kids can’t get enough.  Best of all it is sugar-free also which is a real bonus.

Note Allergens are: Peanut Butter, Sesame Seeds and Nuts.

What you will need

3Tbs Organic unsweetened Peanut butter or any good nut butter

3Tbs Cold Pressed Coconut oil

3Tbs Good organic Cocoa powder

1 Large ripe banana

1 tsp Lime Juice

pinch of salt

Sesame seeds or chopped nuts to sprinkle on top.

Equipment needed:

Silicon spatula



Blender or stick blender

Micro friendly bowl or jug

Parchment/Baking paper if you use a loaf pan.

Silicone Ice-tray (Nice for easy removal and cute shapes if you have one of those)

What you have to do:

In a microwaveable jug or bowl combine the mashed banana, Peanut Butter, Salt, Lime juice and Coconut Oil.

Heat for 40 seconds and mix with a fork

Blend in your blender or with your stick blender.

Add in the sieved  cocoa powder and blend again until smooth.

Turn the mixture out into your prepared pan or into the molds

Sprinkle with the sesame seeds or nuts and put it in the freezer

Freeze for at least and hour but best to leave overnight

If you used a loaf pan then cut the fudge into blocks and transfer into an airtight container. If you used molds or ice trays just pop out into the container.

I keep them in the freezer because coconut oil melts really quickly.  These are not good for lunch boxes because they become soft and messy but great for a nice treat at home. You don’t have to freeze them but we prefer the consistency then.

And that my friends is it.  It is so easy and delicious and on top of that healthy and reasonably guilt free. Best of all is you only need a small block to feel satisfied because they are quite rich so you wont be eating too many in one sitting.

I hope you will try them and let me know what you think.  If you are allergic to Sesame seeds  omit them and perhaps swap that out for  a light dusting of cocoa. For a nice little free printable of this exact recipe that you could add to your own recipe collection Click on the image below and it will take you do the  Free printable library and you can get it there.

Download a free printable version of this recipe by going to the free printable library

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Take care

Celeste xx




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