Testing testing. Is this thing on???

I have a friend Michele, she seems to think that I am supermom.  She often tells me this but I equally as often feel as if she must have me confused with somebody else.

In my endeavour to be a fulltime working Mom of 3 and owner of multiple businesses I find myself often wondering WTF I was thinking!!

Screw it lets do it

It’s the title of a book by the very successful very rich Richard Branson.  Although I am not in my wildest dreams near his financial capacity nor do I own any Islands or have I attempted a round the world in a Hot air balloon, I do love the title of this books.  It reminds me of the statement my husband and I made when we decided that we were going to have a 3rd child as well as buy another company at the same time which I would be running alongside my other company and my Fulltime day job. I can still not answer the question above i.e WTF was I thinking???

So I am in this, it’s all here to stay.  I wouldn’t trade my children for the world and I do wish success for my businesses but Feck it’s hard!!

That brings me to my latest finding a fabulous service called The Doorstep Chef.  I am now able to cut making dinner out of my already heavily burdened routine.  You order it a week in advance and by the time you get home your dinner is all ready and yummy at that.  Only other thing needed is a much required glass or two… or three of Vino to take the edge off of the day and smooth the mood for the long night ahead! So again now I feel guilty for not making my families own dinner… or should Ireally?  Atleast this way it’s not fishfingers and chips or 2 minute  noodles.

So let’s see where this blogging thing takes me, maybe there is something to be said for writing your true feelings down without actually having to say them outloud!

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