Home Office Makeover – Part 2 {Reveal post}

If DIY is your thing, then this is the post for you. I recently posted the first part of a two-part post all about my plan to convert out existing unused playroom into a new workspace for myself.  You can read that post here to catch up. This past weekend was used to do it all and I had so much fun.  This is the reveal post, so keep reading if you want to see how it all turned out.

I needed to do the entire makeover on a very strict budget, in fact I didn’t have more than R500 to spend on it from start to finish.  I had been scouting Pinterest for some time and had settled on a Monochrome look with touhes of Gold and other neutral tones. I didn’t have the funds to splash out on any new furniture, and was very lucky that the room already had a huge white cupboard in it so I didn’t have to paint that.  I had an old desk that comes from my husbands varsity days and that was already painted white, but needed repainting as the kids had been using it and hand managed to draw all over it.  I was very happy that I also didn’t need to buy any paint for this, because I had a can of fresh white acrylic paint that I planned to use. I didn’t want an entirely white desk, so to fix that,  I decided to take off the little wooden knob handles and paint them black.  I tried to give them a textured look by dragging a dry brush over the wet paint to let the white show through.  I rather like the way they turned out. In order to get the look and feel of what I was going for, on the budget I had, I had to DIY a lot to make up my accessory component. I knew I wanted a small rug because it is a tiled room and I just couldn’t find one to fit the theme an colours scheme. Luckily I can crochet so I bought some T-Shirt Yarn and made a simple rug.  I think it can be bigger but my budget only allowed for 2 balls of yarn. I can increase it though at random and I will do so at a later stag.  It works well to keep my feet warm though. Another wall DIY I did was to take washitape that I have a whole lot of and after seeing it on Pinterest a lot, I made my own Washitape stag head wall art.  This was really simple but lends an extra element of cool to a small blank space right above the light switch as you enter the room.

Home Office Makeover - Part 2 {Reveal post}


Besides the desk and white cupboard I also had a set of plain white shelving and a dark coloured chair that I wanted to use.  All I needed was to decorate them. I was quite lucky in that my passion for all things monochrome has served me well, and I already had a collection of accessories to add to the room.  I didn’t even need to go buy them. Like the three Grey and white boxes I use for storage and the Black filing trays that now house my most recent copies of my favorite magazines that I use for inspiration.  I also had a few other knickknacks like the little white tea light holders with script on and the Brass ornamental items that fit in with the gold accents I wanted to use as well as the grey scatter cushion.  I only ended up spending buying one scatter cushion cover to add to the soft furnishings.  I also already had a collection of B&W photo prints that I new I wanted to incorporate and I have been so happy to finally have a place that they can call their own.  I also had a stunning wall clock that just hasn’t been suited to anywhere else in the house but now has pride of place right above my desk. One of the other things I bought to add to the look of the room which really were very budget friendly, were the felt place mats I used as focal points behind the computer.  I really love the look of texture this gives the space. It was my alternative to wall paper which I would not be able to use.

Home Office Makeover - Part 2 {Reveal post}


Home Office Makeover - Part 2 {Reveal post}


Home Office Makeover - Part 2 {Reveal post}

In order to keep the costs down I decided to create and make my own printable black & white wall art.  I also found a few great sites that offer free printables too.  I made a few of my own which you can download here to use for yourself, and I found the other’s on sites like this one.  If you print any of these of great quality photo paper or card stock they will look great.  Most of them are set to print in 8×10 but I did some in A5 size and they came out just great.  I put them in some really affordable frames I bought at Mr Price home. I bought some plain black wooden frames and some plastic gold painted ones that fit into my theme.  At first I wasn’t sure about the gold ones, but they actually work really well in the room. Don’t forget to download your free wall art printables and remember if you become a subscriber to my blog I will sending out new ones as exclusives to my subscribers.  You can subscribe right over here and be sure not to miss out.

Originally I was a bit annoyed that the walls weren’t white and that I am not able to paint an accent colour onto one of them because it’s a rental, but after putting it all together, the colour on the walls actually lend a nice warm feeling to the contrasting Black and White accessories. Overall I am ecstatic with how it all turned out.  My PC even matches.  I thought just to prove to you that I was able to do it on a budget, I thought I would list the purchase costs for the accessory items I bought and where I bought them.

2x balls of T-Shirt Yarn for mat R239.98 (PNA)

3x Stepped black wooden frames @ R29.99 ea (Mr Price Home)

3x Ornate pale gold painted frames @ R19.99 ea (Mr Price Home)

3x Black felt Dahlia placements @ R19.99 ea (Mr Price Home)

1x Grey scatter cushion cover with love script @ R69.99 (Mr Price Home)

The total of all my purchases was a whopping R519.88 and so I only went slightly over budget.  It was totally worth it.

So now, what you have all been waiting for.  Here it is, the big reveal of a space that I am now very proud to call my own.  I feel so free in it, I feel like I am on the top of the world when I sit at my desk and write a blog post.  My little printables inspire me and the fresh space has sparked a creativity in me that I had forgotten I had.

Home Office Makeover - Part 2 {Reveal post}

Home Office Makeover - Part 2 {Reveal post}

So there you have it.  I managed in one weekend to convert our old unused playroom into a space just for me to get creative in.  It is now officially my happy space.  I managed to do it with a virtually non-existent budget and I did it all myself.  I hope this post has inspired you to get cracking and make yourself a space just like it. The trick is in the careful planning and knowing what you want, plus of course being driven enough to want it and then not stopping until you get there.

I value my readers thoughts and comments.  Please dont’ forget to tell me what you think about my new space.  Let me know if you will be converting a room in your house for a space for yourself.  Possibly you just have a corner in your room that you can use.  I would love to hear all about that too.

Take care

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12 thoughts on “Home Office Makeover – Part 2 {Reveal post}

  1. It was worth waiting for and I love it!! It is so cozy, but still sophisticated at the same time. I wish you many happy hours of blogging in your new little happy space :) I am also doing a home office and I can’t wait to reveal it too! It is so exciting! I found ideas from Pinterest so lets see if I’ll be able to get a Pinterest worthy working space (but whatever it is, I’ll be so happy with!)

    Loren | http://www.minkys.co.za

    1. Awesome, I am so glad I inspired you. It really can be done with careful planning and budgeting. I hope to see your soon.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post. I am glad I have inspired you. I actually need to get a new chair too. I don’t have the right one at all.

  2. Wow, Celeste – your new workspace looks amazing! And I can’t believe that you managed to pull it all together for just over R500 – that takes some serious skill, lady! Well done! I’m feeling all inspired to reorganise and prettify my space now! x

    1. Ah, thanks Chereen. I am glad you feel inspired. Yes, it doesn’t have to be super pricey to make a space feel new and happy. I hope to see pics of your soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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