I turned 40 and I made my first YouTube video {Watch as I reveal my birthday gift haul}

By now you would all have noticed that I made quite a few aesthetic changes to my blog, also more importantly that I changed the name as well as the domain address.  My biggest reason for doing this was that I was starting to feel like the blog as it was known was not evolving with me as I was changing. So I guess this is my formal introduction to you for Being Me – With Celeste, a Lifestyle, Parenting & Beauty blog.  I have mentioned before that I like to think of it as my little baby growing up and going off to big school. This blog has always been about me, being me, I have just made the name match that so it could be a truer reflection of myself. Another change I have made was to include some more personal images of myself “being me” I am rather astounded at how well these pictures came out given that my husband was the photographer and the photos were taken with his I-Phone.  I really am pleased with the result and they do depict who I am now (a more relaxed, less serious and tensed up mess) I still plan on keeping my content pretty similar except that I want to focus a little more on the Lifestyle & Beauty aspect for the modern working Woman/Mother.

Another big thing that I have had to overcome with the whole change is that I had to dig deep and attempt to make a video to post on my blog.  I have wanted to do videos since the beginning but I have a massive fear of talking to a camera, (Don’t ask me why, I really don’t know, it’s not like it can laugh at me and I wont hear anybody out there laughing either) so I decided to bite the bullet so to speak, and make my very first video for my own You Tube Channel. I am not entirely sure just how many videos I will be making but I like the fact that I have the option, and that I can change things up on my blog a bit, make it a little bit more personal and less “scripty” if that makes sense? Things I have learned while making this video are, that it is a whole lot of hard work, and in the end you still remain so critical of yourself even-though you have managed to record, edit and upload a video to the world all on your own.  I have also learned that it’s really very difficult and that it’s even harder when you have kids and a million interruptions. In the end I am quite happy with the result although it’s a far cry from the other video bloggers out there.  I still have a massive amount of learning to do where the editing process is concerned, to make it look a lot more professional and of course I will need to get a decent video camera, this phone is really not cutting it.  It takes away from the quality I am hoping to obtain.  These things will come, and I ask you please not to be as critical of me as I am of me, and know that it took a whole lot of chutzpah for me to get up and do this.

Back to my birthday gifts which is what this post is actually all about.  A while ago I put out a post about my 40th birthday wish list.  You can read that over here if you would like to. I had quite a lengthy list and I don’t know whether if was just Kismet, or if my family and friends actually read my post but I ended up quite a whole of the things I had been hoping for. At the end of this video I will put a few links up in the post of where to find some of these items, should you want to find them for yourself.

Yankee Candle Here
Bag & Scarf: Rare earth from Here
Body Butter & Hand Cream: Here

Recipe Books Here
The Sentiens Yoga Mat: Here


(Some of these products are available internationally too, you will find them in most countries or they can be shipped to you)

I hope you enjoyed my very first video.  I would love to hear your feedback on my new look blog as well as the video, so please remember to leave a comment and also to go an subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss my next one.

Take care




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