#WeArePissedOff about the sanitation crisis in South African Schools

Learn the truth about the sanitation crisis in South African schools

#WeArePissedOff and we are doing something about it.

Let’s be real, poor sanitation in SA schools is something that very few of us ever really give a minute’s thought to, but the struggle is very real and worse than it has ever been.  As parents, some of our biggest goals are to provide a healthy and safe environment for our children and also a good education, but what happens when the education you are entitled to and deserve comes with the price of heavily unsanitary conditions of the toilet facilities you must use during your school day? 

It is a horrifying fact that out of 24 000 public schools in South Africa, only 8000 have flushing toilets. There are some of these schools, that have over 1000 learners.  You do the math, 1000 kids and no flushing toilets = disaster and lots and lots of germs and disease. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and #WeArePissedOff

Thankfully, as part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan,  the great germ fighting household brand name of Domestos has an ambition, to help 25 million people gain improved access to a toilet by 2020 globally. Isn’t that amazing?  What an incredible initiative.


Already over 400 000 children in 475 South African schools have been given access to improved sanitation through the Domestos school renovation and hygiene education programmes, resulting in less illness and increased school attendance. I think in a scenario like ours, where young girls are already missing school because of lady issues and not having what they need, as well as transport issues and other hurdles that many of our countries school children are faced with daily, the last thing we need are hundred’s more children ill and in very bad health due to the horrific sanitary conditions they face in their school toilet facilities.  This just means more kids off school and it’s not on. #WeArePissedOff and things must change and thankfully they are because, since 2010, Domestos has renovated 26 school bathrooms and the result in those schools was that attendance increased by 80%.

#WeArePissedOff and you should be too!

Phat Joe, South African radio DJ and television personality agree’s, that the situation must change.  He is just as pissed off by die state of sanitation in schools and has joined forces with Unilever and Domestos to make this video as an online protest to demand a change and improvement of this dire situation .  Their hope is that this video will go viral and make the country aware of what is really going on and what can be done to fix it. Watch the video and share it and this post all over your platforms to get the message out there. When you share it please remember to tag @DomestosSA with the #WorldToiletDay and #WeArePissedOff to raise awareness and show your support.  If you feel as strongly about this as I do, you can also head over to the Domestos Facebook Page and also to their Twitter feed and spread the message that they are trying to convey from there too.


Hard hitting right?  I am grateful that my children don’t have to deal with that kind of situation daily and realise that they are truly blessed, but the sad reality is that there are thousands upon thousands of little kids out there that don’t have that privilege and if sharing this message and video can help to change that, then I am darn well going to to it.  Please will you do the the same, and spread this message that there can be change. #WeArePissedOff and you should be too.

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This post forms a part of the Unilever brightFuture WORLD TOILET DAY 2016 CAMPAIGN and although I have been remunerated for it, all thoughts are my own and a topic that I feel very strongly about.

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