In a perfect world…

I wrote this post some time ago about the pressures of parenting and living in a perfect world but I have updated it now and really wanted to share it with you again.

In a perfect world I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids getting sick.

In a perfect world I would never worry about having enough money or the things we need.

In a perfect world I would never look at myself in any negative light, I would always be happy with me.

In a perfect world I would never be tired and I would have endless energy to put into my time with my children, husband and work and never feel like an overwhelmed, overtired mess!

In a perfect world I would live with my family in a self sustaining manner without the pressures of work and finances and just be able to “Be”

In a perfect world ageing would be considered beautiful and there would be no pressure to avoid it.

In a perfect world I would be able to afford my husband all the necessary love and attention he deserves without feeling any resentment or being obliged.

In a perfect world my husband would never be put under any pressure to keep us afloat financially, it would all just come.

In a perfect world everything would be picture pinterest perfect all the time.

In a perfect world we would all eat the right foods and treat our bodies in the right way all of the time and it would be easy.

In a perfect world there would always be enough time to do everything you needed to without any rush and you would feel that you have accomplished much and be proud of it all.

In a perfect world your children would never experience the emotions of being emotionally hurt and unhappy.  They would never be stressed and pressured into performing and outdoing others.  They would be happy in themselves and what they can do.

In a perfect world we would just love for no reason.

In a perfect world, our loved ones would never go away, they will not be taken from us prematurely.

In a perfect world we would always be able to “Love what is” and never think or feel that “If I had that I could be happy” If I was that thin I would be happy”, “If my kids would just sleep through, if I had that car/house/money…. IF IF IF!

So my question is:  Is there a perfect world or are we already living in it?  Is it possible that all we really need to learn to do is to Love what is and Love for no reason?  I actually think so.  I think it is up to each and every one of us to make it happen for ourselves and not expect the world to do it for us.

I read a lot and some of the books I have read recently have really helped me in finding value in me and what I do as a parent.  I share these with you because I really feel that they are going to be enormously helpful to you too.

2 Authors I really admire and who I believe are teaching me enormously are:

Byron Katie who wrote TheWork- Loving what is

and Marci Shimoff who wrote Love for no Reason with Carol Kline and it is available on Takealot

I would really love to hear your thoughts and engage with you on what I have spoken about here. This is Woman’s Month and I really get the feeling that we as Mother’s and often Jack of all trades are getting the raw end of the stick.

Take care




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    1. Wonderful. It’s not often I come across someone else that has read her book or done “The work”. Your review is great.

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