Kids and Responsibilities {+ handy free printable chart resources with love from me}

noun: responsibility
the opportunity or ability to act independently and take decisions without authorization.
“we expect individuals to take on more responsibility”
  • a thing which one is required to do as part of a job, role, or legal obligation.
    plural noun: responsibilities

Isn’t it an awesome to come to the realization one day, that your kids are of an age, where you are able to set them to work for you in the house??  Alright, Sorry but I couldn’t resist that. Jokes aside though, that is actually partially true, well in my case anyway. If there is one thing I have been longing for since having kids it is to get to a point where I can stop nagging to a degree.  I hate nagging.

As my kids get bigger I am thankfully able to see them starting to become inclined to do more for themselves, and need me less to remind them to do certain things.  In the past we have tried different reward systems but we find them not to work well at all, and even my eldest has commented about other friends parents doing it and saying that she is glad they don’t get “Bribed” to do things. These include general daily duties around the house, as well as personal hygiene related things.One would think remembering to or wanting to brush your teeth is par for the course in anyone’s day… Uhm, not so much as it turns out.  So that being said, there is still some gentle nudging required for them all, and my youngest is still learning the very basic things and needs this type of re-enforcement because it helps her feel like she can do things on her own.  So after trying quite a few different avenues, we have discovered what works the very best to keep all things running smoothly for everybody, and to prevent my husband and I from going completely insane trying to keep everybody together, we have finally discovered that weekly and daily responsibility charts work the very best.  If you look on the internet and especially Pinterest there are plenty of resources for chore charts and duty charts and tons of reward chart systems.  Many of them are free to use and print.  For a while I was using some but they  never quite seemed to fit all our needs.  Firstly we don’t like calling anything a “chore” because that just sounds tedious and horrible, and secondly they were pretty generic and I always found something I had wanted to look different on them.  Then it dawned on me.  Why don’t I just create my own? So I took some time thinking about it, and envisioned in my head what I wanted, and then started to design my very own set of responsibility charts for my kids.  I got quite into it and created a few different types of charts that would work for different families too and I decided that I wanted to make them available to my readers as well.

So if you are also really struggling to get your children into a good daily routine or general good habits, and need to give them a fun way of doing it, then this is just for you.  Please bear in mind though that I am not a qualified designer.  In fact I have only been using this software for a few months. I have created a set for young girls, young boys, older girls, toddler girls & toddler boys.I have not done one yet for older boys. I use images that are free and that I would like to use for myself and I hope you like them too. You can of course use whichever ones you want for  your kids.  Below I will show you the different ones, and tell you also how to use them.  Feel free to print them in any size up to A3, and all I ask is that you do not re-distribute them as your own, or try to sell them to anybody.  You may send the links on to friends that you think may benefit, and use them with pleasure in your own home.  If you send them on to anybody or post about them anywhere please link back to my website to this post rather than sharing the file.

I am introducing these charts in this post, but I have plans to increase my offerings in an e-Book to blog subscribers and new subscribers, that will be ready by the end of the year. This will include other free printable material for all moms and also some specifically for organising which of course really helps the working mom out quite a bit.)

So here we are, presenting my first ever set of (My Friend Thinks I’m Supermom Blog’s Mother and child helpful free printable resources)

So you are asking, how do I use them?

First you select the file you like by clicking on the image, it will open up the file in Dropbox. Next you can save it in a folder on your computer or removable drive. DO NOT try to print them from this post as the quality will be poor.  Then you can either print it at home if you  have a good colour printer or take it to a postnet or similar service to have printed in the size you like.  We prefer the A3 size as it makes writing easier.  The next step would be to have the poster laminated. All you need now is a nice whiteboard marker pen.  I find the thinner ones work best. You will note on each one I have a little block at the bottom indicating that your child has finished all his tasks for the week or day.  If that is the case, you can choose how you will use that.  If you want to just use it to draw a happy face or heart in that is fine but you could also choose to write a reward down in it if you also like the idea of a reward system. You can basically make up your own rules where that is concerned. When it comes to your toddler you could use stickers because these are daily sheets and it doesn’t work to reward daily with more than a sticker.


Responsibility Chart2girldBalloonsResponsibility Chart1GirlBalloons


Responsibility Char tboy1Frankie copyResponsibility Char tboy2Frankie copy


Responsibility Chartgirl Rainbow2 copyResponsibility Chartgirl Rainbow copy

Next I have the toddler sets. ( I call them toddler sets but in my experience these can be used from around two years up until about four or five years depending on each child’s personal development)

Now you will notice with the toddler sets that I have made two versions and they are very different to the other sets. I have made these ones daily charts, because up until about the age of four or five a weekly routine system doesn’t work well.  With the little ones you have to take it one day at a time and start instilling the very basic routine first. So for them personal hygiene and a little bit of in home responsibility is all they need. I have done one with pictures for non-readers and one without so that you can write in the tasks and help them perhaps draw a picture that they can identify with. The choice is yours.


Toddler Girl 1smallToddler Girl 2


ToddlerBoyl 1smallToddlerBoyl2 copy

And well there you go that is my set of responsibility charts for young kids.  I really hope you enjoy using these resources.  I plan to create many more useful tools to help every parent, but I want to focus on making life easier for the working parent and I want to equip each and every one in a way that they can feel like they have their life together, and not falling apart around at the seams due to being completely overwhelmed with everything that needs doing. With just a little bit of structure, a gentle routine and some good organisation things can start looking up and you can start feeling like you have a little bit of control and can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

What ways are you using to structure daily routines and responsibilities at home?  What has been working for you? I would really love to engage with you about that.  Please leave a comment here and also share this post with other’s that may find the content useful.

Take care

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6 thoughts on “Kids and Responsibilities {+ handy free printable chart resources with love from me}

  1. These are great Celeste! I actually was meant to do something like this for my girls last weekend but never got to it so this is perfect and will save me some time! My girls get pocket money every week but need to complete their chores in order to get it. Up until now, we haven’t actually written the chores down so this is a great way of all of us knowing exactly what needs to be completed.

    1. That’s just the best news ever. Thanks for taking the time to check out my post. Enjoy these and I hope your girls like them too.

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