A little Life Lately Post – Landing Up In Hospital and more.

A little Life Lately Post - Landing Up In Hospital and more.

It’s March, this year has already motored a little too fast for my liking and keeping all my stuff together has been somewhat of a feat. That being said, I am finally getting through ticking off all the things from the list so that I feel a little more like there is some order in my life. Landing up in Hospital was not on the list, but I ticked it off anyway. More about that below.

There is no real excuse for leaving all of you high and dry without a single blog post for months and then some random ones in between, but I am back on track and hope to be spending a lot more time here with you and getting back to telling my stories and sharing with you and what’s more, I am going to do my level best to try and pop in here once a day, but forgive me if I do skip some and just pop in a few times a week.  I want to start blogging more regularly again so these posts will be mostly short and sweet, with a few longer ones in between.

In case you missed them I put up an amazing and inspiring story about my friend Pippa’s Weightloss journey as well as a throwback to that time my daughter looked like Yolandi from Die Antwoord this week.  It would be super cool if you went to have a read.

So I’ll try and keep it brief, but I really just wanted to do a little catch-up post and tell you where I am at right now.

The Year started off with a bang, that’s for sure.  Here is a little timeline of my life since the beginning of 2018.

January – 

My baby started school. There is this feeling that I wasn’t ready for that hit me when my youngest child started Grade R in January. It is a very weird feeling that I can’t quite put words too. I mean wasn’t she just potty training the other day? She is still so little, yet in these last 2 months she has grown up so much. She has already learned to write a little and seems to have grown into herself a little more.  Her personality has even evolved some, it’s very hard to explain. In January I also turned 42 and my eldest daughter turned 12!  Wow, this is all starting to feel a little crazy to me.

February –

In February I started actively working on growing my client list for the Virtual Assistance work that I do as an extra income. This has been going extremely well. I actually started the sideline business last year but did not have a proper business plan.  Now I know where I want to go with it and I am more focused. The work does involve many evening hours and weekends, but right now it is necessary to keep “the pot boiling” as they say, plus I also love the challenge and the various types of work I get to do and the cool people I meet and have as clients.  I am still working full time and certainly don’t intend on stopping that. I am also loving all the new challenges that my permanent job is presenting me.  Things are looking very promising for next year and I am very excited.

February, however, was not left without its challenges.  The month had not yet got into full swing and I found myself in hospital. This, of course, put a little spanner in the works with everything mentioned above and really threw me. So why did I end up in the hospital?

Kidney Stones, that’s why! Here’s the thing.  It was totally freak and I had absolutely no idea I was even sick until I woke up on Saturday the 3rd fit as a fiddle, went to make coffee and got back into bed to drink it. Within 10 minutes I was doubled over in agony. I genuinely thought that it was a trapped wind or something like that or some crazy stomach virus. I spent the day trying to figure out what it was and because I had had Kidney Stones before I realized that was what I was dealing with and started the prescribed treatment that I had always followed before.  That didn’t work! I phoned the GP on call that weekend and he said it sounded like I needed an anti-inflammatory injection and antibiotics and that if I was still struggling that evening that I should call him again and he would sort me out if the medication he suggested my husband get didn’t work. Well after a pharmacy visit and one dose of medication I felt much better and had a really good nights sleep. I woke up feeling ok on Sunday, not great but ok.  I still had pain and realized the stone was not out yet so I carried on with the anti-inflammatories. My 18:00 on a Sunday evening I was feeling horrendous and ended up going to the GP on call for the abovementioned treatment.

He asked me a few important questions like if I had been vomiting or if there was blood in my urine to which I answered no. He gave me the injection and some antibiotics and sent me home.  I swear I had not yet had the first dose of antibiotics in my body for half an hour and I started to vomit. I felt terrible all night, did not sleep and was in much pain. The Next morning was no better and I had thrown up twice in the night and wasn’t keeping the antibiotics down. Monday afternoon I ended up telling my husband to take me to the ER. He took me in and they took some blood, gave me intravenous meds and kept me there for observation. The bloodwork showed a severe infection and so they said it probably wasn’t necessary to do a CT scan because it was Pyelonephritis (Kidney infection) and not Kidney stones. They were ready to admit me. We enquired if it would be possible to rather go home with some strong antibiotics and the Urologist agreed that this would be fine. As long as I came back early the next morning for more blood tests.

I went back first thing on Tuesday morning for the tests and the results showed an increase in the infection count, but the ER Doctor said that that can sometimes happen and that I must just carry on with the medication. Most of Tuesday was up and down but by about 19:00 that night I ended up having something called Rigor (It’s like uncontrollable shivering)which was due to the infection and so my husband rushed me back to the ER and I was back on drips and they admitted me that night. I had one more episode or Rigor the next day in the hospital and in another blog post I will share my horrid experience of that.

A little Life Lately Post - Landing Up In Hospital and more.
My little baby has started school and I have been in the hospital. At least I had a pedicure two days before I was admitted.

I had a CT scan in the hospital which confirmed the presence of golf ball sized clusters of Kidney Stones in both Kidneys which I will need to have surgically removed at some point. I did pass some Kidney Stones in the hospital, the buggers that were causing the blockage that caused the infection and if you are really interested in knowing what they looked like then click here for the image.  It’s not something I am sure everybody wants to see.  There were about 15 and they were huge.

They are too big to treat with the less invasive method of the laser. I am hoping that by some miracle I can get these suckers to dissolve and leave my body without much trouble and have started looking at what I can do in the meantime so that maybe, just maybe I can opt for the laser instead of the surgery. I need to go have some tests to determine what is causing these stones because I live a fairly clean lifestyle and drink a lot of water. So it’s quite strange that I am getting them and so many.

I spent 4 full days in Hospital and was discharged on the morning of the 5th day. There is so much I need to write about my hospital stay and my experience in the ER, but I will leave that for another blog post and not make this one any longer.

March –

March has started with a bang with great new client work and a busy few weeks with the kid’s school and assessments, my husband is also training for the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday and he will be traveling for business next week, so there is all that to look forward too also.

At the end of the day what I want to leave you with is this.  I am thankful, I am thankful every day that my stint in hospital was treatable and it was not anything life-threatening, I am thankful that I am well again and back with my family.  I have a lot to be grateful for. I am also grateful that I have managed to keep my sense of humour.

How has your few months of the year been going? Leave a comment for me or come find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let’s continue the conversation there.





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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Heather. Yes, it has been quite a whirlwind of a time. So now it’s onwards and upwards. :-)

  1. Oh no that sound terrible re the kidney stones, my daughter also started school grade RR and wow its amazing how shes grown the last few months

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I am just hoping the stones behave themselves now :-) Isn’t it totally amazing how incredibly quickly they start growing the minute they start school? Gosh, it gives me chills just thinking about it. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post.

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