Mom I hate you and other fun things kids say.

Reece is mad at you forever! This was the note my Son presented me a few evenings back after I told him off for something, I forget what. It’s cute because when he is mad at me he speaks in the third person. This is one of a few of the fun things kids will say to most parents at one time or another. It’s what you choose to do with it that matters.

Mom I hate you and other fun things kids say.

I had two options here.  I could have completely ignored him which is what my inner voice/personality type was telling me to do because the fact that he was being silly and a brat was how I was feeling or I could validate his feeling and respond in a loving manner which is actually the right “Mothering” thing to do.

I read the note out loud when he dumped it in my lap “Mom, I am mad at you forever” and I answered “Oh really? Forever?” and he came back out of his room with another note which said, “Yes FOREVER.”  So because we were doing notes, I responded with my own note and this is what it said.

“My Boy, even if you are mad at me forever which I know you aren’t, I will still love you forever and nothing you could ever say or do would make me love you less”.

I Promise you, it wasn’t 5 minutes and he was standing in front of me with his big blue eyes and asking for a hug and said he was sorry and he didn’t mean it. I responded by saying to him that I was also sorry that I had done something that had made him so mad at me and that it would be good to talk it through and so we did. All was right with the world again.

Mom I hate you and other fun things kids say.
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Parenting is not for sissies like the time I had to deal with an  Edward Scissor-hands kinda situation that I wrote about recently and I don’t handle all the situations it throws at me with such love and grace, but I am pretty damn proud of myself for getting it right this time.

Has your child ever told you he hates you or is “Mad at you forever”? Have you found a good constructive way of dealing with it? Leave a comment below or come join me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and continue the conversation there.



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4 thoughts on “Mom I hate you and other fun things kids say.

    1. My eldest daughter has thrown an “I hate you” out there before. It’s an awful feeling. Anything your kids say to you that is a form of rejection is going to hurt. It’s never going to feel ok. Thanks for stopping by Megan.

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