My at home Pamper party {+Darling Jane Product Review}

I was going to put this post out on Friday and start it out saying TGIF but things didn’t work so I had to let it roll over to today.  Heading down towards the end of the year always becomes this manic rush for me where I just don’t ever seem to have a spare minute to myself.  I start feeling run down very quickly, and stress levels rise.  I have been rather quiet on the blog this past week because I frankly have not been able to focus on it at all with my work and family life keeping me completely tied up. One thing that I do find really necessary though in times like these is to stop, breath and take out some time regardless of how hectic things are and just focus on yourself.  I know this is hard and much more easier said than done and I really have to force myself to do it or there will be sure burnout and that gets pretty ugly, pretty quickly.

One way of being able to do this is to ask your partner to mind the kids for just an hour so that you can close yourself away in the bathroom and retreat into a bath and quieten yourself.  This is true for me anyway. I like to stock up on at home pamper treats so that when I do find the time to shut myself off and take a break I  have great things to use.  I thought I would use this post and chat about some of the really nice things I recently got and have used this very week to try to calm my shattered nerves.

Firstly I want to talk about something I was inspired to start doing again, and it was a snapchat I had seen of Leandra Bothma from At A Loss For Words Blog, who was doing some t home facial steaming. This is a weekly ritual of hers and I used to do it years ago but stopped. Now let me just say what I love about Leandra, besides the fact that she shares a name with my daughter’s best friend but also that also just a regular  Mom like me, a normal everyday person who happens to really love beauty and knows her stuff.  She tells it like it is and I really appreciate that.  I love that I watched her do this in a snapchat and it was so down to earth and normal.  No fancy edited vlog. So I had been feeling like my face was really suffering due to stress and overall just eating badly and little sleep and I really felt like I needed to do something about it.  Funds were not being kind so a facial at a salon was out of the question.  I decided to follow Leandra’s advice and created a special at home steam ritual for myself.  I will do this weekly now. I decided to use fresh herbs from my garden, Lemon rind, and Rooibos tea to add to the boiling hot water.  I used Lavender, Rosemary and sage along with one Rooibos teabag and a teaspoon of lemon rind.  After Cleansing my face and doing a scrub with my new amazing Darling Jane peppermint face scrub I was ready to steam.  I put all the  herbs, teabag and lemon onto a large bowl and poured boiling water over it. I then sat with my head over the bowl and a towel over my head to keep the steam in.  I did it for about 20 minutes but you can decide how long to do yours.  Afterwards I poured the contents into the basin, added some cooler water and then rinsed my face with all that goodness from the herbs.  I patted my face dry and followed with the wonderful Serum from Lancome I won recently and then ended with my new Sorbet Age Affect Night cream that I also won (alright, don’t let me ever say I don’t ever win anything) And that was that.  I really felt it made such a huge difference to my skin and it really only took about half an hour to do.  I hope you also try.  Play around with some other herbs and see what you find works for you.

Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, lemon & Rooibos facial steam. Use liquid to rinse afterwards.


As mentioned above I also had some really nice new products to try out this week.  I had ordered products from the natural skin care brand Darling Jane a little while back, because I had seen quite a few other bloggers raving about the products and because I suffer terribly with FOMO (fear of missing out).  I do love a good natural product and so I decided to try.  I settled on a Mini Build a Box which for R100 allowed me to test 3 products.  I was able to select them individually and they were all boxed up in a beautiful but simple brown box with really lovely branding.  I loved the simplicity yet elegance of that.  The products I chose were the Vanilla Rose Bath Milk, The Peppermint Face Scrub and a new lippie favorite of the Vanilla Grapefruit Lip balm.

Yum yum yum. Thank you for my gorgeous goodies @darling_jane_creations I can’t wait to use them. So glad I finally ordered. #Bathtimebliss

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Darling Jane Vanilla Rose Bath Milk.

I was most excited about the Bath Milk but was sadly a little disappointed with the fragrance payoff and overall experience of that particular one. I really love the smell of roses and was hoping to be surrounded in the fragrance for the duration of my bath but wasn’t. I have spoken before about disliking the smell of vanilla and with this product I smelt only Rose so that was quite a bonus because that is what I was hoping for.  I had a moment where I almost didn’t order it for fear of being overwhelmed by vanilla but thankfully that wasn’t the case.  It smelt nice in the plastic tub but in the bath I didn’t get much of the smell and the bath didn’t feel or look as great to get into as I had hoped.It kinda just turned the water a milky grey color which wasn’t super appealing.  I also didn’t like the little bits of milk powder floating in the bath that wouldn’t all together dissolve. The ingredients are: Milk Powder, Cornflour, Oatmeal, Rose Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract.  I think next time I will try the Chocolate one or perhaps one of the bath Fizz’s.  I think I will also love the Ginger, Rooibos & Lemongrass sugar Scrub and the Pink Grapefruit Bath Fizz.  That being said, let me just clarify that I really liked all the product I got, but this particular one I had had higher hopes for.  It certainly doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the bathes I got to have with them.  I was quite liberal with the amount I used so I got about 4 bathes from the 200ml pot and at just R65 if you buy it individually it really is a lovely little spoil for your bath time ritual. I am really hoping that the other Bath Milk options when I do try them deliver a better result for me.  If you are totally opposite to me and like a very subtle smell surrounding you while you bath then this is the one for you. You can read more about the benefits of this product here. The first time I used it I paired it with a lovely face mask from Sorbet Salons which I will chat about in another review I will be doing soon. I think I would give this particular product 4/10  

Reward after a long day. #Bathtimebliss with @darling_jane_creations and @sorbetgroup A photo posted by MyFriendThinksImSupermomBlog. (@celestebooysen) on

Darling Jane Fresh Peppermint Face Scrub.

The next product I got in my Mini Build a box was a product I most definitely will buy again.  I really love it.  It is the Fresh Peppermint Face Scrub and let me tell you it makes a really great hand and foot exfoliater too. The ingredients are Sugar, Grape Seed Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil and peppermint is one of my favorite summer smell.  It is so refreshing.  I have been using this scrub in the shower about twice a week on my face but also used it on my hands and feet with an at home manicure and I find the texture of the sugar just perfect for that too. When I first saw that sugar was used as the base I was a little sceptical.  I have only ever used salt scrubs so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The sugar is not at all sticky which is what I had imagined.  It’s very fine and basically melts away while you are rubbing it into your skin to reveal the nourishing Grape Seed oil. It’s perfect in that it is not at all harsh on the delicate skin on the face but also works just well enough to remove all that is necessary and buff you skin to reveal the perfect clean canvas.  I do find that the Grape Seed oil does seem to stay behind a little bit but a second rinse will help for that.  My skin isn’t that dry so I guess if it was a little dryer the extra layer/barrier would go unnoticed. I loved this one so much and it really gave my skin a satin soft feel after the first use. You can buy it individually in a 100g tub for just R35 which is total steal.You can read more about the benefits of this Scrub here.  As far as my limited experience with natural face scrubs go and in my very humble opinion this product warrants 8/10.

Darling Jane Vanilla Grapefruit Lip Balm

The third product in my Darling Jane choice was the Vanilla Grapefruit Lip Balm.  I like this lip balm quite a bit and it has some interesting ingredients, and is very different to my first love of Oh’Lief which I wrote a review about here. Darling Jane use Soy Wax, Coconut Oil, Honey, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Vanilla Extract for this lip balm and why I say the ingredients are interesting is because I have never used a lip balm that contains soy wax before.  I thought that was reserved for massage candles but clearly I was wrong. I love the handy size of the little 10ml pot.  The soy wax seems to melt really easily so a little bit goes a long way and it keeps the lips nice and soft and hydrated for a fair amount of time, but I found I needed a more regular application as apposed to the Oh-Lief.  They do however have completely different ingredients and also feel and look totally different.  I also chose the Grapefruit/Vanilla flavor because I am all about summer things at the moment and when I was buying my Oh-lief I had wanted it in the Grapefruit but could only get the Roman Chamomile. The fragrance is really subtle, but you get that little citrus smell on application and that’s just nice for me. Where I like lots of fragrance in my bath I really don’t like “tasting” the smell on my lips.You can read more about the benefits of this lip balm here. It’s also really a great affordable natural product at just R25 although it is only in a 10ml size as opposed to the Oh-Lief being 25grams and double the price. so this little lippie lifesaver is going to get a 6/10 from me and if you read my Oh-Lief review you will understand why I consider myself an authority on lip balms.

Darling Jane offer nationwide shipping options and I found the R40 door to door option very reasonable.  I am excited to order more products to try, and perhaps some gift sets for Christmas presents will be the order of the day soon.  Darling Jane are able to create a gift box according to your needs.  If you follow them on Facebook or Instagram you will be able to find out a little more about that as well as be in the know of any promotions or competitions that they have.  You will also find their products on the Hello Pretty store which is great if you felt like adding some of this great product to other things you had your eye on over there.  Buying products from Darling Jane also gives you “Bean” points where 100 beans are worth R1.00 and in that way you build up store credit.  I like this idea a lot. If you hurry now to place your order and use the coupon code “beautyhamper” before the 23rd of October you can get a 15% discount on your order and be entered into a great product hamper giveaway

I feel so much better since taking the time to do my face-cleanse and also loved my pamper treats from Darling Jane.  I really must make more of an effort to focus on my own wellness too.  It can mean the difference between total burnout and a little light at the end of the tunnel.

What is your favorite at home pamper treat?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Don’t forget to share this post with others who may find it interesting and remember by subscribing to the blog you will never miss a review or article as it will come directly to your inbox. I’ve added a subscription box below to make it super easy.


Take care

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*This is not a sponsored post.  I bought and paid for these products with my own money.  My reviews are honest and open though regardless of weather I got given the product or not. 



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    1. lol, I just read yours. It seems you are the total opposite of me that I was referring to in my review. The person looking for the subtle hint of fragrance. Ha Ha, I want to feel like I am in fields of roses. ;-) They are really great products.

        1. I hate vanilla so i’m pretty happy. But I do agree that it definitely depends on the frangrance. There are some overpowering smells of course that need to be subtle rather than full on.

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