My Top Beginner Drugstore Bronzing Powder Products And More.

I talk about My Top Beginner Drugstore Bronzing Powder Products And More.

It’s Fri-Yay and so I thought I would keep it nice and lighthearted and chat a bit about a few beauty items that caught my eye recently as well as my new fascination in Bronzers and Contouring. I also talk about my “Go to” weekend hairstyle and a new lippie that I love!

I have never actually had a bronzer or done contouring before as I was always really intimidated by them, but knew deep down I really should give it a try. I have a naturally very fair and terribly pasty skin and my make-up end result after just a bit of CC cream and some blush is never really so appealing, or I think so anyway.

I think the main reason I was intimidated with a bronzing and contouring product was that I was afraid of looking artificial for lack of a better word. But have figured out that it all boils down to having the right product and application.  I started with department and drugstore brands first to see if I could get the hang of it and now that I think I am, I am going to move onto the higher end products.

The very first products I tried were really very cheap Palettes from LA Colours that I found at Dischem for about R35 each.  What I liked about these were that the Blush, Highligher and Contour were all in one palette with a convenient guide on the back to get you started. Please bear in mind that this was my very first attempt at contouring ever (This was a good few months back) and the result was not so great.  I also used no bronzer here so the look is a little ‘Flat”  I swatched the Blush colours and they are highly pigmented but the payoff is not a longwearing one and it wears off within a few hours. Please do bear in mind though that if you really just want to test the waters without spending too much money then this is the option for you.  I love the blushes though and I layer them under the bronzer I use now and it give a great effect. Below are the images of the product, swatching attempts and of course the end result.  Be kind, remember now, I don’t do this for a living and it was my first try.



Testing out my new L.A Colours 3D Blush Contour. Colour:MySweet. Love the result. #3dblush #Blushcontourhighlight

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Next up are two products that I purchased recently. The one is a Bronzing Powder from Woolworths(R180.00) that I have fallen in Love with and the other is the Kaviar – Gauche for Catrice SA’s Gilding eye and face palette (Dischem R149.99) Which I am not at all mad about. What sold me here was the packaging and not the contents. Luckily I have found one saving grace inside it and that is the darker brown that can be used for contouring. I am not even going to talk about the other items in the palette because they simply are not worth mentioning. Let just say that once I am done with the contour powder I will be handing this baby over to my daughter to play with. It’s just not worth the trouble trying to get a look out of it. I got the Woolworths Bronzer in the Pink tone and a Brush to apply. I first thought the brush to be rather pricey but have since realized it was actually quite well priced at R160.00 and it is really soft and doesn’t hold onto tons of pigment so you get a nice even application. I love this Bronzer, I haven’t got anything to compare it too seeing as though this is the first one I have ever had but it has been a good baptism into learning how to use it and I am very happy with the result so far. Below are images of the Face Palette, My Woolies buy including the Bronzer, Brush, Lipstick and Cleansing wipes that I will speak about in a bit and then a picture of my current look using the Contour & Bronzing powder. I am very happy with the result and don’t feel it is too over done although there is still vast room for improvement.

Pocked up the last @catricesa Kaviar Gauche Palette on the stand. It’s a thing of beauty, I could not resist. A photo posted by (@celestebooysen) on


A few new things to try from @woolworths_sa #woolworths

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Getting my #Contour game on… or not? A photo posted by (@celestebooysen) on

The Cleansing wipes are my new happy place. I am often so tired in the evenings that all I really want is to quickly remove my make-up and get into bed. Trouble with facial wipes is my face never ever feels clean after using them. These are different. They are so nourishing too and really do the job. Great value for money at under R40.00 They are really worth the try and a must for your travel bag.

The Lipstick I have on in my contour pic is the one I am wanting to talk about. I love nude shades, I go absolutely gaga over them except they just fade into my face which is already pale enough. I don’t like the look on my pretty dry lips and usually the payoff is nothing to speak of. This little guy I found while buying my bronzer is just so different. It is moisturizing and highly pigmented. It has a great “stay put” effect but is not drying. I loved this colour Oyster Flush. It cost a mere R110.00 I think and I absolutely love it. A close runner-up is the one by Kate for Rimmel which if you click here you will see on my Instagram.

One of the last things I want to show you is my very easy and happy weekend hairdo.  I love this messy bun.  I have long hair, just under my shoulder and on weekends I need it out of my face and way but I get oh so bored with a ponytail or top knot.  I bought myself something called a hair Donut at one of the Ralo stores but I have seen them all over.  It was about R30 and along with some Bobby Pins and my trusty EZ Bobble you can create a really great style. 


My Saturday hair.

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  @woolworths_sa Lips Hydro in Oyster Flush. #lipsticks   A photo posted by (@celestebooysen) on

So that’s it from me except to say that I can’t wait to get home to try on my new pair of Pringle shoes that I won over on Shell Shocked Mummy the other day.

I have taken the image from her instagram page because I don’t have them in my little paws yet. Go check out this great blog if you have a chance. I love Laverne’s honest and open approach to many topics on parenting but foremost her experiences as an adoptive parent.

I hope this post has inspired you to try bronzing and contouring for yourself if you hadn’t already. I promise it’s not as hard as it sounds. Next job for me is to figure out what on earth to do with my brows.

Happy Weekend all

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