New Children’s Book Review – Savannah’s Magical Tutu : The Silver Coin

Do you know what my best time of day is?  This is going to sound like a real “Bad Mother” kind of thing to say, but it is my children’s bedtime. Now you may ask me, what do you mean by “your best time” Surely you want to spend every waking moment with your children, you work away from them all day?  Well yes, actually I do want to spend every possible moment with them and in fact, bedtime is the best time for me to do some incredibly close and special bonding with them. You see, after we have eaten, bathed and dressed for bed, we all climb in together, select a story and after a little bit of cuddling and chatting about the day we get stuck in. This is the moment we get to lie close together, feel loved and happy and peaceful. The moment where we get to brush off the day and invent a fantasy world of something other than the norm, this is where we get to be quiet and open.

I have never done a children’s book review on this blog before, so when I heard about this book, that was written by a new South African author Rachel Johnson, who also happens to actually be someone I have known since my teen years, I jumped at the chance to get a copy and have something new for bedtime stories. I was so excited that someone I knew, had taken a dream by the horns and written and self-published a gorgeous story and I couldn’t wait to read it to my kids. This is my review of Savannah’s Magical Tutu: The Silver Coin, and I can tell you, we all loved it, even my Star Wars obsessed Son.

The book & story

Savannah’s Magical Tutu, The Silver Coin, is a soft cover book (210mm x 240mm), 20 pages long and intended for ages 4 to 8. It consists of a beautiful story about Savannah the Meerkat with her magical pink tutu and she is joined by her little Meerkat BFF Juliette. In this, story her little twin brothers find themselves in a spot of trouble and Savannah has to whip out her trusty Magical Pink tutu to save the day. The beautiful full-colour illustrations are by Nicola Anne Smith of Off The Board Design and they really appealed to my children. Mila has told me countless times that she not only wants a horse now but also a Meerkat-like Savannah. This is a beautiful story about courage and being brave. There is an underlying moral about listening and safety. We really loved the story.  My kids sat with bated breath waiting to turn the page to see what would happen next and they all gasped with delight when Savannah’s tutu appears to help her save the day. It truly is a lovely story, crafted with beautiful words and meaning. I asked my kids to rate the book from 1 to 10, the latter being the highest grade and they all stated without hesitation 10! 



 “Savannah and her friend, Juliette, are bold little meerkats. However, on this particular adventure Savannah’s younger brother ends up in grave danger. Find out how Savannah’s Magical Tutu helps her to be as brave and courageous as can be in order to save Twitch”.


About Rachel the author

One of the biggest reasons I was drawn to write a review about his book on my blog, is that Rachel is also a working Mother, she has her own training company but she also had a passion for this project and took time from her already busy schedule, to write and publish a gorgeous story to make children happy. I love that. Rachel has an 8-year-old daughter (Hannah) and a 5-year-old son (Joshua) and together they have read countless books.  It became Rachel’s dream to write a children’s book using her own children as an inspiration.  With this in mind, she found a lovely on-line course to help master this skill. Rachel eventually put into practice what she had learned and after many edits and re-edits “Savannah’s Magical Tutu – the silver coin” was born!


At this stage, you can buy the book directly from Rachel for only R80 excluding postage, which is a steal for a book of this quality.  You can place an order by email to, or hop on over to her Facebook Page and send her a message. Share the details with your friends, this book is just such a lovely one to have in your children’s bookshelf and I can’t wait for the next one in the series.

Rachel has let me know that the Launch of her book will be coming up soon in Cape Town at The Book Lounge on the 25th of June and she is inviting everybody to put on their tutu’s and come listen to the reading of the story. You do need to RSVP, though, so be sure to use the contact details in the invitation below.


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