Party fun how to: Let’s have a Minecraft party!

Ok, yes I’m sorry, I was totally meant to post this yesterday but I just couldn’t make it happen.  I promise this is not going to be a long post and I apologize in advance for the image heavy blog but this is only something that can really be done effectively in pictures. All images are my own and I will supply links at the bottom of the post on where to get the things I used, because I got all my ideas and printables from Pinterest. I also want to thank my very willing and helpful cousin-in-law M for helping with the Backdrop and Tablecloth which I will chat about down below.

So, my son turned 8 and has been a Minecraft fan/addict, whatever you want to call it for the last 2 years.  He decided at least a year ago already that at his birthday this year he will have a Minecraft party. Now if you know anything about the game of Minecraft other than it is ridiculously addictive, is that it has so many intricacies and cool factors that it was a total dream to think up a fun party for him.  There really is so much you can do.  We decided that we would be having our party at home this year so we could do just about anything we wanted and not be restricted to a venue.

The planning already started as early as April early last year when I sent my son to Pinterest to pin some ideas so that I could get a feel for the kind of party he wanted.  That was so much fun for him and I can highly recommend if your kids are old enough to send them off to Pinterest to search for their own things, that way you know you will get it right and not have too many misses doing things you “think” they may want.  As it turned out my Son really only had a few needs, The most important were that there be lots of sweets.  Two was that he had to have a Blue Diamond Sword cake and three was that there must be different Minecraft names foods and items as you would find them in the game.  He told me later that he also wanted a Brewing station but we didn’t quite get to that.

Let me just start by saying that you can make this party as economical or costly as you like.  I managed to get away with it quite cost effectively and really didn’t need to spend much at all.  I was lucky because as mentioned above I had help with some bigger ticket decor items like the Minecraft themed table cloth and Backdrop that were hand created for a family member’s own Minecraft party.  We shall call her M and she is a very talented creative being and sewed together this Minecraft terrain themed table cloth with Felt squares and also hand painted the sky backdrop.  I would never have been able to do this so I was very grateful to be able to use it.  It really gave a wonderful feeling to the party table.  So if you are feeling handy and creative you might try making the same.  Something else M sent me was printable name cards she had designed to give all my party foods appropriate Minecraft names like “Redstone” Golden Apples” “Cookies’ “Carrots” “Diamond ore” etc.  I got these from M but I will link to similar free printables that I have seen on Pinterest in the link section down below.

For the party we only had one party game and because it was a group of 8-year-old boys who fully intended on packing in their party packets and then playing Minecraft for the rest of the duration of the party.  The game was another idea I got of off Pinterest and with the help of my husband and an old cardboard box or two from a Takealot delivery we had our very own version of Creeper toss and after following the rules that we found on another blog it provided at least half an hour or more of pure unadulterated fun for a group of very competitive boys. They didn’t want to stop because clearly showing everybody your overarm double swing maneuver was the best, was the order of the day. It really was a winner.  I ended up having three prizes so they had quite a few rounds.  It was a lot of fun.  It was almost the highlight of the whole party.

If I had had loads more money and a lot more time to prepare I could have done so much more.  This worked out great though and the kids had a total blast.  They really enjoyed all the themed treats and the game.  They had a good round of Minecraft too and for the rest just ran around like hooligans on a sugar high.  General boy stuff you know.  I didn’t want to make this post all linky but I wanted to give you and opportunity to go and check out where I got some of my ideas and printables.  I thought I would just add a few links below.  If there is something particlar you want to ask me, please feel free to leave a comment below.  You can also use the facebook comment if it is easier.

The Blue Diamond Sword cake idea

Sticks, we used Chocstix

Creeper Toss Game idea

Potion of Healing printable labels

Food Name card printable ideas

Dirt Grass idea

Pinterest link to all Minecraft party ideas here!

Toffee Apple recipe

Well, there you  have it. Our entire Minecraft themed party.  If you  have a child who is as obsessed with Minecraft as my son then you should absolutely try and do this yourself.  It was so much fun and so easy to do. I’m excited to hear all about your next party and what you tried. Keep an eye out in a few months time for my daughter’s birthday party post.  We have something really special instore for her too.

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