Unpacking Retailbox RBSecretBox #24 {L’Anza Healing Haircare – Healing ColorCare}

If you follow any of my social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you may have recently seen me posting about receiving the latest RetailBox RBSecretBox #24. I gave a few clues and got everybody wondering what was in the package that I received and then revealed an awesome hair care range from the L’Anza brand, when it all went live on www.Retailbox.co.za just recently.

I was pretty fortunate to be chosen to be one of the reviewers of this particular RBSecretBox and have been happily trying out this sublime range of L’Anza Healing Haircare products for a little while now and so this post is going to be telling you all about it. But first I want to tell you a little bit about what RetailBox RBSecretBox is though.

I have bought items from Retailbox before and have always been very happy. It really is a great online platform with all of the amazing salon approved hair care and beauty items you can think of as well as quite a bit of high-end make-up. Their delivery is quick and efficient and you can even go and collect your items for free at your nearest Stylebar which is really convenient. None of what you can buy on Retailbox is available in regular stores either so it’s wonderful to be able to find so much on offer under one roof so to speak.

So what is RBSecretBox then?






Well it’s not your typical subscription box that’s for sure. I have never been a huge fan of subscription boxes because I always feel like they give you something nice the first month but then you get a few sachet samples and some vouchers you can’t really use the next month.  I have been following Retail Box Secret box since it first launched and I have seen some amazing items in the different boxes.  What makes it unique though is that it is a once off purchase and you don’t have to agree to any kind of subscription offer. The content will vary between hair care and beauty items and will always be total value for money, mostly you will receive full and travel size products and if ever they include any sample sizes, this wont be included in the box value.  This particular box only cost R299.00 and when I calculated the actual value of the content, it was well over R1000 worth of full size products.  Yes, Full size, not a bunch of little samples. The boxes go out about a month apart and the cost is determined on what is inside that particular box.  I know one month it was even a Cloud 9 flat-iron for far less than the actual value.  I am just sorry I missed out on that. The boxes are also tailored specific requirements like your hair type for instance, so you will know by the clues if the particular box up for grabs is one that you could use. There are often really great clues to be found online so if you keep your eyes peeled and are ready when the boxes go live, you could also strike it really lucky.

So what did I get in my RBSecretBox #24?

L’Anza ColorCare Shampoo 300ml- R330

L’Anza Healing Colour Care Shampoo will ensure your hair colour is extended 107% longer. Its extra mild formula is gentle on your hair and delicately lifts impurities, leaving it silky soft and shiny. Protect your hair and make sure your colour stays the way you want it to with this L’Anza Healing Colour Care Shampoo. This great product has triple UV colour protection and will leave you with added colour brilliance. This product has a pH factor of 5.5. Free of Sulfates, Parabens, and Sodium Chloride.

What I thought about the Shampoo:

I love the fact that this product is free of all the nasties and I am particularly excited about the fact that it has a sunscreen in it. I found after using it that my hair that was box coloured some time ago seemed to become more vibrant, even though it was a lot more than 6 weeks ago and it had already faded quite a bit. The smell is very pleasant and I keep getting a good whiff of it during the day. It doesn’t seem to build up at all and keeps my hair smooth and feeling light and non greasy.  I can easily go two to three days between washes. The main ingredient of these products is the special Flower Shield Complex which is what flowers use in nature to retain their vibrant colours.  How clever is that?

L’Anza ColorCare Conditioner 250ml- R330

L’Anza Healing Colour Care Conditioner contains smoothing emollients that actually reduce external stress, enabling colour pigments to remain contained within your hair fibre. This amazing conditioner in enriched with the flower shield complex and triple UV protectors that will ensure your colour looks rich, vibrant and lasts up to 107% longer. This product has a pH factor of 5.5.

What I thought about the conditioner:

The thing I love the most about the conditioner is that is more like a balm or treatment.  It is not a runny mess.  It really feels like you are treating your hair.  You can see by the image I have above how thick and nourishing it is. It really smooths my hair and doesn’t leave any static or frizziness and it is lovely and soft and very shiny. L’Anza also recommend that you use a generous amount so your hair really gets a treat.

L’Anza ColorCare Magic Bullet 200ml-  R390

Leave-in conditioning spray that offers colour protection and detangling. Lightweight mist so it won’t weigh down your hair. Flower Shield Complex and sunscreens protect colour-treated hair. Good for all hair types with Thermal Protection: up to 250°C.

What I thought about the Magic Bullet:

When I first found this in the package I was a little stumped.  I thought it was a leave in conditioner  because that was what I read and wondered why I was being sent two conditioning products.  Well it turns out I just didn’t read properly and it isn’t a conditioner at all. It is a daily colour preserving conditioning mist with  the added benefit of being a detangling product too.  I have very fine hair and it easily tangles. I actually really struggle this time of year with this problem, so I was excited to give it a go.  I can safely say it works really well and I can use it either before or after styling.  I have had tangle free hair every day since using it.  I can easily run my hair through my fingers without them getting stuck. I Have only applied it to wet hair before styling, because it is also a heat protector and I have been happy with the results so far but it can be sprayed on dry hair too  It really smells great and doesn’t leave a build up or residue in my hair at all. I love the way it makes my hair feel and it adds to the shine that the other two products already provide to my hair.



If you want to know when the next RBSecretBox is near to going live then I suggest going off to the RetailBox Facebook page to see when it becomes available and then don’t wast any time because the boxes are very popular and get bought up pretty quickly.  If you suffer from FOMO like me, then you wont want to be late for the next RBSecretbox either.

*I was not paid to write this post, although I did receive the product to review at no cost.  My opinions are all my own and I really enjoyed the products I got.  I will most certainly recommend the purchase of a Retail Box to my friends and also to my readers because it is a super deal and a lovely way to get professional high-end Hair and beauty products at an excellent price.

Take Care

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