Showing the vulnerable you.

Too often we ask our selves, what is it all for?  Why must we always struggle? Why must we act a certain way, and why do other’s act in certain ways?  We make ourselves vulnerable. Why are they so weird, why are we?  We look at other people many times and judge them outwardly, we do this to ourselves as well albeit it unknowingly.  This morning I was sitting at my desk as you do on a Friday when you are one of only a small handful of people who came to work while everybody else is on leave, and not having much in the line of actual work, I took my cup of coffee and spent some time on twitter.  I came across this really touching video posted via Marie Claire and it really struck a chord.

There is so much influence out there in the world of social media, and being a blogger myself I know just how vulnerable you can make yourself to judgement. Many people are great-full for what you write, they enjoy it but the flip side is there are many that don’t, and they will voice that opinion openly to you as you open yourself up to public discussion.  A lot of bloggers and I include myself in this, use their blogs as source of comfort in their writing.  They started doing it for themselves, I did.  That is why I state in my tagline that “Blogging is after-all cheaper than therapy”  This is a space I can express myself and talk through things.  Yes I do other things like reviews and sponsored posts but mostly it is just my space to be me.

There are times however that blogs and You Tube channels are used to give people hope in a sad situation.  Encouragement, inclusion, a sense of belonging.  Many times the readers or viewers have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.  They often just see the end result and then many take it as an open invitation to state a claim, and often can be extremely judgemental and cruel never stopping to think about the whole story behind that person or blog.

This is not meant to be a lengthy post but I do want it to touch you like it touched me.  I want to leave you with the story of British Beauty blogger Jordan Bone. This video she made is in response to always being asked by commenters in very brash and often hurtful ways “What was WRONG with her hands”. She decided to reveal the truth about what actually happened to them. She became a tetraplegic and wheelchair-bound after a tragic car accident ten years before. It really is a perfect and poignant reminder about how you should just never ever judge a book by its cover.  You never know the whole story.  There are many examples of this.  The woman who writes to get away from a terminal illness, the Woman that writes to take her to a place away from an abusive partner, The woman who writes to deliver herself from the sorrow and grief of losing a child or spouse, the woman who writes to feel less alone when struggling to fall pregnant, the woman who writes to feel empowered after becoming disabled, unemployed, single.  There are really many examples.  You will never know them all.

So please have a look at this amazing woman’s story.It is entitled “My beautiful struggle”  It really is inspirational.  Take heed the words she says towards the end.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Please share this post using the social share icons at the bottom.  I look forward to engaging with you and hearing your experiences. How have you been judged? How does this video make you feel?

Take care and have a lovely weekend

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5 thoughts on “Showing the vulnerable you.

  1. I saw this video. It is a very real reminder of how not everything is as it seems.

    A Aus blogger I followed once took a set of photos from around her house, they were so lovely, her home looked incredible but then she showed the bigger picture, not just the decor in the corner or the shelf – it was a very different picture. From then on I take everything I see at face value!

  2. What an eye opening video. I may have shed a little tear watching this! People only show you what they want to show you, you don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors. Thats why you can’t judge a person until you actually know what is going on in their lives and what hardships they are facing. Life can be cruel but life can also be amazing, you just have to face each day knowing life is worth living! :)

    Thank you for sharing this on Facebook xxx

    1. Loren, thank you for sharing. I am so glad that my post has meant something of vLue to you. This is such an inspirational video. It really is a must watch.

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