Si Eau de Toilette Giorgio Armani for women – Independent Review

So we are coming up to Woman’s month and what is more “womanly than fine fragrance?  This post is a review of my current favorite Si Edt by Giorgio Armani and the love affair I have with it.

Let me start by saying I really do love perfume, and could quite easily spend far more than my regular living wage on it if I was given the opportunity but that would be particularly inappropriate and inconsiderate of me given that then I would not be able to feed my children. That being said, not so long ago I was the very lucky winner of an amazing bottle of perfume on one of the beauty blogs I follow called Not another Poppie. It was that particular blogs birthday and one of the birthday giveaways was this perfume. So as most will know Si is Italian for Yes and this one gets a massive YES from me. I was completely blown away when I had heard I had won and could not wait for my prize to arrive.  So to cut a severely long story short this has become my all time favorite and trust me, I have used many other’s.

All mine. Armani Si bottle & packaging is simply gorgeous.

So I am not a “Perfumista” in fact this will be the very first time I am putting pen to paper about a fragrance so please forgive me if I don’t quite get it right. I may not know all the lingo but I will give you my honest opinion on why this has become my signature fragrance. So now my job is for me to try to translate an olfactory sense into a visual one and try to describe my thoughts in such a way to make you want to rush out to your nearest fragrance counter and go and try it for yourself. This is the 3rd offering of the Si collection and although I do not own the others I have compared them and it is a little more subtle and not as sweet/fruity as the Si Intense or Si EDP

Before I even get into the fragrance itself let me first tell you what drew me to this one in particular when first seeing their ad campaign goodies, and that was in my opinion the use of one of the most beautiful and stylish actresses, Cate Blanchett.


Why did I love this?  Well because it immediately smacked of style and sophistication which is what I am looking for in a fragrance. I am nearing 40 and although I don’t really want to be smelling all Cinibarish like my mother I also don’t want to smell like a musky Watermelon or strawberry which tends to be the trend among some of the dare I say “Younger” fragrance house offerings.  I really just wanted something to express who I feel I am at this point in my life and that is Soft, Stylish, Feminine and sophisticated yet strong, confidant and mature.  Tall order I know but this scent does just that.

To my knowledge, this fragrance was released in February 2015 and it is available at most fragrance counters now.  I have a 50ml bottle I think and that retails for approximately R950 in store or you can get the 100ml for around R1300. Yes, I do realize  how lucky I was to win this little beauty.

These are my thoughts on the fragrance including packaging and I will score them out of 10.

First Impression on Packaging: 7/10

The box is a beautiful soft Peach/Pink colour and the cardboard it is made from has an ever so slight ripple in it which immediately gives it a soft and feminine appearance but the lettering on the box and bottle are both stylish and strong and these give you a solid expectation what’s to come.

First Impression on the Bottle: 8/10

It is a fairly heavy bottle but with a soft rounded look to it.  The lid is the same color as the box packaging and in my opinion appears to look slightly like a flower bud which eludes to the notion that the fragrance may be of a floral nature. The contents appear to be pinkish too.

The nitty-gritty of the fragrance:

Below is a really handy little image of the different fragrance notes and where you will find them in the perfume but I will break it down for you here too.

For me it went a little something like this.

This fragrance style is a Fruity Chypre but not completely, as that Floral note does stick its head out there big time, there is no mistaking that.  At first sniff you get those unmistakable heart notes of Freesia and Rose, well I find those ones first, but then quickly those beautiful top notes of the fruitiness from blackcurrant and Green Pear and the citrus from the Neroli, Bergamot and Mandarin start to come into play albeit very subtly and then you get those steadfast base notes of vanilla and Patchouli. The dry down is a beautiful soft musky, powdery even woody scent and stays on my for anything up to 8 or more hours.

Si Fragrance Notes copy


Fragrance score: So in my humble opinion this fragrance scores a whopping 9/10

It is truly my absolute favorite and dare I say now also my signature scent and it has completely derailed my love for Elie Saab Eau de Parfum and Narciso Rodriguez for her which are two other lovelies I have at the moment. So as you can see I am quite fond of the Chypre family of fragrances and I honestly think pretty much everybody could wear this fragrance with confidence no matter what age but something about it screams “I am a beautiful, mature and sophisticated woman of worth, I have been places and I am going to go even higher, watch out!

All I have left to say is… What are you waiting for?

Happy shopping


*P.S I was not paid in any way to do this review.  I won the product in a Rafflecopter selection fair and square. I simply love it and want to share that with anybody who may be thinking about taking the plunge.

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