Sleep deprivation is a nasty phenomenon…

I do not cope well without sleep, in-fact I do not cope at all.  I become rather useless, a kind of misnomer actually.  I can’t even remember to take off my slippers and exchange them for working shoes before leaving the house and this morning I actually forgot to put mascara on one eye!!  My biggest fear is forgetting something really important like dropping a child off at school before driving off to work or worse than that… gasp… falling asleep at my desk!  A few times today I have found myself drift off into a state of severe daydreaming or rather sleeping with my eyes open and a couple of times I may have actually snored!

So what’s a girl to do you ask?  Well I do not rightly know.  I have been in this constant sleep deprived stupor for going on 7 years now.  Truth be told, I do not think there is any other way of life for me!  What I do know is that nobody may ever know that I am actually not concentrating of strat meet figures on my PC screen but rather catching up on a few ZZZ’s before the night shift.

I long for a time where when my head touched my pillow at night I slept like a baby(tut tut, no the person that invented that phrase clearly never had kids of their own) slept like a rock until morning and was woken not by die sound of heavy breathing next to me at 2am with a wee soaked toddler saying “I’m wet mommy” but rather by the sound of the coffee machine grinding it’s first heavenly cup of the day on the time I set the night before! So there is a book I think I would love to read I have pasted for visual impact only it’s image of the front cover here.  The title says it all..

Sleep deprivation is a nasty phenomenon...

Do I think that will ever be again??  Well I’m not willing to bet my bottom dollar on it just yet but a girl can always dream can’t she?? Well I need to have something to dream about during the day, it’s the only time I ever get any sleep!

Sending merry sleep deprived salutations

Sleepless in Somerset West.

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