The battle to win back my own workspace {The Make-over Part 1}

It’s Friday and TGIF for sure.  I haven’t been too active with blog posts in the last while, because I have been pretty hectic with my day job, and I have also busy setting up some exciting things on the online shop on this blog.  It has been set in my heart for a long time now, to offer my readers something extra, and not just the content that I am putting out in posts. I love being creative and so I started working on some fun downloads that I am making available for free to my subscribers.  I have started with Free Printable wall art items and you can check them out over here.  They are all high-resolution and are set to print 8×10 but you can play around with them and see what sizes you can print them to. If you print them on great card stock, or photo paper you will get a really lovely result.  I will be adding new ones regularly and if you are a subscriber already, you will receive a newsletter with the links to all of them to download soon.  If you haven’t subscribed yet, then you can do that here or just go to the store and download one of these printable and I will sort out the rest for you.

The battle to win back my own workspace {The Make-over Part 1}

Now to get onto the real reason for this post.  The title says it all, and it has been quite a quest. I posted some thoughts on Facebook about all of this earlier in the week, and so this is the start of a 2 part post. Since I started blogging I have never really had my own space I can retreat to and get creative in.  I am also blogging at work during lunchtime a lot for this reason or till way after the office closes and everybody has gone home, just so that I can focus and actually say what I want to without a million interruptions. My work space at home is a folding table in my lounge, which my children have now hi-jacked to use a crafting space or to do homework on. I have taken to blogging on the couch or in my bed and I don’t feel very productive like that. I want a space that speaks to me.  I want a dedicated station to sit and a I want things around me that inspire me.

For the longest time, I have had this vision of a beautiful clean and refreshing space that I can call my own.  I have a Pinterest Board which you can have a look at, which will give you a good idea as to the style of space I am hoping to have. I am very fond of the Scandi style or decor for a workspace, because it is clean, fresh and minimalist, but still very stylish and appealing. When I am in a space like this, I feel like my head is also clear from any clutter, and I am able to think and focus well.  So this is exactly what my vision is for a workspace that I can call my own. Enter problem one!  I don’t actually have a space like this to decorate, or let me rather say that in our home there is a room that would be perfect for this purpose, but it has been the children’s play room since we moved into the house.

That all being said, I have recently started coming to the realization that the children really don’t use their actual playroom for more than a dumping ground these days.  They never actually play in it. They fetch things out of there and play wherever they want.  They also prefer to sit on their beds and play or go outside.  I don’t mind this at all and where the play happens is also irrelevant.  My main reason for having the dedicated playroom was not to have toys strewn all over my house or cluttered bedrooms. This seems to happen anyway, so it’s a battle I am just not going to win. Enter solution one, and that is that I no longer should or do feel guilty about wanting re-appointing said playroom to become my new work room. So that is what is going to be happening this coming weekend.

Up until Wednesday the room was still completely kitted out for play, and there is a lot in it.  Over the last 10 years, although we do periodically sort and donate, there are a lot of toys in there, and in order for me to make use of the room I would need to be the one to sort through it all.  On Wednesday morning I mentioned to my housekeeper that if she had any extra time, I would be very appreciative if she took all the books from the bookcase and transferred them to my Sons room where I wanted the bookshelf to go.  I told her what I wanted to use the space for and she asked me if she should move the toys too.  I wasn’t about to make a whole lot of extra work for her, so I told her that she really didn’t have to, and that I would sort it all on the weekend.  Well, our dear Maggie, who we all love dearly is a total sucker for organizing and sorting.  She loves it, and to my surprise, when I got home that afternoon, she had cleared the room entirely.  I could have done a cart-wheel.  She seems just as excited at the thought of the office as I am.  I thanked her profusely the next morning of course.  She will be getting something extra from me as a thank you for work that really wasn’t expected of her.  So there you have it, the bulk of it is done and now we have to sort through the toys and donate what we no longer need.

Of course I needed decor and this home office is being created with an extremely tight budget.  I am using existing furniture which will look much nicer after a lick of paint and I am designing and printing goodies for simple frames that I have bought.  I have also crafted something as a focal item and will be playing around with simple and low-cost DIY ideas to beautify the space. I have created some wall art with this particular room in mind and I will share that in the upcoming post too.  I also have a few other really nifty things that I will be doing. It’s going to be awesome.  I have taken some before shots to add to this post and I am hoping if all goes well to video vlog the actual process and post about that next week once it’s all done.

I am excited about the impending fun to be had, doing what I love which is being creative and so I look very forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you.

The battle to win back my own workspace {The Make-over Part 1}


Keep an eye out on my social accounts for any updates as the weekend progresses.  You are likely to see a few on Twitter and Instagram as I go along.

Have a great weekend

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    1. I’m excited to share it with you. I can’t wait to get stuck in. But first to paint the furniture. It wont take long, but I know the drying time is going to drive me crazy. Thanks for stopping by.

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