The Legacy Wrap

Most parents like to pass a legacy of some kind to their offspring at some point or present them with an item of a certain heritage or sentimental value for them to keep and care for for years to come until such time they pass it on to their own children.  Sometimes it could be a Christening gown or a quilt or an engagement ring but sometimes it could be something a lot more representational of a bond between parent and child. In this regard I would like you to join me on my journey of preparation of my youngest Daughter’s Legacy Wrap.


Wearing my daughter on my body has been an integral part of this parenting journey and it has been a pivotal role in our journey in attachment parenting. Some people might call this over the top granola or Crunchy but to me it represents a bond that can be treasured for years to come, even after I am no longer here. Its my earthside connection to my daughter and my future generations earthside connection to me.

We plan on presenting this wrap as my gift to her on the day of her naming/dedication ceremony but first there is a little preparation that lies ahead for this Legacy wrap.  So my next Legacy wrap post will be the start of that preparation.


follow this special journey, perhaps it inspires you to have your own Legacy wrap for your Own child.

thank you to Kirtsty Ronne for my 100% Cotton wrap, lovingly handmade and also for the image.



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