The smelly truth of SA homes with AmbiPur

I give you the low down on the AmbiPur #SmellyToSmiley Campaign

Turning homes from #SmellyToSmiley is a new campaign by AmbiPur to discover what the smelliest truth is in South African homes. A survey conducted with women across South Africa revealed that our sense of smell often affects our daily lives far more than we even realize and also plays a role in many decisions we make in and around the home with regards to entertaining and what we cook for example or even who we go and visit. 

Commenting on the insights from the survey, Pieter Hommez, Ambi Pur’s Head of Research and Development South Africa launch says, “The survey provided some interesting insight into how women perceive the smell in their own homes compared to other homes they visited. Notably 95% of women think it’s very important to have a good smelling home while only 57% admitted to being happy with the way their homes actually smelt.”

Furthermore the results of the survey indicate that:

74% say that their homes have at-least some bad smells
95% of South African Women feel it is very important to have a nice smelling home (I am definitely one of these)
62% of women say that the garbage bin possesses some of the worst household odors( This is true during the summer months for us)
The bathroom takes the number one spot with 70% agreeing that this is the area in the home where the air freshener is used the most.

Many of the women surveyed also didn’t realize that you can use air fresheners in different parts of your home not just in the bathroom. Something that really stood out for me what that the survey also indicated that our guests are often influenced by how our homes smell, and 57% said that they often used the smell of the host’s home in deciding whether to go or not and even commenting on this to others. 78% of women believe that a bad-smelling home says a lot about the host and 66% of women feel that a bad-smelling home points to an unclean home, when asked who was responsible for the bad odours in their homes, most of the fingers pointed at their pets, children and partners.

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With all these statistics in mind AmbiPur has set out to prove that their product range with its superior odour-elimination technology not only masks, but truly eliminates some of South African’s worst household odours leaving behind a fresh, subtle fragrance and effortlessly turning homes from #SmellytoSmiley.

I put this to the test with a package of AmbiPur products that I received in a recent blog drop. With three kids, many pets a husband and a car that they all travel in I get faced with a barrage of interesting smells to deal with, and can vouch for the fact that with the use of the AmbiPur aerosols in Lavender & Comfort and Ocean Mist in my bathroom, bedrooms & living area as well as braai room, bad smells are a thing of the past. I have the newly introduced Citrus fusion disposable car air freshener hanging in my car and now it doesn’t smell like stale socks and rotten apples (I still need to find the apple core under the seat).

#SmellyToSmiley Blog drop from AmbiPur that I received last week.
#SmellyToSmiley Blog drop from AmbiPur that I received last week.

AmbiPur wanted to show South Africa that is easy to find a simple solution to combatting bad odours in and around the home and so by doing this survey they set out to demonstrate how the product range not only masks, but truly eliminates some of South Africa’s worst household odours, leaving behind a fresh, subtle fragrance and effortlessly turning homes from #SmellytoSmiley.

*The study was conducted by Columinate on behalf of Ambi Pur South Africa  using a statistically representative sample.

NB This is not a sponsored post.  I am simply sharing the love and telling you all about how nice my house smells now.

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