They were the best of times, they were the worst of times! {My thoughts as 2015 draws to a close}

OK so I can’t lay claim to the catchy title, but it does sum up my year perfectly. I realised this morning with a sudden jolt as we were headed for the beach, that it was in fact Old Years Eve. I’ve lost track of time since being on holiday.

Since becoming a mother my husband and I have yet to celebrate New Years out of our home with the conversation of other adults. We have a whole lot of catching up to do in that regard when the time comes one day. Like dressing up for the night for instance. As I type this my husband is getting the dinner together on the fire and I am Make-up-less in a strapless dress with no bra and a dishevelled sweaty head and face. Did I mention it was 39 degrees in Cape Town yesterday? Today a large portion was spent on the beach or at home in the pool and it was great, but I kind of miss the crazy good fun of an exciting New Years eve. This year I honestly just hope that I make it to midnight and can sing Auld Lang Zyne in muted tones under my breath to myself (My hubby is Afrikaans and doesn’t know it).

I think if I took stock, I probably haven’t seen the last 6 New Years in at all, as I’ve fallen asleep not a half hour before on some. Well as I write this the thought has dawned on me, that nothing is stopping me from taking a nice shower, getting dressed and trying a New Years Make up look and then topping up my G&T, putting on some awesome music and making our own party at home, well except for the fact that the thought of putting on a cocktail dress and heels over my roast toasty beach burnt feet as well as having the Makeup I spent a good hour putting on melting off my face that is. Suddenly that old cheesy 90’s movie Waynes World sprung to mind where they bandied around the phrase “Live in the now!” And it dawned on me that that really is what I should be doing.

With realising all that, it also became apparent that there are a few good benefits to staying home. I don’t have to be on the roads and I get to tuck my kids into bed and whisper Happy New Year into their ears myself all in my comfortable relaxed to the max attire. How special is that? I know the time will come where we get to rekindle the joy and excitement of being out for New Years but just not now.

So as we approach the end of another year, and I am pretty sure many of you will also refer to yours as being the best of times and the worst of times, I hope you can look back at it with a thankful heart and take greatful acceptance in it all.


Happy New Year!

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