Thoughts on a Friday 12/06/2015


Friday again? Really? How does that happen?

With Fathers day looming(I say looming because it’s a pretty hard day for me as my Dad is no longer here to share it with.)

I have to buck up though and remember that I have a husband who is Dad to three great kids, and they get very excited about these commercial holidays, disguised as days for honoring parents….I have always bought into it but not so much anymore.

So I do what I can to keep the excitement flowing, help them with cards, make brekkie in bed and wrap a gift but at the same time this pang of jealousy hits, when I remember the last Father’s Day spent with my Dad was sneaking some homemade Chicken soup into his hospital room in the cancer ward  few weeks before he passed. That was four years ago.

I have to stop myself right there and put that aside because of my kids. My husband is even less into commercialism than I am so he probably doesn’t even know Father’s Day is coming. He lost his Dad when he was seven so it’s never been big for him or he is just really good at pretending.

With all this going on I remember one of my very best friends currently sitting at her Father’s side in hospital, while they await results of tests to determine what is making him ill. She will probably be spending Father’s day in a hospital just like I did with my Dad. That makes me sad for them.

That has brought back some really sad memories for me and I am trying really hard to process them but I am not doing such a good job of it.

So today I am sparing a thought for all the Fatherless, no matter what the situation, it’s not always sunshine and roses. We are the forgotten ones, our Dads are gone and nobody is bothered about that. We must go on though and celebrate the Dads that are here yes, but that doesn’t make it easier for us. The same can be said for Mother’s day and Valentines day too for that matter. To some these are just really sore reminders of what we don’t have but so desperately want.

Don’t get me wrong I am great-full I have a husband that can celebrate Father’s day with his children, and I am also really great-full that I had a Dad to spend 36 Father’s days with. I know there are plenty of people that have never had that.

I just really miss mine though and wish I could make him his favourite Chicken Soup one more time but not in a hospital room. So this isn’t really meant to be a depressive post, I just thought I would write a short reminder for all to just value what you have now, its not always going to be there. Our Dad’s, our heroes, they must be treasured. Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you..

And just in case you hadn’t already done it you can add Sunday 21 June to you calendar and celebrate with your Dad’s.

Supermama Xx

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One thought on “Thoughts on a Friday 12/06/2015

  1. This is exactly how I feel every fathers day… I love this post. It’s a reminder of so many things. I can’t stand fathers day because it always reminds me that I don’t have my dad anymore but this year was different. This year I got to celebrate the father my husband is going to become soon and that changed something in me. A little bit of hope for the future where in celebrating my husband, I also get to treasure the memories of my dad <3

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