Thoughts on A Friday 21/08/2015 {Weekly Blog & GIVEAWAY round-up and chat about upcoming posts}

Happy Friday everybody.This post is a sort of roundup of some of the things that happened on the blog this past week or two and some of the things to come.

Well it’s official, it does look a lot like spring is in the air. My main indicator for this is seeing my first Clivia flowering in my garden ( If you don’t know what a Clivia looks like then look HERE).

Doesn’t that just shout Spring is in the air? Second is the fact that last weekend I went shopping during my Mommy Meltdown which I wrote about HERE and found some really fantastic items of clothing on the Woolworths Mid year 50% Sale which is still on by the way but only in stores now.

I found almost an entire Spring/Summer wardrobe in my selection of sale goods.  Yes it is technically a “Winter sale” But the Studio.W Range which I mostly bought from have a fantastic All seasons approach. I want to do a post soon with the work-wear I got with pictures so you can see and tell me if you think I am getting my new drive right to be a little more of a Yummy Mummy rather than a Frumpy Mummy.

I have been seeing a lot of negativity expressed on social media about the Woolies Sale and the goods in store as a whole but all I can say is I have actually for the first year ever really had a very successful time with my purchases for my family of 5 on sale and on regular priced merchandise which says something doesn’t it?

I have been trying to get to another post in my “What a Mama Wants” series for August but have been pretty occupied with a myriad of other posts like discussing my feelings on #DummyGate where I share my thoughts on Toddler dummy use which you can check out HERE. I also finally got around to posting the details about my youngest child’s Minnie Mouse 3rd Birthday party along with a discount vooucher for you from L’ll Occasions events which you can read about HERE. also did an amazing featured blogger interview with Mandy-Lee Miller from Pregnant in Cape Town which you can read about HERE and rounding up the ADDaBIT competition entries for the review I did as well as getting to show you all my other fantastic Sale Haul from The Body Shop SA and a Giveaway in a post I did HERE Don’t forget to go check that out for your chance to share in my Sale haul with the prize of a Moringa Body Sorbet and an Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel. You don’t want to miss that. 

On Saturday night I get to actually have a real deal outing with the gal’s for a “Moms night off” and I just can’t wait.  I can’ tell you when last I have gone out on my own for an actual fun time without kids, let alone at night.  I am sure there will be a post as a result so hold on for that.

Next I have been rounding up some products that I am busy testing out for my not so well endowed Brow area.  Let me just say, I totally missed that queue when they were dishing out. I have a number of products that I am currently testing.

I am trying to find that one elusive “Go to” Product for my dingy brows.  At the moment I am testing out all the Budget products I could find that intrigued me and once I am through that I am going to try out some higher end products available here and also some that I am hoping to get my hands on through a fabulous friend who is currently visiting the US.

I snapped an image and put it on Instagram a few weeks a go of some of the products, you can have a look below.  I have also subsequently added one or two products that are not displayed here like The NYX Brow marker and hoping to still get my hands on another pencil from them which is meant to be a dupe for the Brow Whiz. I am also giving Brow Stencils a try so we will see how that goes. I got a whole set at Woolies that is really nice. There is also a pencil at The Body Shop I want to try.

I hope to have the first segment of this post out within the next week or two so keep your eyes peeled. (Did you see what i just did there?)

I also snapped up a new CC Cream, Primer, Bronzer and Brush from Woolies along with a Lip Colour that I wanted to try to some cleansing wipe products from Woolworths and Clicks that I hope are going to be my saviours as I am just not getting to a decent night-time cleansing routine these days.  Well that probably explains my nasty skin issues at the moment.  These will all be following my “Browsperience” post.

So have a look at the images below and see what I am trying out. Would love to hear your thoughts on any of these products if you have tried them. Also let me know by way of comment on any of the articles above if you have enjoyed reading them. I would love to engage with you regarding my posts. I really would love to know if you are enjoying reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Saturday morning styling for an upcoming post. # essence za #maybeline #woolworths QVT.

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A few new things to try from @woolworths_sa #woolworths

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I mentioned earlier that I had drawn the Winner to the ADDaBIT R200 Polly Potters Toy Store Giveaway and although the winner has not made contact with me here I will also say a big congratulations to Jacki Sands. I hope you enjoy using the prize.

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Have a fantastic weekend

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  1. I’ve entered you body shop competition. Love their shea butter body butter and fragrances amongst other things! I also has an amazing woollies sale time – clothes for hubby, kids and myself and new crockery !

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