Thoughts on a Friday – 26/06/2015

It’s winter folks, with winter comes not only some really miserable weather but also some nasty germs flying around.

I am not a believer in the flu shot but believe that we should do what we can to strengthen  our immune systems  best we can naturally with a few simple actions everyday.

1. Hygiene is key!

Wash your hands, all the time. After bathroom breaks, Before and after eating, while making food, after playing with your animals or even after grocery shopping.

The antibacterial wipes available to wipe down trolleys in grocery  stores are just brilliant. Use them, they are free!

Keeping a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser in your bag is another great idea.

2. Boost from within

Juicing fruits & Vegetables is a fabulous solution.(you will need a juicing machine) as well as eating other beneficial foods. Include as many as you can each day into your diet.  Opt for the ones that are high in VitC, Vitb and folate. I love the Healthy Chef blog and there are some great suggestions here Immune boosting foods.

The rule of thumb is to steer clear of processed foods, sugars and other non beneficial foods and keep what you eat as close to its natural state as possible.


Sunshine, which is hard to come by in winter, is our usual provider of immune boosting Vitamin D3 so including it in supplement form is the next best thing.

My favorite one is the Neolife Chelated Calmag with Vitamin D included.

Magnesium is a crucial mineral for us all, as is Calcium so how much better could it be to have both of those plus Vitamin D3 in one daily dose?

For my kids I like to give them a product called Vita Gaurd a chewable children’s antioxidant protection, with whole food carotenoids to support immunity. It is kind of like a souped up version of the commercially available Crèche Gaurd products.

I also keep a bottle of their All C Chewable  Vitamin C for times we feel like an extra boost. One dose is equal to about 4 small oranges and they taste really great.

All these products are Whole food supplements. GMO, preservative and Colourant free.

See the images below for pricing and you can click on the image to order or for more information or email me

Chelated Calmag with VitD


Vita Gaurd for kids


All C Chewable Vitamin C



Even just a small amount of exercise each day is beneficial.

A few minutes on the stationary bike or taking the dog for a brisk walk or even just wrestling with the kids on the lounge carpet. Anything to get the blood pumping which is what you want.

My current favourite is planking.

Note: never exercise when you are sick. It really is not a good idea.

Well, I hope this post has been food for thought, and has inspired you to try proactively boost your families immune systems naturally this year, to avoid these nasty germs that are getting people down in masses.

Keep warm

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