Thoughts on a Friday 31/07/15

Wow, what a jam-packe6983730-flower-leaf-heart-love-moodd week it has been.  There has been so much happening, most of all with the re-design of the blog as well as getting some amazing things together for new posts and competitions coming soon.  I am really so excited and I simply can’t wait to share it with you.

Winter always starts out with this rush of the yumminess of winter comfort food and good intention of cuddly nights by the fire, drinking cups of Gluwhein or playing board-games with the kids and being all bundled up under soft new throws from the trendiest home store.

It’s the idea of layering the latest gear in seasonal winter trends, or the purchase of a new pair of investment boots. But what it actually is, is thinking twice as to if those boots are really a necessary expense and perhaps getting your previous pair re-soled. It’s choosing the Polar fleece top and fake UGG boots to wear on the weekends instead of the Military style jacket or nice new Hooded coat and leather riding boots.

What it also is,is load-shedding when it’s so dark you can’t see your hand in-front of your face or your misted breath coming out of your mouth because it’s so cold. Life is life no matter the season the usual bed time bath routine with the kids still apply only with kids who don’t want to bath because it’s too cold to get undressed. It also means an ice-cold bedroom, nasty looking dressing gown and slippers and a hot water bottle to keep warm (Not very flattering at all). It also means wet sheets from midnight accidents from one or more child resulting in bed sharing and a sore neck or sheet changing on the coldest night of the year.

It’s not all bad, there are a few of those idyllic Winter evenings with a fire roaring and a glass of red wine sitting on the carpet playing Monopoly or Rummikub with the kids eating thick vegetable soup and toasting marshmallows but they are not an every day event. Can you tell I am not a fan of the winter really?  Lets not even talk about the school drop on an icy morning in the pouring rain with an umbrella that Mary Poppins would be ashamed to use and mincing hair after spending ages trying to style my hair before work (Yes my kind of hair actually can mince).

So when August hits I start to get very excited because it means only a short few more weeks and we will start to see the signs of spring and that makes me smile. Not only does August brings Woman’s month which means I get to use that as an excuse for all sorts of things at home like…. At 10 P.M I say as I climb into bed “Oh please wont you make your dear wife a cup of coffee with a rusk on the side”? ” It’s Woman’s month you know”?  Little things like that.

Then to top that somewhere on the Twittersphere I read on another blog Lavender & Lime by Tandy Sinclair that there is an International Scone week to held in August.  I may or may not actually bakes some scones but I most definately will make a plan to go and eat some.  There is a place in Franschoek that makes the best scones with Jam & Cream you will ever eat.

I know there is a deeper value to the month at hand but that is my story and I am sticking to it.

So with the start of Woman’s month being a day away I have decided that for the month of August I will focus on 5 essential things that I really want or that I should be doing for the lead up to spring and getting our lives back in to some sort of normalcy.  Some of these things may inspire you so I really want to share them. I will be calling it my “What a Mamma wants series”


So as we creep closer and closer to Springtime I start to think about a few things, about the approaching change in season and then I inevitably start thinking about the changes I need to make to myself and my style, my home and decor and mainly my desk, My Garden and my kids wardrobes and with looking towards healthier eating habits, our meals.

My First post will be out a little later today so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a great weekend and keep warm it’s going to be a chilly one.

Take Care


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