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If there is one thing I am extremely passionate about it’s things that make the life of a mother, and in my case especially, the life of a working mother easier. Such is the case with the very fantastic and extremely easy to use new Thrive website and free app. is a fantastic initiative, and I can’t wait to give you my review.

But first I would like to give you a little bit of background about my initial relationship with the amazing women Jacqui, Janet & Mia who started it all. Some years ago around five or six I think, when I endeavored to start-up a business in the Cloth Diapering industry, where at that stage, the use of the product itself was not a very well-known concept in this country, and when in actual fact my business idea was the first of its kind. I needed a lot of help getting the word out about it. My idea was a platform where one could go and purchase any of the available brands and accessories in the country, and all from one spot, making it easier for the consumer to obtain the product without having to search high and low for it. I knew I had a good idea, but I was a little dumb with regards to marketing it.

At that stage the two strong team (Mia & Jacqueline) of the now Thrive online publication and app, were mother’s of newborns themselves desperate for a bit of guidance with regards to getting hold of and obtaining the best eco-friendly baby products out there. What you need to also remember here though, is that this was all around 9 years ago, before social media had really made any kind of impact on parents, and these ladies were living in the Garden Route with very little access to the products they longed to use for their new babies. This was when The Survival Guide for Families print publication was born. This is what they had to say about how it all started : “Necessity really is the mother of invention… we sourced products and articles that ‘felt good’ to us, inspired us and helped us survive and decided to share them!  So the Survival Guide for Families was born.  We printed A5 guides for 8 years – with distribution channels in the Garden Route, Johannesburg and Cape Town”.  Later on Janet Nielson joined and the team and publication continued from strength to strength. That right there is how my new little business started getting the word out.  I advertised in and wrote an article for the publication.  I really feel if it wasn’t for this great start up initiative, my advertising options would not have been that great.  At that stage this was hitting the market I most wanted to reach, and was going out to thousands of people.  I later sold the business to someone who had the time to turn it around into what I had envisioned for it in the first place, but the basis was there and that was all thanks to this fantastic service. I didn’t just use it to advertise in though.  I made use of that little booklet like nobodies business.  I couldn’t wait for each new edition so that I could go collect one at my child’s school.

You may even remember seeing these magazines at your local pediatrician or even gynecologist, crèche or baby boutique. They distributed them all over for us parents for free. Well I say that is dedication.

Why just survive?

So as with most things of this world, with growth comes change, and after a few years the team realized that it was time to do the same.  Besides most people were moving away from print, because the world of social media had exploded and the team started to feel that they needed to move away from the use of paper at all, even the eco paper they were using to print on didn’t feel light enough to limit the impact on the environment, where a paperless society was becoming much more of the norm.  And that is how over the long haul of burning the midnight oil and producing the most amazing print publication for families with young babies and children, they converted to an online one where parents and families, with children of all ages, could still come and find interesting articles, products and services in one place and so Thrive was born.

So if you haven’t been yet, then there are two things you have to do right now. One is to go on over and check out the actual website and spend some time reading the great articles, recipes and have a look at all the services available. I mean seriously, there is just so much on offer. You can take a look below at some of the things you will find there.

Good choices
In the “Good Choices” category you will find places to shop, to stay, things for mommies to be or for kids and toddlers. There is educational information and a wealth of information regarding health and wellness, as well as various organisations making a difference out there which you will find in the 4Good section.
Good reads
In the “Good Reads” category you will find many interesting articles, which cover a wide range of topics as well as a spot where you will find some of the Thrive teams favorite bloggers (I made the cut, so that’s exciting)
The ‘Good cooking” category will cause you never to head for your trusty recipe books ever again. There are so many divine recipes to choose from. I can spend hours just browsing them all. The best is they have divided them up into handy subcategories, so it makes finding what you want really easy.

Next I want to tell you that if you have a Smart phone or Tablet, you should absolutely download the free app.  This is the lite version of the website and you will be able to access all your favorite categories with the click of a button. The app is free to download and a very handy addition to have if you need information on the go or even if you want to spend some time reading an article while having a coffee break or if you are out for lunch.  I also find it really handy on a weekend when I don’t really get an opportunity to lug my Laptop out and go onto the web.  This way I can pick up any of the tablets or phones in the house and find what I am looking for.


This is what you will see when you open up the Thrive app on your mobile device. You can scroll down all the categories and find what you are looking for.
A closer look at what you will see when you open the “2Read” category.
Easily contact the Thrive team, or go onto the website or Facebook page directly from the App.


The Thrive team also have presence on social platforms but you will find them mostly sharing all the great things that Thrive has to offer on their Facebook Page.  Go and join it, and you could even stand the chance of being a winner in their has weekly 30 MINUTES TO WIN IT competition. This is on every Thursday from 15:30 to 16:00. 

If you have a business or service and you are interested in advertising with Thrive then you can contact, 083 557 0503    







Well as you can see I am well pleased with this fantastic service and I can’t talk about it enough.  You will also find their link on my sidebar as this is something I really believe in, and hope to spread the word by way of my little blog space too.  Everybody must know about it.  Lets help the team at Thrive grow in leaps and bounds and get this great platform out to everybody.  Share it with your friends, they will be very glad you did.

Take Care

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