Tiara’s And Temper Tantrums

Tiara's and Tantrums

Are you dealing with a few temper tantrums like I am? I have titled my post for today Tiara’s And Temper Tantrums because She is 5 going on 6 going on 16!

Yes, my youngest child has turned into a reincarnation of a character in my worst nightmare. I know I have done this twice before, and deep down far in the back of my memory I kind of remember experiencing something similar with my other two kids, but I must have blocked it out of my subconscious and forgotten the enormity of that which is a 5/6-year-old with a strong will and a mind of her own.

It’s bad, She has this crazy willpower and is still learning about where to draw the line. She is driving my two other kids completely bonkers because if they don’t do what she wants them to, then she throws an almighty tantrum and there is just about nothing you can do with her after that. Now, I don’t know if this is related to the new changes in her life or that of any other child her age, but it’s causing major chaos and friction in our home.

She is also incredibly slow to get going. I have such a struggle waking her up and getting her moving. Once she is eventually up and dressed then she is barking commands at us all to do her hair and give her her breakfast.  I know most of you think she is starting to sound like a terrible brat about now, but I have to be honest, she is actually not and this is totally a new moody development. This is very foreign to us.  Up until now, she has been the sweetest child.

She has also just all of a sudden decided she won’t eat all sorts of foods that she has always eaten. She has never been a fussy eater and being a Mom of one fussy eater already, I don’t need to add to my collection.

She also seems to have developed an aggressive streak.  If one of her siblings tick her off just slightly, then she slams right into them and actually gets quite violent.  This is bothering me and I have sat and asked her if there is something bothering her and that she can tell me and we can work it out. It hasn’t worked!

So I don’t really know what’s potting and I know this sounds like an awful vent and if you read my recent post about my 5 sanity-saving tips for dealing with the demands of Motherhood, you must be asking why I am not walking the walk, but you know, I am also just human.

I wondered if I was the only one with a child this age to experience this type of change in personality.

I thought I would ask some other Mommy Blogger friends and a few of my readers what they had found challenging with their kids at around the same age and this is what they said.

Luchae Williams the blogger Mom at My Spreadsheet Brain said The most challenging, for me, was that my kid thought that he was old enough to do everything himself. But, let’s be honest, even bum wiping has to be supervised at this age! He refused to have me anywhere near him, when he attempted to do certain things because he believed that he was a “big boy”. And since my brain is an actual spreadsheet (like, an actual one, for real) it refused to compute! #controlfreak Needless to say, Kyle grew up to be extremely independent and mature.”

I also asked my readers to participate and this is what some of them said

Natalie Kukard Girl, age 5 – She was an early reader. Very interested in the written word. The challenge came when school discouraged this and accused us of being pushy parents. She was constantly reminded that 5yr olds don’t read, and as such completely shut down and wouldn’t read anymore. It was heartbreaking to see, but we had let it be until she was ready to start again.

Anita Steenkamp Shyness, she had trouble connecting with the other children at her preschool. But she is now in grade2 and has loads of friends but still a bit shy when it comes to grown-ups she doesn’t know.

So we all have our challenges and it’s certainly nice to know I am not alone.  Do you have a child of a similar age?  What are some of the challenges you are or have experienced?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments or you can join the conversation over on my Social Platforms. Don’t forget to share this post with someone who may need to know they are not alone either.


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