Me time. Are you serious? {Guest post by Caitlyn de Beer of Caitlyn de Beer Life Coaching}

Me time. Are you serious? Guest post by Caitlyn de Beer of Caitlyn de Beer Life coaching

  Me time. Are you serious?

Guest post by Caitlyn de Beer of Caitlyn de Beer Life coaching

Waking to a grueling alarm clock or crying child, then prepping breakfast and somewhere in between finding that lost school shoe, putting on your make-up and rushing out the door… Slaving at work, fetching kids, the odd gym workout (if you’re lucky) then dinner and bedtime stories and by the time you collapse onto the couch, it’s already 8pm and your shuteye time is approaching fast. So when and how dear-one do you envision me fitting in ‘me-time’?

As working women, this scenario above is likely to trigger a giggle as hopefully, bits of this resonate with your past, present or future. You see being a woman means many things, but one of the greatest realities is the depth of the roles you play in a normal day. Be it boss, teacher, mom, granny, wife, girlfriend, partner, chef, survivor or entrepreneur, you darling, have taken on a mountain of responsibility and few of these roles involve looking after the very being behind the magic. And magic you create, and maintain, daily!

At the core of ‘me time’ is the ability to admit love for oneself. And this is often where this dilemma begins. You see to prioritize ‘me’ means to place my existence on a pedestal. It means to enter a mind space where you are worth investing in, where your body is worth respecting, where your mind is a safe space for you to find comfort.

Many of us have learned the art of selflessness in our quest to master womanhood but we have in fact lost the self in this process. There’s an age-old saying that ‘You cannot pour from an empty glass’ and yet daily, we do. But if we’re honest with ourselves how often is the pouring done out of frustration, irritability, in a rush or with a sigh. When last, did you parent your child/children being fully present, or chat to your loved one without interruption, or spend a day at work without complaining? You see in our attempt to master it all, we often forget to love the ‘me’ behind the magic.

Me time begins in the space where your thoughts lie and often could end there too. A simple decision to focus on the things about yourself that you love, rather than hate, to make healthy decisions when nourishing your body, to prioritize exercise (even it means cutting it short as your toddler can only walk up the street and back) – this, darling, is ‘me time’. It’s admitting to yourself that YOU matter. And you do, beautiful, you do!!

If this message resonates with you but the idea of self-love is so far removed from your reality that you know this is a road you need someone to walk with you, then click here and let’s connect as this is the very work I do every day. I’d be honored to help and inspire you to learn to love and respect your body, to make healthy food choices, have a good relationship with food & ultimately being able to love the powerful, beautiful woman who stares back at you from the mirror.

B’cos ultimately you’re SO worth investing in as this world would be a sad place without you, and your magic!

About Caitlyn:

Me time. Are you serious? Guest post by Caitlyn de Beer of Caitlyn de Beer Life coaching
Caitlyn de Beer, Results Coaching Certified Life Coach Hons in Clinical Psych

“Caitlyn de Beer is a life coach & motivational speaker. With her honours degree in Clinical Psychology & being a sought-after life coach, Caitlyn has had the privilege of coaching more than 200 amazing individuals, from over 8 countries worldwide.

When she’s not inspiring woman  to live full & beautiful lives from the inside out, you can find her lecturing in Psychology, on a long run with her husband, playing with her daughter Sarah Hope or at her beach house on the coast, where she finds her inspiration!”

You can get hold of Caitlyn in a few different ways:

Contact tel nr: 0724186174
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