Ultimate Festive Season Family Gift Ideas.

Are you ready for my ultimate festive season family gift ideas post?

I don’t know about you but this is my ultimate favorite time of the year.  It’s that time of year that I get to spend some time thinking about the perfect gifts for my family and some of my friends. It is a time where I get to not only shop with my eyes at all the wonder that is available, but also with my heart because there just is nothing quite like selecting a gift for someone that you just know they will love. 

So because I love you all, I thought I would help you out with a little list of wonderful gift ideas that I have put together for the whole family,  Just so that you don’t have to go out searching for that perfect gift, because I have a number of really amazing ones right here for you to choose from. From stocking fillers to gift boxes, designer jewelry, and games, I have you covered.

As you can probably imagine keeping this list short is not an easy task and trust me I have tried not to overdo it, but there is just so much lovely stuff out there and that makes it really challenging.  So please be warned, this is an epically long post because I have so many cool things to show you. You will note from this post that for the most part I have stuck to products that are available by small business owners and so they are unique and beautiful and of course you are supporting a local entrepreneur and as you know, I have a heart for that.  Of course, I have slipped in a few items that are more readily available through leading retailers but just because I also really love them and so do my family.

And so without further ado, here we go.  It’s Christmas so we will start with the kids!

All about kids.

Dreamtime Toys

When my kids were little I was always very keen on getting them good quality wooden toys that I knew would last and remain loved for a very long time.  In fact, a few of those still get played with even though my youngest is already 5 and that is why I simply had to include a few of the gorgeous toys from Dreamtime Toys in this post. This high quality and might I add very cleverly designed wooden toy range is bound to be a hit with any kid who receives any of them for Christmas. My absolute favorite toy from the range for little kids is this ridiculously cool Wooden Tipper Truck which is available in Blue or Red and I also really love the Wooden Toy Palm Stacker which is so bright and cheery and will surely provide hours of fun for the little ones. My kids all loved stacking toys and they teach such wonderful co-ordination skills. For the stocking fillers, I found these cute little Ellipse Small Car’s available in a range of colors. Just super cute.  These are all stunning toys and real value for money because the quality is just outstanding. These gorgeous toys are imported from Poland by a local entrepreneur so go on and support local.  You know they say, that if you do an actual person does a little happy dance.

Up next are some good old favorite as well as new board games that we just absolutely love. They were kindly #Sponsored by Hasbro Gaming.

Hasbro Boardgames (#Sponsored)

Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy, game and entertainment experience companies, has you covered this holiday season with a wide range of board games. From strategic thinking to solving the mystery – there’s something for everyone to enjoy during family game nights or in our case days. Hasbro board games and other Hasbro toys are available at most leading retailers and toy shops as well as on Takealot.

Monopoly Grab and Go

Holiday time often means road trips, queuing at airports and generally being away from home.  So first up in our favorite games lineup is the portable Grab and Go Monopoly that ideal for on-the-go gaming.  My kids absolutely love it and my 5-year-old is particularly drawn to it because of it’s cute ‘Mini” nature. To us, December holidays go hand in hand with long Monopoly games, so this is a must.


Next up we have my favorite holiday game and that is Jenga. A game in which you hope to defy the law of gravity (Well I do in any case) and stack and remove the Jenga blocks one by one without making the tower come crashing down.  This game is a game of skill,  coordination, and patience of course.  Also a great one for the adults after a little bit of that fermented grape juice. Hours of fun and laughter.

Speak Out

I have saved the very best one of the 3 games I chose for this list for last. Speak Out is the game that is going to have you all laughing out loud this holiday season. It involves a plastic mouthpiece, a timer, and cards with different phrases on that you need to say while having the mouthpiece in.  Your team member then needs to guess what you are saying within the time limit. This game is said to be for 16+ but my kids actually either have really big mouths or perhaps it is just a general safety measure for kids putting things in their mouths (You know, choking hazards and all that.)  I’d just keep a good eye on them and be present when they are playing.  I took a little video recently that I thought I would include in this post to show you just how incredibly fun the product is.

Little Beach Tribe

Next up I have some really great summertime fun things from the stunning company Little Beach Tribe  I found the cutest and best-looking Balance Bike at an astonishing great price that would really make any little kids heart soar. I also found other essentials Like the coolest Towel Ponchos and absolutely gorgeous large round beach towels.  Plus if you shop now, you will get the towels at a promotional price.


BBC Cosmetics

Ok, next up we have something fun and exciting for bathtime. Well technically these are not at all just for kids and they will make excellent stocking fillers for adults too. I came across these utterly gorgeous handmade soaps from BBC Cosmetics and they are just so good and all I want to do is eat them. This is what Claudette, the creator of the soaps says about her products. “All our bath and body products at BBC Cosmetics are handmade with love ensuring quality to detail. I use natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals or preservatives are added and there is no animal testing. I wanted a unique, creative and fun way to enjoy your baths for both children and adults. Our ranges have something for everyone, from kids novelty soaps to mum’s relaxing lavender scented candle and bath salts with an ocean breeze scented soap for dads, we have it all”. I ordered some of these soaps the minute I saw them and I can’t wait to put them in my kids Christmas stockings.  I am sure they are going to try to take a bite themselves. You can order them directly from Carmen via her Facebook page.

Mom’s & Dad’s & Grandparents don’t come last this Christmas.

That’s right, you heard me.  Christmas doesn’t need to be just for the kids you know! That is because I have found some super cool gifts that I absolutely had to share with you.

Black Meerkat Old Town Gin

To share or not to share, that is the question. I thought I would put this gift idea up first because it really is one that you will need to share with your better half.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I am quite partial to the G&T and recently I found out about a new locally produced Gin called Black Meerkat Old Town Gin. Jayde Maasdorp one of the founding members of the brand told me this about their Gin, and I found it rather interesting and can’t wait to give this gin a try. “Old Town Gin is South Africa’s first and only Old Tom style gin and panders to even to the non-gin drinker’s taste since it is sweeter and not as arid as London Dry gins”. Something very cool to note though is that Black Meerkat has developed their very own “Gin Box” just in time for the festive season which is an amazing gift idea for any discerning Gin drinker. I mean, who wouldn’t want a box filled with all the important bits to make the perfect Gin cocktail?

Janine Binneman Jewelry (As You Wish collection)

Guys, this Christmas gift ideas list would simply not be complete if I didn’t tell you about the gift I asked my husband to give me this year. I have been a very long time fan of local Cape Town Jewellery Designer Janine Binneman, but sadly have up until now not owned any of her pieces. I have been coveting and desiring and all of those other words that describe how much I love and have wanted to own some of her designs for about 5 years now and finally, I can say that I will be getting my very own to behold this very year,  from the Superhero. The order is in and now we are just waiting for Janine to work her magic. Besides having a wonderful variety of gorgeous ready to wear jewellery on her online store, Janine has just launched a new range just in time for the festive season. She calls it “As You Wish” and it is a collection of birthstone Gem’s drops on gorgeous Sterling Silver chains. Yes, I know I have used the word gorgeous more than was necessary but no other word does them justice. My birthday is in January and although the Garnet is the birthstone that first comes to mind, I noted that Janine also offers the alternative stone which is the Rose Quartz and I absolutely had to have it. These As You Wish necklaces, each come with their own unique meanings and characteristics for the specific gemstone that is chosen.

So ladies, if you are looking for something very special to add to your jewellery collection then this is the item for you.  Janine has also very cleverly added a “Hint” option on her website which allows you to send a hint to your partner or the person you would like the gift from. I will be honest, this is how I finally got mine. If necklaces aren’t your thing though, but you love the boho jewellery vibe then you will definitely find something else in the store. Perhaps some gorgeous engraved stacking rings or some beautiful Onyx earrings. The possibilities are endless.  You should also remember that Janine also offers ring making workshops which is an amazing and special idea and something I would like to do in the new year. If custom jewellery design is what you are after then take note that Janine also has her Fine jewellery website where you can have your one-of-a-kind fine jewellery masterpiece made to order as bespoke pieces which is Janine’s fortè. Below a couple of the gemstones on offer so you can see how much you would need one too.

Verte Body Products (#Sponsored)

The wonderful Rona from Verte Natural Body Products recently sent me some of her wonderful handmade body treats to try and let me tell you that not only were my daughter and I extremely impressed by them, we feel that they would make the most wonderful gifts for Mom’s, Grannies, Aunts, Teacher and of course Girlfriends. I simply had to include them in this list. Verte Natural Products is a range of butters, balms, and soaps manufactured from 100% natural products, including deodorant, sunscreen, body massage butter, soap and healing balms. One of the biggest things that impressed me was before I even opened the products to test them and that was the beautiful packaging and stunning product labels.  Rona has really spared no detail. Rona also seems to really care about her clients and what they need or need to know and understand about her products. The delivery of the items was super speedy and directly to my door and you can expect the same service.

Below are the items that Rona sent me to try and we, (My Daughter & I) have been using them for about 2 weeks now. I’ll tell you a little bit about each by way of a mini review and then I will link to each individual product so you can get some for yourself.

But first, what does Rona say about her own products?

“I personally make or oversee the production of my range of natural products –  healing salves, body butters, natural soap, deodorant, sunscreen and massage body butter.   I use only pure, high quality, all- natural ingredients and never harmful chemicals or preservatives.  VERTE products are completely safe to use and can be fully absorbed into the body (Except of course, in the case of an allergic reaction).  I live by the adage:  “If you can eat it, you can put it on your skin”.  If a child should accidentally ingest one of the products, he or she might not like the taste, but would come to no harm.”

Rona Sent us: A Rose Geranium Whipped Body Butter & a matching Natural Deodorant.

Whipped Body Butter 

Contains   220ml

Ingredients: Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, essential oils.

Sandalwood/ Rose Geranium/ Lemongrass/ Floral

So what did we think? Well first off let me just say that I am generally not a fan of natural body butter because I find the coconut oil and total pain.  It always feels so greasy to me. Not in this instance though.  Rona has managed to get just the perfect balance of ingredients to bring a most wonderful nourishing body butter to you. It glides onto your skin like the name would indicate, but it soaks in almost instantly and is super hydrating. I chose the Rose Geranium scent and what followed after that was something to behold. The first day I used it I got about 3 or 4 people coming into my office asking me what perfume I was using and that it most absolutely amazing. The second thing is that this scent stayed all day and even through the night and my skin didn’t need a top-up of the cream like I usually need to do before bed.  Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not so overpowering that it’s awkward at all and I have only had many compliments about it.

Since receiving this body butter I ran out of my own moisturizer and Makeup remover and knowing that these ingredients are all very safe for my sensitive skin, I decided to use it to remove my makeup one evening and it worked brilliantly. I just used a makeup remover cloth to remove the excess with some water. In the morning I decided to use some as a moisturizer and to be honest after using it for a few days now my 40+-year-old face has not felt better.  I think I have a new best friend. You can get your own pot of Verte Whipped Body Butter here

Verte Natural Deodorant

A natural deodorant that works wonderfully
50ml or 106ml

Ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, bicarbonate soda, corn flour & essential oils.

Fragrances: Lavender | Rose Geranium | Orange| Pine | Bergamot | Sandalwood

So what did we think? Well to be honest, when Rona suggested I try the deo I was more than a skeptic.  I am a Mitchum Girl and have been for almost my entire life or for as long as Mitchum has been selling Roll on deodorant. I just couldn’t believe that something made up of Bicarb, cornflour and coconut oil could keep my armpits fresh as a daisy and so I thought that I would give it a try. Rona very kindly packed in a few sample sized tubs too of the other fragrances and so I gave those to my daughter to test out.

But first, why a natural deodorant? 

According to Rona some very good reasons to use natural deodorant are because it is Vegan-Friendly and cruelty-free, 100% Aluminum Free, the ingredients can be counted on one hand, it doesn’t just mask the odor, it prevents it. It promotes healthy lymph nodes and can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Does not stain clothes. Improves skin health and doesn’t clog pores. Well, that is definitely all a big plus I’d say.

I have to tell you that the initial experience was a little odd because it’s not like anything I am used to and you need to apply it with your finger, but I only found that weird the first time. The feeling of the product as you apply it is ever so slightly rough from the bicarb, but it is not at all abrasive. I am not going to wax on about the experience except to say that my daughter and I are now both converted and after using it for roughly two weeks and on some very warm days I have not had any odor or sweat issues at all.  My armpits are super smooth and the product works very well for the sparing amount you need to use.  I did not need to reapply at all during the day.  The deo is available in two sizes and at a very reasonable price too. I am for the most part glad that I am able to introduce my daughter who has only just started using deodorant to a decent all natural product instead of exposing her to the supposed toxic ingredients in commercially available deodorants. Thank you, Rona, for a marvelous product.  I can’t wait to get another fragrance and my Husband even said he would be keen to get the Sandalwood as it’s seemed slightly more manly to him. You can get your own Verte Natural Deodorant here.

Rona not only sells Verte products, but also a wide range of other wellness products and services. You can find out a little bit more about Rona here

Michelle’s Fine Food & Gifts

Last but not least is something nice for Dad. Men are usually really difficult to buy for, but one thing they mostly all have in common is a love for food and coffee. I met Michelle, the owner of Michelle’s fine food and gifts, on a business Mastermind group on Facebook I belong to, and she recently she launched this business and I simply loved the idea.  What more could the men in our lives ask for than a perfectly curated hamper of items to cook up their favorite curry, host the perfect braai or get the best of the best out of their first cup of coffee in the morning?  You will find a wonderful selection of Festive Season hamper’s on the Website here.

And now that I am sure your eyes can’t take the strain of reading anymore I will say happy shopping and let me know what special gifts you are getting your loved ones this year.  You can leave a comment here or connect with me on Facebook.

P.S Although all views and opinions are my own, I did receive review products from Hasbro Gaming and Rona Mirimi (Verte). All the other products are listed simply as gifts I also think would be excellent for this season’s gifting or things that I have found ordered for my own family and loved enough to share.


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